[Applause][Applause][Applause][Music]hey doll so today we'll be shopping athome cursor grab your coffeegrab a tree and let's go shoppinglook at the pink on the site this ispress it like coffee table what I still$34 for any designer this is gold I justleft the pink on the side and you knowI've got the Chanel pictures as wellgorgeous like Couture wedding gown andthen if you touch it was almost in thefabric of like a wedding dress can touchit this is nice and for the price it'slike satinyou guys have ever seen a book in satinthis book is in fact in like if theylike it up to now this is only rightthis is couture McQueen I'm reading thenames I know Chanel or Christian therocks and deals any song[Music]just so many Limbaugh moonbeamwas healthy London issue should beginsomewhere with the rest of them rightsoon right speak into existenceyeah this is an interesting book as wellto have put back thoughlike a classicbuthow did I get it out in the first placeno just find somewhere else to put itit's never going to go in second let mesee this I'll just leave it it's too bigbecause it pushes up the shaft no it wasthe shop another book about weddingdressesso yeah no one really checks out on goodshirts and I feel like that's a goodplace to find little books inside hereso anyway you know what everyone lovedthese because we're now on ornaments andstuffeveryone loved when I showed these lookhow cute and these are real leather youguys everyone love these randomornaments at home cuz this one thingthat I notice about this home does isthe ornaments are so random it's notdisplayed like the Sugarland one it'salways random I'm not going to try andpull this out I'm gonna make so muchnoise I'm just gonna leave it okay solet's check oh this is interesting andthey've got they've got like gold[Music]which section are we going in[Music]random to see this is interesting you'venever seen a globe like this Kavya likeone hairlike a handbag they would put this in afashion show like being extra I cansmell my Chanel perfume right now no manI don't smell hot my perfumes is evenI'm smelling you or myself one of usonly $9.99 but it smells goodlike I just got a whiff of it someonethat bended a car I'm not gonna be a carthief and get going with it[Music][Music]I'm mind blown by just trying to say Ididn't see this this is nice I like thisthis denim chair is like woven withdifferent types of denim still somethingelse standing by shown in another videoand if you don't remember comment below[Music]first they have like a ton of first bythe way so it's beenI've ever seen one that I like the bestlook at thisit feels good on both sideshow much is it 69 tonight paljusticeI'm acting like a mouseam I reading now because the music's notloud in here it's still goodanother tourist letter it's the samesection don't we have this at homealreadyI keep telling you that something likethat rightespecially home and then I loved in mytrousers I love Vince come out her orCamuto $19.99 but it looks like it'ssmall not big this feels good I wish youjust can feel it through come throughyour phones and your computer screensdinky oh shoot they keep coming off whenI touch them at the bottomget back up dinky let's see how muchdinky is $20 I have my fur from dinky Ithink I'm lost on pillow have a pillowfrom dinkydon't care in New York for those of youwho are new to my channel this is niceand I don't normally like mogulseverywhere you go look at kitchen stuffOhthe most dramatic pillows ever we'regonna go through this look at howgorgeous this is[Music]I like the cheese slow my routine it'sbeautifulimagine them in the living roomokay so I know it's gonna be expensiveit's not even expensive it's $20 I'llsit in my mind to read a hundred becauseI know beated like noodles come and getthis this is niceI was trying to read $100 yeah yeahand then look there's another style herethat look at this oneI like the home betterso I'm guessing it will be the sameprice rangeyeah $19 yeah really cheap againbut what would cost a lot on sorrysorry for the swearing this is nicethis is going to cost a lot of moneybecause speeded this is gonna cost 39probably I'm not pulling it out so withall these back no good bit we're gonnacome outI like this one here so I guess let's goand check the kitchen section yeah Ilike let's go and look at kitchen stuffwhat are you looking atlet's see if they have like new stufftoday in the kitchen section we look atthis up here okay so[Music]so tropicaland that blue carp so tropical[Music]just kind of hanging around do somethingthat I actually like a lot to show thisis interested in these lips they'rerandom but interesting they're alwaysfar to be honest with youdon't think I saw last weekend I said Iliked and I can't find it it's gone hmm[Music]from redonelook at these[Music]how soon did great done is this reallyreally interesting yes old enough everydonor initially on sale probably it ishopefully fingers crossed it is on sale[Music]mommy look at this[Music]how gorgeous$39.99oh my godso yeah I think I'm gonna I'm gonna getpicture but it's gonna be it's gonna bein the picture of the video and thenlook at this just even a trolley yeahyeahso I think that in a video there isgoing to keep going and going and goingand going so if you enjoyed this videogive it a big fat thumbs up if you needto my channel subscribe down below letme know what you like to this video andI'll see youso don't look at this dresser right heresuper pretty and it is 100 $100 is athousand dollars basically sointeresting and you got like hooks andstuff like that and like all theselittle interest in science time routinecan I put a flower on top of here couldsee my mom in the side okay so let's goI think we're done

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