all right you guys I am in Ross I'm in adifferent Ross this one looks like theyhave a bigger selection of some decorlike more than my local one let's take alook at them look at this base righthere it's the first thing I saw thatlooks like something I could see inBurlington they are asking for $13.99 wehave this one right here a little mosaicon top on the bottom some tiling they'reasking for $12 look at this one thislittle funky one right here it's open inthe front 12 so that is new hair you doanything you want with this $12 look wegot it like a king frogthat's funny to see $10 actually no thatis $7 so I found this a really coolpiece here look at that $28 only 28 thatis really cool-looking huh we see a lotof bases here we always see that up inBurlington more vases these are allgoing to be $12 right here they got alot at this Ross right here I have thattall one right there we still can't getthat one that one is going to be $13we've seen this at Burlington they wantdirty here I think it's cheaper atBurlington for that we have some candleholders 13 these two right here aregonna be seven let's see look at thisone I think this has a lid on it like alittle candy dish they're asking for $7this piece is definitely new here let mefind that price seven and look at thisup here I'm finding a lot of neat stufflike this lately even at HomeGoods hassomething similar to that$13 very different every little greenthing like a look like a little bubblyone four dollars we have a lot of theseyou can find these at HomeGoods let'ssee how much Ross wants eleven I thinkalmost the same price as home good we'veseen these before but I only seen thepink ones we've seen this at Marshall'sso nine dollars a piece for that you seework hard stayed humble work hard stayhumble it just repeats over and overseven dollars for that 13 dollars forthis hanging like a terrarium you canmake was this bamboo oh it's a candleokay eight dollars for that one oh wedefinitely seen this and home goods andin Burlington let's see how much theywant here they're asking for seven thatis cheap here more of these cute littleboxes right here fourteen dollars I'mmissing a lot of these and they all saylike you know made in India or paintedby people in India like I said before Idon't know how true that islet's see what else can I see here thisis new this is gonna be new 14 and thenwe have this mosaic piece right herelike a mermaid ish and I think we'veseen something like this at anotherstore I want to say 13 and then we havea different one back there let me see ifI could get to that price 13 so they'reboth gonna be 13 I see a lot ofelephants here elephants are posted meangood luck let's see how much this one is$14 it is not wood but you know has thatfeeling a silver one we've seen thesebefore all the time at Burlington 15 Ithink that is cheaper than Burlington ohlook at that weird porcupine right herehere's a porcupine that's funnylook at these funky pieces right herearen't those something totally differentand funky this one right here we saidit's gonna be $13 this one is actually$8 very different and kind of cool in aweird way and then we have this righthere bolli like these type of dramaswhat do you call those oh yeah these aregonna be $10 and what else did they havehere are more of those funky bowls rightthere which are $8[Music]over here looks like I found someJournal what do we got studio 71watercolor paint sets they're asking for399 that this funky journal right here$4.99 we got a lot of journals trust inthe Lord with all your heart they have alot of these a Tom Burlington - youcan't always find tons of those there ohlook at that that is a cool paintbrushright$10 kind of like a makeup brush that wealways see at Marshall's god grant meserenity $3 be bold be brave bebeautiful $3 yeah they got a lot herehere's another one same one she leaves alittle sparkle wherever she goes it'slike a photo album and they're askingfor 7 it's got quite a bit of these herea lot of photo albums up on top a littlemore down at the bottom see live laughlove love you to the moon and back ohthat thing is everywhere I'm actuallysick of it it's like everywhere they'reoverdoing it that in the llamas ourtravel book you know what this would begood I think anybody who could travel Ienvy you all cuz that's something Iwould like to do and then like you knowtake photos and have like a map and thenmark a pen on the map or everywhere youbeen one day and over here look we havegel pen yeah 52 with gel pens how much13 dollarsoh this one's a hundred you get ahundred premium gel pens mmm dressy aprice that it passed it or it's on thebottom on the bottom 20 a lot of artstuffs in this section glitter pens $5hey not bad you get 50 glitter pens for$5 that is not bad at all oh that's coollook at this wrap wrapping do you see ifI can pull it out this is cuteis a gift wrap its balloon animals rightthat is adorable right there[Music]it looks like over here everything isfor candlesI got Hawaii less Porchlight $17 that'sa find these little limited - oh my goshtends to be a store remember the limitedand then they did a limited to these arelights you're asking for $8 more stringlights right here $8 look a quite a bithere this is solar let's say no price onthe solar ones right there let's justkeep lookingthere's another solar one well look atthese pineapple together cute pineapplestring lights only $8 all this over hereis gonna be candles candles candlescandles hallmark I don't even knowhallmark made candles sunshineClementine splash $8 and Sun tell yousomebody it don't smell good $7 for thatI smell something they don't know whereit's coming from here is blue berrydream bloom and prosper I think I mightbe smelling this one I'll look at thefront of that no this one doesn't havesmoke it at all let's say it might bethis good day sunshine I'm gonna smellthat one $6 okay yeah it is a good daysunshine and I think I might be mixedwith this summer pineapple right herelet me smell that one oh yeah these twomixed together smell really good umsomebody told me that candles are notgood for youI have kennels but I rarely like themonly like them around Christmastime andthat's about it let's see I think thisis just like all candles and airfreshener what's behind me a little moresigns begin each day with a gratefulheartcouple more things right here home iswherever I am with you okay we've seenstuff like that before or as what kindof here is getting crowded let'smicrowave to this section over here wegot some lamps here $30 we've seen thatat home good site there $40 cheaper athome goods and better quality this youcould find in Burlington yeah and thenlook at this one right here this isreally cool this is gonna be 20 yeahsecond side that's me here it's a couplebathrooms stuff right here for that one$8 we got a longer one down here at thebottom or a rectangular shape they'reasking for 10 look at this piece righthere really cool looking I think that isin the wrong spot this looks like it'ssupposed to be in the kitchen area righthere they're asking for $13 finally madeit to the Betty at this rustic got a lotof Steve Madden bedding here's thispattern 18 dollars here's another SteveMadden this is gonna be for a full 15oh wow this Ross has totally stopped inmy local one I noticed when you shop alocally like one down the street fromyour house is usually not that great andyou had to go a little farther 24 forthat California king we got some BetsyJohnston's let me see this skulls 14 hmmthen a plain like mint green 14 a greybat theme here's another Betsey Johnsonright here she is asking for $18.00 wellRoss's[Music]a team here oh what's this one down herewe see this pattern 1e yep here's somemore patterns right here really chic 20this brand I can't say it but I see I'lltime with the alligator 35 nações Idon't know if you guys know it let meknow how to say here's another Queen $35but I've seen that brand with thealligator just don't know what it wasoh we got Nautica 30 see this is it youguys this is itwe got quite a bit pillowcases are gonnabe in the back more Nautica right here30 another Nautica 30 again and finallywe're heading into the pillow sectionlook at these blue not ACCA's but oldthese are they're cute but you know whatthey're not enough they're not in abaggie well I guess you know Walmart youknow Walmart has like a bend of bigpillars pillows pillars pillows not in abag but yeah they had those here I guessyou could wash them maybe put a baggieup with them here when you buy somethinglike that you're opposed to just stickthem in the dryer I don't know let's seethey're asking let's see if I can find aprice on one so it should be at the tagokay that's itthese are here gonna be $10 and then Igot more pillows here oh here's aNautica 2-pack it is sealed 2024 - okayguys that is it for this video isgetting crowded in here look at thisfunky quilted cat blanket oh my goshhoneyokay you guys that is it for this videothank you so much for watchingis that a Betsy I know Betsy some petsstay right there that's funnyum you know what a lot of people sayBetsy is ugly and tacky you know I thinkshe's different and I think that's why Ilike her some items are like a personsome I don't but that's it you guysthanks so much for watching and have agreatweek and I will see you next time

Shop with me through ross / Browse with me. This Ross has more décor ideas than my local one. We see new vases. New wall art. Lots of funky ones. We also take a stroll down the bedding section. This is a walk through so we do see a bit of everything. Brands like Betsey Johnson, calvin klein, Nautica you can always find at Ross .

Thanks so much for watching.

Have a Great day or night.

This is a family friendly shopping channel we look we share 🙂

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