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hello my dear friends welcome to goodhome Indian style in today's video I'mgoing to show you a simple andmaintainable dining space decor via newto my channel I request you to go andsubscribe to good home Indian style formore such decor videos and for all of myregular viewers here I am with yetanother decor video so without any delaylet's dive into the simple andmaintainable dining space decor so hereis a quick view of my dining space areabefore I began setting up the space soas you can see my dining space area isnext to the stairs so I max utilize thespace under the stairs for crockeryplenty of storage and some decor itemssee under the stair cabinets to be inglossy white finish so the entire spacelooks very airy and spacious so the veryfirst step was to set up all thefurniture in the dining area so I choseto keep a dark walnut finished diningset which is 8 for chair plus benchcombinationand I also chose to keep a small sideseater which has the same upholsterycushion as my dining chair he got thiscustom done from a local carpenteralright it is time to set up the diningtable which is the focal point of thedining roomso I chose to place a turquoise colorplacemat on my dining table I purchasedthis on Amazon for $5.99 and it is avery good quality placemat and Iabsolutely recommend it you can find thelink to this placemat in the descriptionbox below[Music]so next I placed a wooden tray to thecenter of my dining table I got thesimple wooden tray made by my localcarpenter and I went ahead and paintedit a turquoise blue to go with the themeof my dining space at Elk wise blue andyellow is a great combination for alengthy since I had turquoise blue goingaround in this room I decided to have mycenterpiece to be a yellow flower asswith some yellow artificial flowers[Music]so I utilize the remaining space in thetree to keep the jar of beetle as wellas coaster both of which have purchasedon Amazon please find the links to thesein the description box below[Music]so on the other side of the tree I choseto play salt and pepper in thefiberglass container that I already hadyou can find a variety of salt andpepper shaker and holders on Amazonplease find the links to it in thedescription box below to clam up theseplain brown color chairs I added thesebeautiful looking cushions inside thesecolorful cushion covers that I purchasedon Amazon these beautiful digital trendcushion covers came for as low as 375for a set of five you can find the linkto it in the description box below[Music][Music]alright next it is time to set up andorganize my crockery unit when I caughtthis crockery unit design that made Imake sure a head glass dividers andspotlights on top just to make all thecrockery stand out[Music]so once the crockery unit was organizedand set up it was time to add some showpieces to glam up the space I fill thesefishes with these beautiful coffee mugsthat had purchased from Costco USA for adining space decor these vibrant coloredcoffee mugs with intricate design ofthem made a perfect showpiece[Music]so on the wall about this eater I chooseto hang my acrylic canvas painting whichhad the colors from the fieldand the light from the crockery unitnext to it made the painting sad out[Music]so for comfort I chose to place twocushion on the side seater however Ideliberately did not warn the side seatand cushions to be same as the diningchairs else the entire decor would seemtoo monotonous simply chose a cushioncover which I already had at home in theshades of turquoise blue[Music]so in the triangular space under thestairs I decided to keep my photo albumsand some of my books so to make thisplace aesthetically pleasing I decidedto place my daughters and my Fannyfuture image in the background of thesebooksyou[Music]so friends this is how my dining spacethe girl turned out to be I absolutelylove how it looks I think the simple andclutter-free decor not only lookspleasing to your eyes but it isdefinitely easy to manage and maintainyou too can change the look and feel ofyour dining space try to choose relaxingand friendly colors for your diningspace decordo not mix too many colors Ching in aroom that can be too busy for the roomand make your room look small even dodark colors like red or dark chocolateand make your room look small but if youalready have darker walls then go withlighter shade furniture and vice versaalso stick to only one bold print in anydecorall right friends I hope you enjoyedwatching this decor video if you didplease give me a thumbs up and give meall the suggestions that you have Iwould love to hear from you also if youhaven't subscribed to my channel yetplease go ahead and subscribe to goodhome Indian style for more such decorideas until the next video it is goodbyefrom good home Indian style[Music]you

Dear Friends!

Today’s video is about a simple, easy and maintainable dining decor idea. I have kept the room decor minimal, so it it easy to maintain and clutter free. Hope you enjoy watching it.


1. Digital print Cushion cover – https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B07PC4HGPY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

2. Turquoise Placemat – https://www.amazon.in/gp/product/B01LCB5LAO/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o08_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1

3. Salt & Pepper Shaker – https://www.amazon.in/ORPIO-LABLE-Stainless-Adjustable-Mechanism/dp/B07J1TXLPH/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=salt+and+pepper&qid=1556590766&s=kitchen&sr=1-3

4. Coaster set – https://www.amazon.in/GREENTOUCH-CRAFTS-antique-Gemstone-Coaster/dp/B01MZIC55K/ref=sr_1_55?keywords=coaster&qid=1556590926&s=kitchen&sr=1-55

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