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[Music]bathrooms are notorious for accumulatingclutter toiletries makeup and cleaningproducts easily pile up and if you sharea bathroom with other family members youhave the additional struggle ofcontending for space here are fivesimple bathrooms storage tricks numberone open-door policy many vanities comewith deep cabinets where items can getlost in their recesses get more storageout of this area by removing the cabinetdoors and installing shelves insteadline up deck would have bins to corraltoilet paper cleaning supplies andshampoo bottles tuck a laundry basketinto one of the open cabinet boxes openbathroom storage helps you see what youhave at a glance it is the added benefitof giving you a reason to organize sinceeverything is on display number two whynot repurpose an x-shape organizerdesigned for walling bottles as a towelholder roll towels fill space moreefficiently than folded ones and thegeometric design adds visual interestplus you'll feel like you had a spa whenyou go to grab a towelnumber three heat protection hair dryersand flat irons find a home in theshallow tray coordinate the tray to yourother bins for a cohesive look don'tscore at your counter a metal trayallows your hair tools to cool offsafelynumber four personalised storage thenumber-one rule of maximizing storagespace in any room is to think verticalwall-mounted open shelves do the trickorganize small items like cotton swabsand clear jars so they are easilyvisible there is no need to dig throughother stuff when you organize personalitems and labeled bins thick bins of thesame size and color for a symmetricalorderly display identify each bins ownerwith letter stickersnumber-5 liftoff don't waste valuablecountertop real estate this ergonomictoothbrush holder keeps these items fromcluttering the area around the sinkwe'll let you in on another secret thislittle container was actually a utensilholder from the kitchen I'll choose adishwasher safe version for easycleaning that's all for now don't forgetto Like subscribe and give your commentif you like this video thanks forwatching and see you in the next video[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music]

Bathrooms are notorious for accumulating clutter—toiletries, makeup, and cleaning products easily pile up. And if you share a bathroom with other family members, you have the additional struggle of contending for space. Here are 5 Simple Bathroom Storage Tricks.

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