Sims Moble. Moving the furniture.

hi everyone it's me sandy and I'm hereOhsince the mobile version and right now Ihave dawn and I have myself and afriendship talk like you know justhanging out you know girl being girl butas you can see I also rearranged thekitchen dining room and a living roomI'm a push back the couch a little I didnot know when you change everythingaround when you lay a rug down it'sthere it's not going nowhere so when youget rugs guys make sure you know whatexactly where you put no because I putthat little half frog there my kitchenwas long there well no one I can't pickit up so guess what it stays there so Iput the table there yeah it's good spotfor it it's out of the way like youdon't want to the kitchen yeah I'll justpush back the couch just a little bittoo um yeah let's just do this just abit don't know come on back where I wasgoing right there get that out of theway and just helping the girls alongbecause it was like an hour thing soyeah let's watch the TVyeah see I said I don't get why whenthey watch TV they're standing up theyshould be sitting down in the couch justmy opinion it's the only thing thatirritates me but nothing I can do aboutthat what else have I doneDawn has upgraded once we're done herewe'll send everybody off to workDawn has upgraded to level 3 in her jawand I'll send my lovely self to worklike you know we got to catch some moneyand as for the ducky things for this onethingyeah I didn't quite make it and I endedup they just turned it all into moneyfor me which was really nice so I canbuy a few things if I really want to Ican upgrade my TV I think are not quitewhat do we got here can I risk achildish trick last time it didn't goover so well well apparently that workedok told you back in here and where areyou going I'm making dinner and I'm wellI'm halfway on level level 11 so that'sworking out well let's give it a restopinion oh it worked this time yeah lasttime she fell and hit the couch no Ididn't go over so well yeah okay let'sjust sit there and relaxyeah okay so that ended that that didgreat so yeah that really bumped me upalright so this is our list so I have todo five more events oh no that was alldone and it gave me try to record I wastrying to get everything done while Isend on to work let's send her back towork and then we'll all go change myoutfit what's uh stay work standard chefstandard chef or worker quick shiftlet's do the standard event workerstandard is yeah because then we canjust let her go on her own yeah so lether just plum away I'm just gonna goback to me and we're gonna go change myclothesyes we can do that change appearancestyle oh wait a minute let's go backlet's go and see for me to thigh where'sit's he in the park site the guy thewith it yeah this dude here let's gomake a note fit last outfit he made wasthe skirt I'm wearing let's create adesign since I got 20 little thingies todigit it to do it move myself out of theway there I made a bracelet Bradley camelet's clean it I don't want it but allright let's go back okay let's go backand change my outfit thought he wouldhave gotten Mia so as you notice I havelong hair now so let's change into mmmwhat can I can I can I can I can I getwow that's a lot of money her skirts andstuff that skirt there the orange andblack and yellow stripe is 500 450 bucksya knowyeah let's let's do that okay I'm in ashort skirt okay and let's go back thatworks for now all right so we are gonnago to work which is not here work we areheaded to job so we can do the workstandard I do the work standard let's doa quick event yeah a work standards likethree hours and that's not happeningokayI would prove my outfit just trying toget up to level 12 okay so let's checkblood pressure is anybody coming in forme to take a publisher no no one's thereokay oh yeah I got a skeleton I put himout isn't he cutelook at this dude look at him isn't hecute and she's having a cow I'm having aconversation with the skeleton that's myother best friend yeah I've gone crazyso we're doing a quick event I wonder ifI can buy some stuff for my um once I'mdone um buy some stuff for my officeit's looking prettyno waitif you're gonna represent a doctor'soffice that's like a doctor's officelook good man yeah box is sitting overthereI got like what is this what can i whatcan I do to make this room look prettybesides my skeleton I can't helpokay let's have our lifestyle changeplease last time you said something noto me ladyI remember you with the green hairthumbs up that's better that's muchbetterokay oh I'm done I'm donethat was quick okay okaycan I change can I change my officelet's say Medical Center what can I addin the Medical Center oh yeah I addedpaper like it add that again I don'thave trust yeah I have a trash man I'mtrash bin they're coming Corp Tet art orgreen fern do you want me to put I coulddo two thingsum do I have a little table I don'tmaybe I should buy that that's a nursinglittle table okay let's turn it aroundthere should it go black gray or lightgray hmm now let's leave it white therewe goyeah and then we'll do a wall dispenserover herewhoops ready to go there right there noI'll do it that color there we go sothen we got paper towels and yep thatshould be good we can move this guy overhere let's turn him around put him rightthere where can I dump youjust get rid of this guy in the storagelet's get rid of this dude in thestorage thank you making a look at thatwe spent money to do to do or I couldmake it to level 12 doesn't that looknice so then I could have also in hereanother exam table if I can ever getthat up but right now that doesn't looklike all right got a cabinet okay do Ibuy another cap or send you home assentyou the work well you know what let's gocheck on on dawn yeah she's right overhere let's give her some working helphere this is like three hoursoh I get to choose a little older alittle wiser I get to choose a tradeguys okaylet's use this because we're running outof entually we'll have to be flirty yeahI'm not into just not a flirty kind ofgal so it's hard for me to want to do arelationship in that yeah okay so we gotthat and then make sure some inseam okayyeah we're just that specialmaybe shoulda stayed the way you were Idon't like that outfit on you okay solet's go back over to me he has thatthing on his head so let's do him retrooh yeah listen let's do a friendlyintroduction that's twice I've comeacross himI took a didn't want to add him anywaysI was just being nice cuz he's got thelittle thing on his head no certainevent I need to find another person withher thing on there so let's go homemaybe somebody outside my house willcome along like this lady right here Iknow cause cool okay I got you doingthat anybody elseseven figure out this does improve mylifestyle to unlock it dude who are youinside my house thank you and I didn'tinvite you in my house either WowI'll go to the bathroom so we're gonnahave a nature call nobody looked okayand just going bathroom there we goand then let's brush my teeth and then Ishould wash my hands first what was Ithinking no it's a bonus oh wait dudeOh calm cool was he giving the thingover his headhmm reducing oh maybe because youhaven't been with probably he hasn'ttalked to I'm kicking it two more ofthose dudesit was nice thank you for theconversation everybody y'all been sweetafter a month isn't unable to lock it Isomething about my lifestyle have toupgrade my lifestyle well somehow I musthave finished something off yeah allthis down here look I have to become ababy get married complete a chapter ofrelationship relationship I've beendoing hobbies I want to do a new hobbyI want a new hobby oh maybe we'llquickly check out new hobbies hobbycooking ok where can I put thishmm let's put it in this this room overhere cuz I don't want it in my roomyeah we'll put it in Don's room okayperfect so I guess I could start thatoh I improve my lifestyle awesomenow what's this this is still telling meover girl Oh money money can I clearthis I can but I don't know enough wellI'm gonna go figureokay what's this I switch to cookingyeah let's check out lift take up guitarI skipped my rebellious phase as a childso I decided to learn how to play theguitar life can always be louder andmore fun okay if you insistoh my god I haven't done that one okayso we did that oneand I'm gonna let that one go okay guysI'm gonna let Chico there she's gonnaplay the guitar I'm gonna learn how toplay the guitar for an hour and yeahthat's what I'm gonna dooh my god I have never played the guitaron my legoh I repair the couch oh my god I hadover $800 when I started now I'm down tosixty seven dollars thank ya here we gooh yeah I'm so goodokay guys I'm honestly I'm gonna leaveit there until next episode hopefullyI'll have more money I'll be up to level12 and we'll go from there and see whathappens I hope you liked this episode ofthe mobile Sims if you did smash thatsubscribe buttonbodyslam the subscribe button uh yeah doit that way bodyslam is yeah since ilove wrestling so much yeah if you didleave a like leave a comment until nexttime guys my name is sandy and you haveyourself a great night my

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