okay you guys I am back in Steinmart andI want to look at the decor pieces infront of me like stuff for your homethere's stuff your kitchen too but wehave these chairs or like a wickerwhatever you want to call them these aregonna be $90 very beachy for yourbackyard or you know if your decorateyour home for the summertime ninetydollars a piece the solid colors righthere are gonna be 70 it looks like andthey've got like different color graceand I think that it did all the colorsthey have here but I'll make my way downhere they do have like a pink one and asilver gray here are some of the disheshere five dollars a piece we do havethese little bowls right here - reallycute look at the inside of that it'sgonna be five think they're all gonna befire worried I bet you anything this isactually nine dollars right here you putlike soup in there or somethinghere's a bigger bowl and ona price onthat one let's do the other one um sevenhere is this set up here I think I mightcome together because look it has youknow like places to put them so 2000that's neatoh look at this one my hair has like abit of print that's really prettyno price on this one I can't tell you isthere a price on that one that one'sbigger it is 20 25 for the bigger oneneat[Music][Music]more pieces right here this is gonna bedirty really nice and really heavy soit's a really good quality here'sanother one and here's a picture let'ssee the price is going to be 30 for thepicture here we've got more plates downhere that's gonna be 40 let's see a lotof ladies here you cannot find this inhome goods $7 here's like a set how theyhave it set up here let's see this isgonna be seven and then you know eachplate is gonna be different let's see ifI can find a plateprobably not but look at that that downthere that's neat really nice ones uphere I've seen something like this andMarshalls I think those black those giveme six dollars we do have another one itdoes have like a gold like dipped youknow like a cookie looks like being onthat chocolate and white cookie it hasgonna be eight dollars they do have apink one up here and different patternsso they look like they're really neathere and then these are going to be yoursimple white ones let's seestrawberry Street tank strawberry Street$5.00 and here are the bowls like thissquare one I do like stuff like this itis gonna be six so I found these reallyneat pieces right here I'm thinking thisis gonna be like a butter dish orsomething cuz they do have a butterknife and is the global market it sayshandcrafted in India these are gonna be13 but look at the rooster and look atthe the yeah that's funny and this onehas a pineapple and here's a deer one orwhat are these called melts or NewYear's let's see what's the one behindit is it different oh yeah look at theknife went they're all gonna be 13 thatis different never seen anything likethat before and here we have like platesinnocent this has 16 pieces this one isgoing to be$60.00 they get 12 pieces we have theMoroccan Navy right here 16 piece anddinnerware set hey that's what we lookedat over there in the front yeah so in aset is going to be 70 you get 16 piecesand up earlier that we're selling themindividually like if you wanted themindividually and then we have Americanhere $13 set of four solid plates bowlsto get four they're gonna be 15 and wehave the mugs here and let me see aprice on the mug they are gonna be $5[Music]right here in front of me we got a lotof wine glasses um honestly I noticedSteinmart kind of caters to the moremature audiencethat's all that's in here this one saysbirthday to you birthday to you see ohlook at this one right here has um ithas like Eiffel Tower on the bottomthat's different$8 I'm not cool looking yeahwhat does this one say Tober they're notit's gonna be $5 mm-hmm that's funnythis one says beautiful great minddrinka like let's see how much some ofthese are here I'll at the bottom I'm $8so I'm guessing they're all gonna be $8I noticed um at Steinmart all the pricesare the same no matter what design who'sa stemless right hereshine bright 7 and then we have polkadot one here's more stemless birthdaygirl but she's gonna be hope that one'sgonna be 5 actually another happybirthday one five yeah pretty much Ithink they're all gonna be fiveI can't adult today mm-hmm yes and thisis gonna be $5 right here oh look at thebright the brightness of the stem righthere it reminds me of something fromDisneyland like a flamingo lake I don'tknow why it reminds me of one yeah Ithink that's what I'm thinking about whyLimit happy to an hourYeah right by dollars other thischampagne one champagne is the answerand that one's gonna be six dollars herewe have a roulette game we got some shotglasses in there and game night this isonly 7:45 that's fun that's fun and thenlook at this one it's like a bingo oopsa bingo wine right heresame price that's funny oh look they gotmore heregame night shout out let's see drink twodrinks that's funny it is gonna be thisone's actually gonna be nine dollars andforty-five cents unless they have abasketball one two right here this is sofun this is a good gift look a littlebasketball and putting the hoop take ashot that's gonna be the same price I'mloving these oh my goshI think this section is dedicated to allwine glasses cuz we got Riedel in frontof me um they're gonna be 25 how many doyou get two or three does it say maybethree then they have the big ones righthere this one says by eight the eighthone right here is gonna be um Wow 70 70right there well you get two for 25these things are really paper-thin glass- oh yeah these oh wow that's very thinbottle stoppers right here all fivedollars different designs we've got aheart one lets the wine stain remover649 oh yeah the rabbitlet's see right here we have a hundredpercent recycled glass this is gonna be40 this is a good like chip bull dipbowl but for parties but I don't know ifyou have kids it's breakable down herewe have little tumblers they're gonna be$7 there are glass we got yellow blueand green different designs ofpineapples we have more glasses righthere different kind different designsthis is gonna be 244 nope I took a 7 744so this one might be the same price -yes 7:44 how much is this one 974 okayyou guys I'm gonna end this video herethis is all plastic in front of me likethe um you know dishes with the lids wegot like a picture with a knife user inthere ok guys I'm in this video herethank you so much for watching and Iwill see you in the next video

Come with me to Stein Mart. We take a look at their kitchen décor. Kitchen ideas . thanks so much for tagging along.

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