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hi guys my name is gladium Scott andwelcome to another Sims FreePlay roombuild in today's video we are gonnabuild a formal living area so this isnot gonna have a TV or kinda like a snugplace where you can go and relax it'smore of as the name suggests a formalliving area so let's get started I thinkI'm gonna do let's say four five sixseven seven by six if you want to goahead and build this along with me byall means that is the dimension 7 alongand then six down let's go ahead and putin the floor and the walls first I thinkI want to go for kind of quite a neutralpalette in here so I may I think I'llgive a shallow grave I was gonna go forthe the grave sim tone but no theshallow grave I think will be better andthen the floor I just won a wooden floorI did like Google a few pictures of likeformal living areas before I startedthis I have got a few ideas of what Iwant maybe stay in pine yeah I thinkthat one's probably the best one and weare of course gonna need a fireplace solet's go into our living room sectionseniors we're doing a living room thatmakes sense right I think this is thefireplace I'm gonna use yeah that whiteone there and I'll put cases in here Ifeel like bookcases either side of thefireplace will fit in just nicely and wegot some white one yeah this one thisgrand a blank a bookcase I really likethis bookcase but it's generally theonly bookcase I really use to be quitehonest let's see yeah I like that andthen let's go ahead I know the saferthat I want it's a white one this onehere and I was thinking the design I amthinking of it's gonna be we got neverthey're in the living room section yeahthese ones these angled gray ones I wishor I know you can glitch them book likewhichreally put the seats down I would loveto have to be able to put the seats downAngele like this everything else we haveto put like straight on I really wish wecould put things in angled like this Ireally like how that looksdon't you think if we could put angledthings in that would be such a quartthink it's ever gonna be probablypossible but I would really really liketo be able to do that we do need acoffee table let's have a little look ifthere's anything that looks good I'mthinking maybe this white one actuallyyeah I'll go with that one there andthen let's get whilst whilst I'mthinking about it we need looks to gounderneath or like one big huge look Idon't feel like we have a huge look thatcould fit under there but maybe we'vegot some that we can place I've got thisone hmmno it's not quite big enough that onelet's have a little lot maybe we havegot so many rocks I'm so glad that we'vegot all these rocks to remember when wedidn't have any books in the game thatseems like such a long time ago now huhit was definitely a brilliant additionthese ones I think maybe would be goodand if we put two of them in I mean youcan tell that it's two there as opposedto just one but it I think is too badthat scene through the middle doesn'tlook too badand then what about let's do windowsactually windows and I want the curtainwindows about these grey ones these greyones may look quite like them actuallygrey double-layer and me put one thereas wellfact let's put yeah let's do it likethat so we've got quite a few quite afew windows there actually we shouldhave a door because they're gonna haveto get into this lounge I want the whitedoorcalled lead or yeah this one blood oryeah let's put that there and what elsewe need some decoration and some lightand actually let's do the lighting firstand I'm thinking in fact Oaks and maybenow I'll just put everything I'll have atable lamp but I don't think they will Ithink I will have it is one that I likewhat about this one actually white Delosfloral um so how you say it Delos Idon't know yeah I like that onewe'll put that one in there and whatabout actually let's go back into theliving room section is it looking actualis it bedroom I feel like it's bedroomwhere we get side boards actually thistable may be quite good let's go withthis mm open it go here actually yeah Ilike thatand then if we've got yeah this is okaywhat about this homestead light what dowe think of that I think yeah I thinklet's just take a look look at the roomso far let's turn the fire on so itlooks nicer I like that it's open thecurtains up I'm not sure about thiswindow over on this side and make it ridof that what do you think hmm I don'tknow but let's have a little look weneed some decorations I think we shouldgo for some pictures on this wall hereand I like these ones these are quitereal formal looking and classic we'regoing for maybe like a little picturewall here maybe yeah maybe those threeand then we need something on the tablewhat have we gotwhat about these decorations yeah I likethatand then or food decoration yet we couldput a food bowl up there that looks goodwe need some plantswhere's the plant section they can'tfind it oh here we go so plant wise Ifeel like I want a tall standing plantwhat about this tall indoor boy hedoesn't really matter I don't like thatit's in a brown pot though and we coulddo with some flowers for a table I thinkwhat about this oneyeah that one will do and some flowersfor the table what about this yeah Ilike them and asked me do I think maybethat's kind of all we need let's take alittle look at it I know I'm not sureabout that second window so it woulddepend where if I was building this intoa house it would depend where my otherblooms were so if it had another room onthis side then I put off to it round andput the windows over there but but it'sjust standalone room I think they reallyI like thathere is my formal living area let meknow what you think of it I reallyenjoyed doing these boom bells I thinkit's nice just to concentrate on oneindividual room I'm really focusing getideas for how I would like to decorateit I would love it if you incorporatedthis design or this design inspired youin some way in one of your bills if youdo end up putting this design in one ofyour towns I would love to see a pictureof the house that it ends up in if youdo do it share a picture with me over onmy Facebook page green-eyed gems are allI would absolutely love to see it like Isaid if you have any other suggestionsfor rooms that we can try to build letme know down below in the comment butthank you so much for watching that givethis video a thumbs up if you've enjoyedsubscribe if you're new to the channeland I will see you soon for new videobye[Music]

In this episode of Sims Freeplay we design a formal living room complete with comfy sofa, cosy fireplace and bookshelves.

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