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So, you’re selling your home. The photography looks great, the signs are all up, your agent is ready to a bumper sale price… but, what’s that smell?

In this video, leading property stylist Cate Craig shares with you how important scents can be when selling your home.

Strong smells in your home can be an immediate deal breaker when selling your home. This may not always be bad smells, but overpowering scents can have the same effect on the potential buyer.

The most common smells are pet odours from beds, bowls and litter trays, the lingering waft of last night’s curry or fish dish, smells coming from the kitchen rubbish bin, damp carpet, sports shoes, room deodorisers and flowers with an overpowering scent.

The simple solution is to remove the cause, don’t just try to mask it. Things that are clean, smell clean.

The best advice is to keep it simple with one scent and the list of the best starts with citrus. Other scents that you can use are herbs, vanilla, pine or cedar.

These scents can be used in a diffuser in a room, as essential oils in a spritzer bottle, in a candle or as fresh herbs in the kitchen.

The key to a beautiful smelling home is to first find the source of the odour and eliminate it, then, replace it with the scent of your choice.

After all, when your home smells great, it’ll sell great!

Catherine ‘Cate’ Craig is the founder and manager of Simple and Savvy. Cate started her career in property styling in 2012, bringing her unique talents to the Sunshine Coast and never looking back.

Working closely with many of the Sunshine Coast’s leading real estate agents, Cate prides herself on her ability to unlock the life in a room and showcase it in its best light.

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