today we're shopping at Marshall's tograb your coffee cup of tea and let's goshopping look at this isn't thisbirthday $5.99 don't even know what youwould use it for part oh my god this is- what would you use it for commentbelow and so if you can't hear me backthere they're doing and so I came to ourwives back there they didn't see thesego nicely together nice fact thatthey're doing some and what are theydoing with the word construction yeah ohmaybe you can't hear me I love this 1499it's weird weird looking dang it'sreally loud you know 999 I have this inpink remember but it's good because itblurs out the music yeah okay look atall these candlesokay that's nice[Music]okay you guys it's so loud in here thatI don't even know how name film in thethey're doing a lot of construction backdown that side what sale eight dollarsthis should be cheaper come and see thismoneyeight dollars look it's got a it'spretty but look it's eight dollars it'sgot a dent here this should be like twodollars like why would this be eightdollars it's ridiculousall of this stuff is brokenOh picture frames yeah ah the music isin full force oh my god it's so annoyingplease I'm gonna have to put my musicover it you know they might need to turnthat thing back on again and I don'tknow why don't have music playing whenthey have that much sound - yeah yeahyeah it makes it you can't hear whatyour look look at this$40 it's on clearance it was fiftythat's not much of a curseyeah too little they need like a whole$10 Ohwhy would you have music with theconstruction Sam[Music]okay so whatever I'm gonna check this isa crazy clean section it's kind of dead[Music]mommy I found your church hat you guyslike go to church hat wait wait and puton you kinda looks cute wave okay takeit off then just be famous you'll feelbetterlet's just be famous you'll feel betterreally a lot of famous people feel sadare they now have it looking great youknow the pink one I have they have it ingray now so cute let me go back downthis way I want to show you somethingthe music is so loudalways on earth ya know right you wouldthink it wouldn't be loud when theyheard loud construction sound okay thisis what I want to show look look KateSpade boxes I know my subscriberslovelies Kate Spade boxes and put thisawaylook they love them looklike my yeah I can't hold it you'regonna have to help me get that out okayit's cute yeah and then how much is itand I like that one too all right let'sgo to different areas being look at thislet me look at this oMG they've got likeinteresting so I'm gonna do theresolution video with no sound becauseof that musics[Music][Music][Music][Music]put it in the city over here if youenjoyed this video look at this if youenjoyed this video give it a big fatthumbs upoh well it comes in that blue - and thenin 1699 I love to watch it so animalsmommy lookso if you enjoyed this video give it abig fat thumbs up if you're new to mychannel it's just blue socks for thosewho smelly socks for those if youenjoyed this video give it a big fatthumbs up if you need to my channelsubscribe down belowas you can see Russell's not RossMarshalls we've gone through sometransition period as you can see anywaygive it a big thumbs up and subscribe tomy channel for new to my channel andI'll see you dolls in minutes video

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