Small Bedroom Ideas to Make Your Home Look Bigger

[Music]calling all small space dwellersbig-city apartments vintage home layoutsand modern space downsizing all call fordesign that expands the possibilities ofsmall if you need a bedroom makeover butdon't think you have enough bedroom towork with you're in the right place hereare some small bedroom ideas that arebig on style to help you create abedroom space that may be small insquare footageone keep colors light and bright thecolor white is an expansive andpractical choice for a small bedroomit keeps the space from looking too busyor boxed in using white or lightercolors combats the absence of large wallspace or windows to brighten up thespaceto skip the bulky bed frame a few inchesof extra space can be vital in a smallbedroom part ways with your footboardstyle bed frame and replace it with asimple modern headboard to finish thelook of your bed three embraceminimalism add space to your bedroom byparing it down to your favoriteessentials the focus of this space isundeniably the bedso keep furniture pieces and accessoriesdown to a minimumfor ad storage under the bed if you'rein the market for a new bed consider abed with drawers underneath for extrastorage if space is so limited thatdrawers may not open easily usedecorative bins under your bed foradditional storagewe love milk crates and other wovenbaskets that hold up well and look greatdoing itfive live vertically if floor space islimited but you have higher ceilingsconsider adding a loft or platform foryour sleeping area with storage orseating underneath this isn't an optionfor everyone but for those who don'tmind literally climbing into bed thislayout can completely transform a space6ad wallpaper just because your bedroomis small doesn't mean it has to be dulladd a bold wallpaper pattern to a focalwall like your headboard wall wallpapertends to get a bad rap for making roomslook small and cluttered but using theright style and technique does just theopposite add a bold wallpaper pattern toa focal wall like your headboard wallseven get creative with floating shelvesthe versatile floating shelf can work inmany useful ways in a small bedroom hereare some floating shelf small bedroomideas a nightstand replacement an entrytable by the door a bookcase a place tohold a collection of modern colorfulboxes housing clothing and accessoriesand a laptop deskeight create an alcove or wall niche innewer construction drywall is normallyHollow and supported by verticaltwo-by-four wood beams studs that are 16inches apart if your bed is set up on anon exterior wall use a stud finder tomark where your beds wood wall beams areand cut out an alcove that's all for nowdon't forget to Like subscribe and giveyour comment if you like this videothanks for watching and see you in thenext video[Music][Music]

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