a bathroom doesn't have to be big tohave great style and function a smallspace means a fun challenge when itcomes to storage and design which is whywe've rounded up some of our favoritessmall bathrooms from our most recenthouse tours to give you inspiration tobeautify your bathroom one fit it all ina free-standing tub may be tight upagainst the vanity but it seems to workalso of note is the art interestinglighting fixture and color palettekeeping the dark paint color - only partof the wall doesn't overwhelm that makesa compact space field design forward 2towel rod behind the toilet hand towelsare great here given their small sizebut if you've got the vertical spacedon't be afraid to hang bath towelsabove the toilet don't be grossed out bythe proximity in a small bathroomeverything is close to the toilet threeladders shelving shelving that is deeperat the bottom and shallower at the topis an efficient use of space that feelsless bulky than a standard shelving unitfor change out the hardware in thispetite bathroom the black and brassfound in the shower curtain are echoedthroughout the space with matching knobshooks and even outlet plates tyingeverything togetherfive plants a small bathroom cansometimes feel claustrophobic and whatbetter way to breathe life into a spacethan with plant life greenery thatrequires low light and humidity tend tothrive here six utilize wall space openwall space in a bathroom is prime realestate here a series of small openshelves provide storage while a longmirror provides functionality 7 plantclippings if your bathroom doesn't getenough sunlight but you like the look ofplants display clippings from yourhealthier house plants that survivedlong periods of time in water 8 don'tneglect art many of us tend to considerthe bathroom a 100 percent functionalspace forgetting that we have to spend alot of time in it give your peepers apretty painting or print to peep whileyou brush your teeth 9 wall to wallvanity many bathroom vanities are notcustom built for the space thereinresulting in unused space on either sideif you happen to be redoing your vanityarea consider a wall to wall unit thisbeauty houses aesthetically pleasingbathroom accessories and requires nodoorsten utilize unexpected places take noteof every empty space in your bathroomchances are there's a piece of emptywall space waiting for you to customizeshelving storage that fits perfectlywithin it 11 color blocking colorblocking doesn't have to mean bold andbright this little loo gets a faceliftwith some very nice Parisian colorblocking in a pastel and black thatmakes for a comb and classic bathroomexperience that's all for now don'tforget to subscribe like and give yourcomment if you like this video thanksfor watching and we'll see you in thenext video[Music][Music][Applause][Music]

A bathroom doesn’t have to be big to have great style and function. a small space means a fun challenge when it comes to storage and design, which is why we’ve rounded up some of our favorite small bathrooms from our most recent house tours to give you inspiration to beautify your bathroom.

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