Hado so today we'll be shopping at Rossso grab your coffee cup of tea and let'sgo shoppingthis is always a hit or miss so today Idon't know I still have a feeling it'sgonna be a hit or miss I don't know butpositive vibes positive vibes let's seewhat we can squeeze out of here I thinklast time we saw this in silver they nowhave it in this color gold it 99 fromwhere look at that from 22 to 899 thatis not bad but it still Wowseriously does[Music]I'm gonna go and look at some of thephotos[Music]I'm going to look at this one here thecurses on the floor easier for me tocheck the price this is really nice it'sa nice way nice entry I actually don'thave two of themI really do anyway[Music][Music]this other size which is just like asize down is $39 so really I mean Ican't believe it because okay[Music]and wouldn't it go really good like waitbecause I'm you have one hand when I'mso good against this giving you thoselook at this would make our so goodtogether in the same room I love thatchair up there as well the print is sogoodand ugly-looking it's really it's reallyunique and ugly at same time[Music]this looks like a Hodges a hit-or-misslike one day MC lost a few light thenext day it's goneokaymy bad it's really heavythe back came once the back is like anoose I know what that's all aboutlove this I think I showed you just lasttime look very prettyit is $5.99 sweepa birthday you guysjust taking all the gorgeousness aboutthis room[Music]I wish such as uniquetonight it's like reading I love all thecrystal French they have behind tonightonly guyswe pass[Music]just find it slightly interestedif I call Lyla can fight back you lookreally carefully$4.99[Music]Oh 17 so $5.99 trying to show you aroundcheck this the little anus I like allthis could you find a bunch of randomstuff in there yes it's random it's justso randomthe price for nothing[Music]trying to think about what to show you[Music]today I don't like this candle just thepackaging smells good[Music]Conner's well why I think questions allday22[Music][Music][Music]Oh run into babies[Music]and put these and it's only 499 this oneonly 499 Wow like get all four of thembut that's still only $4.99 for these Ihave to like get everything else out ofthe way so I can focus on the fabulouslist look at that one two three four$4.99 only don't see stuff like this inones like for this you don't see stufflike this period I think it's like getit honestlycomment below what would you use thesefor let me know in the comment sectionbelow I love them like look you see howthis is in the way who left like thishere and then this here silly like whywhy is it anyway it was some big jobslike this onethat is still is know what happened andthen they know when it begins with thecheese I do like this $23.99 someweights or one six nine you got by twoof them[Music]some pillows and individual[Music]inhale affection actually first beforewe get there that's a cut off himselfcheck it out I just brushed past itoh please pick five[Music]6:19 look at this commentokay so go on my displeasure[Music][Music][Music]which just held up by some people weeklyday[Music]he'll they sustained by literally potsize[Music]prettyninety nine day old and I'm not even apurple girl well kind of killed it withthe black behind that table clarifiedthey should have had that a dark purplecolor just suggesting look at this onethese are big right now in this storeokay so we're going to end this videoright now right here right now todaywell these will go so good together lookeven thoughand it's by the same designers wellsugar studiobabies so if you enjoyed this videoabout the tree so let me do this outrofor you quick if you enjoyed the videoyou ought to do get a big fat ones areif you're new to my channel subscribedown below let me know what you hadsomething me to do and I'll see you inthe next lovely dolls bye

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