hater says today we are shopping at RossI can tell can you guys hold at thissunset so yeah grab your coffee grabyour tea unless the shopton but waithold this moment I could show them I gotmy nails done wait can you see if I'mgetting the lightoh they're confident okay see yahombre oh the light stops there we goyou see it so I can hombre you'll see itwhen I'm in the store so yeah I justwant to be natural and that's the colorthat I got so thanks for everyone forcommenting I always love your opinionstuff so yeah hopefully if you see thisvideo it goes up because this isspontaneous I'm actually go with my mumher shopping so it's like to film aswell so that's gonna be a very randomrandom shop with me because I didn'teven plan to film here today but I'mgonna just do it because we're here andI can't help but show you this look lookyou might need to help the air mucheasier I found two things as you can seeI've already beat you guys to seeingthis look at what's in the car look thisis a bench or I already have my benchit's not big enough anyway but look it's$39.99it's goals looking inside nothing but doyou see me like pushing this but yeah Igot excitedand then look what I found in here don'tknow which size to get you know thesecosts money like in home goods right sothese plexi unclear look at this $39.99you guys see my new nailshombre it looks good looks like it'llsnap easily to if not taken care of so Idon't know what size to get you've gotlike this one here that is $34.99 andthen you've got this one here that isthey're both good look at the heightdifference to their 39.99 see that so Ijust don't know which one to get okayput them both on the trolley we'lldecide later but look at the two finesthat I found my oh thank you mommyhmm so yeah I got like I'm just going toshow you random stuff today is like therandom ish random ish video because Ishouldn't be here todaywe're not even meant to be here we wantme but you know can't like not show youlike some of the fines today $4.99 sothe video is going to be loaded tomorrowmorning so which will be good morning toyou toes and random ish at and Ross I'meven wondering like I do like here a lotI do like it a lot but if I get I haveto get the bigger one for sure becausethe small ones not really value for yourmoney okay look at these more random ish[Music]look at the detail should we go and lookat pillows yeah let's go look at somepillows and then come back search morerandom ish this is nice this is actuallynice I don't want it but I want to hugit so no one takes it away cuz I'm gonnaget picture of it it's gonna be thedisplay picture the videoyou had the one behind like a brown nowwelcome sign is still here in this to goone you know I really have like a littlecoffee table a office well there's noharm in having to stuff right it'spretty Oh My gods but I always wantedsomething clear like that and that's soexpensive so for 30 something I mean Ican't pass that up our living regretsyou know those kids like stuff can costalmost like 200 I'm not joking I canshow you when we go home I can show youonline[Music]just says raw so $12.99hello this laundry basket it's a bitflimsy though look at these baskets here1099 and then they've got a like awastebasket to match with it$5.99 okay let's go and look at pillowscuz I feel like there's something inthere waiting for me don't know why Ilike in gray as well 99look at this moment oh and look it haslike a matching hair no it's like a catif I said see I told them it's like acat[Music]thank God is this the best time to comehereit's quiet not as insane as normal lookat this[Music][Music]it's $12.99 as well of 99 well look atyou feeling it up I love this it's sodainty and guilty so Ventus this is aSpanish name rightsomeone comment below let me know thisis nice it's like Shels it where's theprice day price Oh 99 it seems thateverything is $12.99 oh I love this likeshaggy one here only the second one oh Ifeel like those will get dirty quicklylook at these look at this one[Music]try to do this hold it so I can do thisis what they're meant for how much is it[Music]sick mentally he goes six ninety ninetenoh look at these sparkly pillows lookthis is nice$13.99 like really sparkly this $15.99yeah all fathers are inside oh okay soI'm going to go back to the home becauseI've shown you guys and I'll see youinside their crimes always look sopretty to me they're only $5.99like seriously gold and gold as wellcomment below which one do you likebut for good complexion so and the musicnot as loud as as you know the kind ofcommunist lovely I think I'm gonna getall free todayput these in the charliegiving you a collection well now we'lldecide that to tell we might we mightnot look I said oh sure Gigi stores lasttime I showed you dosage last time Isaid these dolls let me look at this wowwhat today I didn't even try to findstuff look $17.99 this is gorgeous lookat the top of the air this is actually adiamond thing to find here you don'tfind stuff like this this is more to seegallery home good level you don't findstuff like this in in in Ross this is astill hold on to itoh wait not Raleigh what are these the Dstorage daughter I thought it had goldon it that's why I picked it up back onon the shelves not interested anymorelove that welcome sign over there welllet's check this out oh my god let melook at this marble tray we're findingso much today does this is it's $8.99mommy come you're gonna be like wowmarble traywith gold edges for 899 only gonna justput this in my hand I'll hold on to itwait look at our trolley is getting deepit's beautiful $8.99 I feel like we haveto get that just because of the pricethey've got some other trace too butthey don't come here I mean they don'tcompare this is the same person so it's899 as well retro is like magic like Ifeel like you just have to have it forthe price something you'd like to buythe person statute look the business wesaw this last time we came we'reinterested in it now but it'sinteresting shapeyou could beit is $7.99 it says wake up and make upgood for the makeup room[Music]wake up gonna chuck it in there I'mgonna just put okay I'm gonna getpictures for this this probably beingthe screen it's already in the pitch ohlook at this company last time so one ofthese this already shows that youweren't paying attention$8.99 when I say 899 phone boss I'm justlike looking at all the noise randomnessof these six $9.99 this is nice and theyhave a small version learn I feel likeyou need to get both these are good likeon the stairs you're walking up stairsyeah you have to drill it somehow thatyou guys comment below how would you getthis to hang on the wall because thislooks like something you put on a flatsurface because of these little thingshere but how would you get this to hangcomment below let me know just stop forsomeone if they want to do that andshare ideas drill holes drill holes okayyeah we're gonna do you guys we're gonnado cart napkin looking way we can holdup I can hold that one we're going hegoes my mom is doing cartoon up in sheis kidnapping it can't let him someone'shope they don't come out mummy hope theydo not come outI'm just watching this go down in my bagwe need to call the cops on you so don'twait no it's okay I can just push thisso does if you enjoyed watching thisvideo it was short but we didn't like Idon't want to film today I have beenjust relaxing so and if you enjoyed thisvideo give it a big fat thumbs up if youneed to my channel subscribe down belowlet me know what you liked in this shortvideo I mean I saw so much that I likedI didn't expect didn't even expect afilm box cuz I'm here why notso I'll see you dolls in the next videoand bye this is an awesome camera thing$24.99 this gold gorgeous[Music][Music]

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