Simple Subway Tile – Bath & Shower Tile Ideas EP 19

[Music][Music]guys welcome to bath and shower tileideas episode 19 we're calling thissimple subway let's take a quick look atprogress photos before and after photosand then we'll talk about the materialused for this bath and shower remodelbuild as well as the tile here we go nowthis is the original floorthis is vinyl planks this stain did notreplace the floor here is the vanitythis is an all-in-one van beek it fromLowe's keep in mind everything on thisbuild was purchased from Lowe's you'vegot a dark brown cabinet brush nickelhandles we've got a stone clop as wellas an undermount sink a Pfister faucetin bronze color we installed a medicinecabinet decorative light you've got twofloating shelves here installed a newtoilet as well let's take a look at theshowerthis is a simple subway four by eighttub surroundwe installed a new tub down here we'vegot a Delta valve and trim kit tub spoutvalve as well as your shower headmagnetic pops right in there now weinstalled this subway ceramic and a 50%off set like everybody else does installfor the trim they'll keep in mind youdon't need to use that ugly cord aroundfor Subway ceramic showers use a Rondeck shooter on deck trim this is a PVCtrim it's seamless is low profileminimal route lines and it's six bucksfor an eight-foot stick so six dollarsan eight-foot stick a lot cheaper thanyour 12-inch ceramic quarter roundhere's the back wall we installedmatching silicon for the two walls thetwo planes meet silicon on this side aswellwe installed silicon around theperimeter of the new tub on the size aswell here's the niche very largerectangular shaped niche trim was usedRon deck by a lunar again looks muchmore clean than using a ceramic quarterround it's just much more of a lowprofile less grout lines less busy' anda lot less extensive we've got ourpattern and layout wrapping behind theniche everything turned out great andthere you have it bad the shower tileideas episode 19 simple subway thanksfor watching guys don't forget to hitthat subscribe button below[Music]

Episode 19: Simple Subway Tile Shower

Episode 19 Shower:
Shower wall tile: 4″ X 8″ White Ceramic
Trim edging profile: Schluter Rondec White PVC (Lowes carries it)
Grout: Prism Grout. Grout Color: Truffle
Shower head and valve trim kit fixtures: Bronze

Custom Vanity, under mount sink, bronze fixture & Faucets. (Lowes)

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