[Applause][Applause][Applause]hey doll so today we're shopping atTarget so grab your coffee gravity andlet's go shoppingyay I know it's a lot of you dolls likethat Target collection that I showedyesterday or day before yesterday so I'mgoing to show you some more because Ifeel like I didn't even get into it likeI didn't get into the meat and potatoesof it all so let's see what they have inthis location is it like my home targetlocation so let's see what they have andI just like it I'm obsessed with it I'mnot for the tropical vibe that ithappened so let's go looking and if youhaven't watched that part 1 version gowatch it now and you even have thislittle board they can pin stuff one aswell $29.99 to this unicorn nowand then this little diamond lamp aswell where is it$29.99 there was some good kid stuff[Music]how adorable she's got gold hair andit's $29.99 you know never check thekids section so kind of going throughit's really quickly a lot of these lands$29.99 decide to stop here first alsobefore we get to the main collectionthis is so cuteI think yeah just $79 are kind of priceybut it's very uniquespicy what you need good what youstructures are there look at this firstpillar[Music]we'd even see some of the stuff in theother target we did see this more that'swhy it's good to sometimes cover acollection in two different places lookat all this[Music]and even the way they organized theircollection is so much more nicer thanthe other target huh no just in theother store I'm looking at this stufflook at these the way they organizedstairs is much nicer Aldi you see theydidn't organize this like this in thelast place they did put the lamp therein the other location like that I likethe lamp[Music]tropicaleven happy is look at thisI can see this in the law citation[Music]I love these little things here the gunI thought we put you on the ban on gonelook at these little we saw that and Ilike how it's not lost this is not lostit's like perfect husband like yeah theOpel how successful it's called nocollapse routine we didn't see this bossget in the other location[Music][Music]even this this is society this isdefinitely something help get out thiscollection of this isn't I'm just wannafind the prices never like writtenboldly and will it be this yesterdaywith it sealed this yesterday that's whyit's good to come the thing quiet youknow show me the price what happenedyeah different locations[Music]they got more on that shelf they're kindof like stack everything very similar[Music]there has my probably a picture therethere to go back you saw those penniesthere we saw this yesterday and thiscolor here only have it in cream I justsay that will be didn't another color aswell and it goes nicely with this goldfoil and look at these all three ofthese in fact all of these all of thesetogether these are in like the shape offlowersthis is literally a Jay Z but you canput photos inside yes or Daisy[Music]in stock photos you got like this onethat's freestanding this one heregorgeous you can put jewelry down belowso these people I watch them a lot whenI'm working out they like home d├ęcorpeople they have a show they make theirrenovate houses I love watching the showwhen I'm working out I think this is thecollection I'm guessing[Music]behind you there was these furs that Ithink are so prettylook at these colors see what this colorabout color[Music][Music]and I remember saying I like this aswell sweetie sweetie so remember howobsessed with this remember I showedthis last night we're gonna go back tothat collection[Music]$29.99 let's go back to that collectionI'm never really interested in this areayeah so dogs let's go back to thatquestion I have this plant okay let's goback to the other collectionand see what they have we didn't evencheck out these plates look at this lookat thesewould you look at these and these areonly $1.99 these are only $1.99 gorgeouson the back gorgeous nice and this isnice nice only $1.99[Music]the big ones are $2.99 the opalcollections banging I love these as welland these are on sale you know how hardit is about sales $9.00 and this is justso nice they're pretty these terracottapots flower pots[Music]vibes dolls vibes so those look at peniswe didn't even look at the frames thatdetail yesterday here they are one of myfavorites is this one how gorge I likehow they even like decorate it look atthe picnic basket how gangster is thisand it's heavy look at this picnicbaskets at the opal collection look theyeven have it I wish I put it on the sidehere[Music]you know like picnic buses now here itistrying to find the person you're notbeing helpfulhold this why just yeah why not just getit[Music]I'm really not good at like displayingthe prices in your face like no one hastime to do thatI'll even like these little designs onthe side I think they're so prettyand that lamp is gorgeous okay so we'regonna in the videos - oh look at this[Music]small version where's that whereoh look at this how real is this forthis and then it's got gold and cheesewhen we look at the back of thiscollection we didn't even see all this[Music]this was interesting to me if youenjoyed this video give it give it a bigthumbs up if you're new to my channelsubscribe down below let me know whatyou liked in this pokel connection theyhave so much all I can say is go to yourlocal Target and discover for yourselfbecause it's amazing look at thisMalaysian series right now but this lampis goals mightso I see you don't later and beautifullyat video thumbs up also if you can dothat mr. hashtag them up into theconfusion so both see you later doll Ilove this new collection as you can tellby the mic look at how gorgeous this is[Music]anyway

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