[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]madam and that melts down the back rosesmy doing that melts down[Music][Music]trying to find a price you guys price[Music]even during the coffee oh my god thisball looks so goodit could be small[Music]do you know how to Mikeyou can put your wedding rings insidehereit's bi-rite oh yeah it's a woman[Music]this is made in Great Britain and seethis is one from England for my songeven got the Queen's crown royal status$3.99 with a royal wedding coming upthat's I think you should buy and watchThe Royal Wedding with all right this isvery done - right on - so much redundantstuff todayoh okay so let's look at some of thiscolored walls that they have they've gotlike you know blue and pink so let'skind of go through it I love thisbecause at the end of this I give a blogat the end is nigh[Music]and it's only three $99 fees for thecrash 399 oh that's ironicwhatever fasting or something I like thepink[Music]bothnow that time is not much people heretoday but let me not say if I jinxmyself not lucky let's keep it up lateroh how gorgeous this is look at theseand it's $2.99 I love the own plateitself and then I love the bulbs I thinkthis whole area is very prettyso $43.99 pretty I love this whole arearightjust want to see these shoes please areinterestingseashells look they're shown look at theoffice I'm kind of getting water thekitchen I don't know why yeah that'swhat currently lostI don't want to show it is thank you getrid of it off infectionand you wanna be oh look at this itmatches that chair I have this wouldhave been the best coffee stuff to getfrom golfing I told you I don't want tohave a company in the office which youslash them has got T to match thosechairs and that's my theme[Music]oh there's some picnic stuff picnicstuff they don't really have much herelook here looks like a bathtub for alittle baby or dog or something oh nosomething smallokay let's go and look at the officesection I keep saying that and then Ikeep turning round and friends I gotelse to look at so I've never looked atApril and see distracted again I'venever looked at aprons before in here Ilike this one herewhat is this for children earth this isfor children so if you've got a littledog together you want to do like pretendcooking with this one says diva on ithe's got a daisy on it how cute yeah[Music]I wanted to go in this section but somany people over therethat's really the section I want but wecan start here I guesslook at these Atari of 99 and then ohlisten don't win okayhook is missing look at this this iswhat I came here for$29.99yeah it does look like a crown it'sclear and golden it spins has a deucejewel on top put pencils make up allkinds of stuff inside there Brendan letthis moving is back[Music][Music]see what they have in here I'm justdistracted by older loudnessnow we copyhe's boredcolor[Music]they like this you can step on I'm gonnaput this through the trendy listenalmost heavy but this means trolley likeface it in a good way then the friendand bus gear that's gold I just saw it Iwant to show you oh my godtalk about amazing the table it's notyou can you help me with this I want toshow them this table right hereof course it's by - no key - no key havethe best stuff to get these away so Ican show them this a marble gold table Ineed to know the price yeah so muchdon't know why someone would do thatthis is gorgeous 99 but I just want tolook at the whole table you can just putthem on the sideI actually really like this I think Icould have I could have any of this likehow gorgeous is this tablehow gorgeous is tangI love that little - got down the middleand it's like and then legs should be my19 I try to Loki I think it's just soprettylove it this - look around there's someof the best stuff ever that's where Igot my trade off for in yesterday'svideothis is absolutely ridiculously gorgeousI'm obsessed with this table gorgeouslike I want it to have and doesn't itmatch this lamp right here and then lookso I feel like they match so well likethe marble and then the gold so yeah Ijust want to show thatphotos with anotherand[Music][Music][Music]my chair I'm not happy about that so ifyou're in Houston and you didn't go toSugarland communication comfortable withour occasion because my chair is here ifyou want it or someone elseI'm really really low-key upset it'shere because I thought I was the onlyone who got that one issue this is gonnabe here for long though in this locationthough I'm so sure your face are youlaughing because you're finding it funnyor like you're laughing at me which oneor both both why you laughing at me justwant to know cuz it's now found here youmean bathroom goes look oh my God we'regonna like dissect just look at likeevery single wall has amazing stars Idon't even know where to begin thebathroom section is bangineven that little tray thing oh my godlook at this[Music]I'm gonna be careful getting these outcuz I don't wanna hold 99 and I've gotthis in white I like it in thischampagne color okayyou have to get like the whole set okayso let's see what let's look at these sothis is a new collection I've seen ontop hair with a pineapple it's reallyinteresting in its $7.99 so this comeslook at the little soaps issue themoment I'm upon with the bathroom look[Music]and then you got regular glitter boxeseveryone loved so much[Music]take someone's turnand then these gorgeous today'sheaviest analysis[Music][Music]ok so I like mummy see something I likethey have a different version of thesame your face just put it inside thereit's so worth it ok so and then they goin silver but that's a different stylethe gold is so much more better okay soI think we're done with this video nowso if you enjoyed this video give it awalk money time a big fat thumbs up ifyou need to make sure what they dosubscribe below and let me know what youliked in this video doors and wait waitwait I think I feel like you're likemm-hmmthis mirror hereso yeah if you enjoyed this video giveit a thumbs up watch out for Scott downbelow let me know what you liked in thisvideo and I'll see yous my lovely dollsin the next video bye love you girlshey remember my mum thought this wasthem yeah you forever storeoh my god anyway so you don't buy i buy

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