all right you guys I am in target andthey do have the Oval House it is herethe collection like it's all in front ofme here these little candle holderslet's see oh there's no price on thatman don't you think that sucks I hatethat look at this one this one is gonnabe 15let me see another one this is actuallyvery lightweight but that was gonna bemuch heavier there's still no price onthat onecome on give me a price up no price soweirdthey do have these vases right herelet's see so my finger is gonna becolored because we were tie-dyeing and Ididn't wear gloves and so sorry aboutthat but that's 17 but that's mom lifethere um oh look at this one here issome designs on here and they're askingfor thirteen dollars oh wow toss pillowsunder $25 here's this little like baskettray looks like I could find this inhome goods actually there is no price onthis at all I won't be able to tell youhow much that is once I find another onemore pillows look at that basket rightthere that's really neatanother design and this one's gonna be25 look at this neat lamp that'scool-looking let's see the price give mea price target no price oh no there's noprice they do have this type of patternif you're into this this is going to bea $15.00 and I swear you guys could findsomething similar to that at Ross verysimilar all over this pink pillow theyalso have a red one oh that's neat thena tree you know is fake not real I mustmake our way around oh that's neatlooking huh you could find somethinglike thatI'm Ross - I always see this they're notexactly like this but similar here'sanother one was like rugs let's seeany prices let's look um no price eitherWow more pieces right here this is adifferent color from the pink one 15that is I think this one was 20 nopethis one's actually gonna be 13 andthese are very lightweight and this is asoy candle but there is no price so I'munable to tell you the price I don'tknow why there's not even a little tagor anything this right here that'spretty neat looking so here is that thecore piece that's what it looks likestanding up they do have it out no priceI can't tell you a price you guys I'm sosorry there's like no prices here's avery fake and this is gonna be $8 herewe have some more like the core againyou can find this at HomeGoods gonna be$15 did you have you know just lightcolor and this one's gonna be 20here's a throw head like pom poms arehugewhy is there no price that is so weirdOh $30 Wow look how tiny it is and it'snot even in white it's like in likelight white so that's 30 here we havesome more that is something you can findit home gifts right there this for yourwall let's see oh yeah that is for yourwall wallpaper let's see 30 dollarsthat's a little too much for that you goto Home Depot and find something muchnicer if you're looking for like awallpaper there's another pattern haslike arrows more patterns they do havethis chair here and all these pillowslook at this nice funkyyou find a piece like this in t.j.maxxI've seen one all the time I have tohandle this does have a drawer just openthey're asking for $90 and then look atthis find this at HomeGoods you guys.isquare you can this is gonna be 15 thisis like the exact same things I seen athome good especially that lamp backthere this is actually very neat it'sgonna be 20 not a bad price not a badprice for this in my opinion I like thatone more pieces look at this one it'slike a little wood actually it is likewood 20 really Wow 20 I don't know Idon't know about that okay here'sanother piece right here has like lookslike a floral type of printlet's see seventeen dollars and then wehave seen this one more pillows againand look at these little funky things oris that an armadillo and this armadillois gonna be $8 $10 I think these pictureframes are here actually really cool letme see if I can pull one down $15 thoughoh look at this one right herewhat's like a it's like a um peacock andthis one is gonna be 15 well that's neatand they have another design I thinkthey're all gonna be the same price lookat this jar oh look at that it openshave the hinge on it oh no that's justtape it just taped it up um let's seecan you put that over it is gonna be $17actually it's really neat and then wehave more of these base pieces righthere $10 and I forgot how much I saidsomething like this was 15 yeah take alot of neat pieces some I think are kindof ugly here is a bowl here's the designon that and there's gonna be 17 and youguys seriously a lot of these pieceslook like something like this atHomeGoods I'mI'm gonna lie I see tons of stuff likethis all the time especially this righthow much do they want here for that Ithought that over up here it is $35 andI think home goods might be a littlecheaper for something like that if Icould remember and then more frames it'slike a little with that Jaguar cheetahlet's see $15 and this one's kind ofcool-looking and it is going to be 15 aswell hey that's I kind of do like thatthere's like a wooden one this HomeGoodsand Burlington I want to say how muchthat's a 40 the the print is so tiny onthe part that's like almost the samecolor you have 40 $40 it's like you canbarely see it see it's like the samecolor almost yeah so that is what theyhave here let's make our way around Ithink we've seen quite a bit ofeverything here it's a cool peacockpicture it's not a picture you know it'sa base I thought it had a spout on itand it's gonna be thirty thirty dollarsthat's neat but this you guys you canfind that at HomeGoodslet's steve-o what is that like a candlecandle can you tell me the price please[Music]18 okay honey hey that's gonna be 24yeah a little significant so I actuallykind of liked that piece but I thoughtit was a picture it's not it's a basethere's no spout and this is it you guysthis is everything that they have herefor the opal house and we went throughit all let's see anything new and thenyou know in front of me is project 62you know the Nate Berkus $4.99 sameprice you can find these at on Marshallsbut they're not you know the project 62if your lessons you're looking forbut a lot of those pieces are similar ohright I'm gonna end this video here intarget I just want to look through theoval house and some of these prices arekind of crazy in my opinion and some ofthese pieces you could definitely findin home goods like maybe not this Ihaven't seen anything like this but thatbowl back there all right you guys thatis it thank you so much for watchinghave a great weekend weekday day ornight and please be safe and take carehey I did not see that lamp I totallymissed that that one's neat I could finda price for that it's gonna be hiddenhuh it is going to be $40

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