Small Bathroom Decorating Ideas episode 3

it is the big day big day we go to townand get supplies for the bathroomrebuttal mrs. Debbie you are lookinghoney is that a new dress my parents gotit for me for Christmas very beautifuland Jack Jack is one of those people isgoing to be very successful who wearsthe same outfit every day he likes itexcept for I'm wearing these dreadfulboots did you know that people likeSteve Jobs and some other titans ofindustry that wear the same outfitZuckerberg I don't know if those aregood examples we hope he's better thanthat right all right so it's 28 degreesand it's snowing poor heart racer it'sgonna have to stay out on the porch allday while we're gone but hopefully we'llbe back soonactive the clogs are not greenso we got our tree up very late thisyear and so I was trying to justifykeeping the tree up and my mother wasdoing exactly the same thing so sheemailed me today and said that in SwedenChristmas is one month from Santa Luciathe Canute's doggin and canoe talkin isthe 13th of January so our tree will beup just a little bit longer there youhave it there you have it Sweden givesus permission for the winJack did you check to see if her handsor one oh they're so cold she's notwearing gloves[Music]good morning babygood morning we lucked out mrs. W[Music]Kollerwho takes you out on the good time hereyou want I'll load those up I I can't bebothered I'm holding the camera sweetlow safety first your mama belts you inhuh what did you drop something whathappened cracker[Music]did you get itno but she doesn't know that all rightlet me show you what we're gonna gethere so not our son our favoriteflooring but Corinne my sister just putthis in some of her rentals and itlooked really really nice so it's justkind of a basically a engineered scrapedoak and why are we doing this instead offrom our yardwe're on a budget we're on a budget oftime and money so this reality has setin yeah it comes out $2 a foot so it'spretty hard to be it's really a niceform we just need 40 bucks it's horsejack so I don't want to spend too muchbut I also want one that keeps workingunlike some of our other faucets thatlooks pretty smart let's go with itupstairs and downstairs are justupstairs oh yeah let's get to that's areally a good priceI love Cosmo do you do you like thehandles on these I can live with themyeah[Music]only how many left 35 boxes lettuce JackSkelly[Music]dig deep jack it's heavy isn't it wellyou're just gonna slowyou may get two trips todayyeah let me underweight tellingexploringwe can get arrested so thanks for yourhelpwhere's your strong side there ishelping I thought this is a cargo vanwhat happened[Laughter]nykeya where women go to nestperfect they kept my own personalparking spot open I've got with youright I want to make a clarification orsomething I said in yesterday's video ifwhat I said it was not what I meant andsome people pointed that out to me and Iwell I just get nervous and I getnervous in front of the camera youwouldn't think so after so many yearsbut try it yourself and see I don't knowwhat it is it's not like you know thefunny thing it'd be one thing if youwere talking live right and what you sayyou know it goes out and it could neverbe brought back I mean you have the Editright but it's still it's just no no nothat's the way it is just the way thatwe're made and so what I mentioned wassome of the independent news sourcesthat I was referring to what Imistakenly said was that they don't havean agenda that's was not what I meant tosay what I meant to say was you knowtheir agenda or their that they do havean agenda we all have agendas butthey're a gym but they're forthrightwith them they'll you know they'llthey'll admit I'm a right-wingconservative or I'm a a left-wing orleft-leaning progressive whatever wouldsome if someone is clear in their theirslant or whatever their politics I couldadmire that even if I disagree with itthe thing that I don't like and what youdon't get from the mainstream media issincerity portraying themselves to be aparticular way but having an alternativeor an ulterior motive that is dishonestthat's what I meant so I didn't mean todid I did not mean that at all so Iwanted to clarify that so that we wereall clear all right so as I said theloading up the family here it is what'sFriday at about nine o'clock we're gonnapick up the tub tub and then we're gonnajump into it so Monday is the big daywhere we're really gonna push and startdoing itmrs. Debbie's picking out the tileactually I might just bring the camerawith with us and we can show you somethings we found a really great tub wewere researching tubs for the bathroomand we have kind of an oddball sizebecause it's it's not a standard sizewhen you ever whenever you start goingwith non-standard sized items it's notthat they're not found in typical housesthey get expensive and we found a nicedeal porcelain tub at Home Depot of allplaces for around $200 so haven't seenthe quality yet we're gonna go look atitit has good reviews but that's greatthat's a fraction of the cost so we'retrying to do this on a budget we'regonna be doing some tile work you justcan't go wrong with subway tiles it'sjust classic one thing that I've learnedis that when you're doing your finisheswhen you're picking out the things likeflooring or tile or appliances really goclassic with those things becausethey're difficult to change so you canhave a if you look at a bathroom thatwas built in the 20s or 30s with thebeautiful subway tiles often the whiteand black and the hexagon tile floorsthey still look as beautiful today asthey did versus what was done in the 60s70s 80s 90s and even today so stick withthe classics with those harde finishestubs and such keep them as plain aspossibleand if you want to add a little color orchange things do it with with towelshotels or pictures or whatever but keepit classic and it'll look good for along long time so that's what we aregoing for so thanks for watching don'tforget to click the thumbs up andcomment if you enjoyed these videos Iknow there wasn't a whole lot of contentin today's video but we have been justthere's so much preparation runningaround rushing around trying to geteverything done and so that we can wecan get going so I promise we'll getgoing here really soon so we appreciateyour support thanks for watching thanksfor your understanding and we'll see youguys on the next video[Music]there's another puppysweet low can you give him a hug is thata hug yep

Small bathroom decorating ideas. Today we pick up flooring, Kohler toilets, vanity faucets and vent fan from Coscto.

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