I'll write you guys I am in HomeGoodstoday and they have a lot of new glasswe're out like well this looks out ofplace here this yellow pineapple youknow has a lid let's see ten dollarsreally Wow you can find a white one atWalmart Walmart does sell a white oneand then they have a lot of these cups adollar ninety-nine for each oh that'snot badeach though and look at this I lovelooking at odd pieces like this $4.99and they do have like a lighter blue oneand looks like a white one underneaththere tooa lot of these you know glass two corepieces right here$10 there's a bird one oh here's thePearl one here's what the Pearl one'sgonna look like it's gonna be fivedollars and then I always see thesefunky pieces here I just think they'rereally neat looking let's see this oneoh there's no price it's like hiddencan't get in there only have one handhere's this one right here $10 for thatone oh there's one in the back too ohthere goes $8 out cuz it's smallerhere's a bigger one so i found thiscristal mushroom here it is $13 and youcould find stuff like this at teachingmax sometimes here's a big one it'sreally neat they also have a wateringcan how that's funny it's gonna be thesame price 13 there is a crystal cakelook at that and then look at the topthat's like a little um you know pinkflower and this one's gonna be $10 I didfind another dragon flying I've seenthis at t.j.maxx too and this is gonnabe 10 so they do have quite a neatKrystal figures here here's another oneoh let's put a candle back there butlook at this piece right here this isreally neat and this one oh no purse onthat round here how much$10 $10 oh that's cool you guys I didfind a glass my glass crystal sneakerisn't that crazyit's gonna be $15 so weird[Music][Music][Music]the entire wall right here is made inItaly everything says - made in Italyhere we got the plate let me see if Icould pull out one that's what thatlooks like um each is gonna be 399that's how it usually goes and homegoods they charge them each look at thatcool design on there I'm gonna pick itup the other way let's see that isdifferent and that one is gonna be $6here's another plate made in Italy andthis one's gonna be $8 I like the colorsI love stuff that is like colorful likeI said before in previous videos I wishI could just dump out everything I ownand start all overmm-hmm oh look at that funky neat pieceback there I think I've seen somethinglike this before in a bowl but it's likea base let's see and that is gonna be umten dollars really neat bowl right heresays made in Portugal and it's gonna be$4 it's like a stoneware and it isdishwasher and microwave safe here is aneat cup it looks like it has puffypaint on it but it's not hmm it justfeels like that and this is gonna be $4just so weird and different I can't tellif it's like dishwasher or microwavesafe though mmm we have a couple moremugs here these have a design on themthese are gonna be $1.99 this one is ared on the inside and then we have ablack and white pattern on this oneright here that's neat um last time Iwas here they had one with a butterflylike a butterfly pattern I think thatone's gone we have another one and it'slike grey and the inside is like a bluepattern and this one's gonna be $4actually you're good enough $4 you can'tscare me I have daughters oh my god ohmy god that's true I want to say boysare somewhat a little easier in myopinion oh look at this pink marble onefor people who like payit's like a little marble effect youcan't really feel the marbling on thisside only that's the only part andthat's gonna be $4 here is a strawberrymug and this is gonna be five and Ithink they do have a pineapple let mesee if I can reach it here is apineapple lime same price and they dohave a Kiwi one I like this one is cutemore much down here we have a unicornpineapple watermelon and that looks likeelephants and all these are gonna be Ijust saw it Oh $4 they do have a littlebit of variety there I think I can evensee a llama or alpaca whatever but I'mover the Lama thing I'm over itI love my friend what does this one downhere mom stuff I love mom good morninghandsomeis it quite a bit of mugs here so aboveme we have these tiered baskets $25actually the bigger one is gonna be letme see the bigger one is gonna be 25 st.prices the small one which is weird andwe have this one right herethis is gonna be 20 I found theseholographic containers right herethey're asking for did I do $10those are pretty neat you do whateveryou want with those so $10 here we havemore time jarsten for this huge one right here theseright here are gonna be seven and thenin front of me we got a little you knowjar that's gonna be eight but this isnot a bad price for $10 that's huge theydo have textured ones $4 was like acopper ash lid a silver lid one that'sgonna be 249 because some neat ones andyou guys are very inexpensive I'mfinding out here's one with a rooster onthat in front of me we have tableclothlet's see 13 dollars tap at the web 13 Ithink they're all gonna be 13 here's theKate Spade one like a really brightfloral print this is gonna be 20actually for the Kate Spadetommy bahama $13Mac Studio 13 on a house like you knowthe birds on there it is awater-resistant Ralph Lauren I thinkwe've seen this one before here fromthat's gonna be 20 there's another TommyBahama we have that IsaacI cannot say his last name I think it'slike Missouri I'm not sure if that's howI say it but usually my don't say thatpeople's names because I don't want tomess it up this is gonna be $13 I seewe've seen this one what's behind itwell there's another rough lorne that'sa different pattern and this one isgonna be $15 let's see what else same Ithink we've seen this one already Cleothis is for oblong and there's anotherIsaac one right thereit's like um you know lime watermelon$13 is this is actually cute I kind oflike this one and then I think this isgonna be you know placemats down herelet's see $10 and you get four which ischeaper than I'm Steinmark becausedynamite had like kind of cute summerrush placemats but they wanted like fourdollars for each so here you get a setcheaper oh my God look at thisstrawberry one that was cute this isgonna be Kate Spade and they're askingfor $15 and you get four and I thinkdown here and most likely gonna be aTommy Bahama yeah there's this patternand that's gonna be ten not bad oneCynthia Rowley plate set right here ofcourse that's gonna be plastic threedollars let's see this didn't see arally one let's see how much it is shehas some really nice plate we're gonnaget four and it's gonna be ten dollarshey that's really cute I like the colorsall if they've got bowls too it's justlike a pull one out so you get fourbowls for eight dollars and that is notbad at all for Cynthia Rowley no yeahthat's cute here is going to be a set ofclear bowls all those are fun and thisone was ten yeahTenace well we do have like this purpleone which i think we've seen before andyou do get four and this one's gonna beten so look like they're all gonna beten then we have plates right here Ithink this are sold individually or herethe plastic ones yeah and they're askingfor for each so I think it's better tofind a stack just for each and look atthat and look at the bright pink out nowso three dollars is all plastic you guysall plastic let's see three dollars soOh same price here is kinsey home allthose are cuteeight dollars and you get quite a bit toeight dollars not bad then we have morekinsey down here the bright pineapplethen we have the plates back there we'veseen these ones before like a marvelouspearl they're plastic they're gonna bethree dollars let's see a Nicole Millerright here three dollars so threedollars apiece and then they do have theplates for Nicole Millerlet's see they're going to be threedollars sometimes you could buy a NicoleMiller in set set up Marshalls[Music][Music][Music]all right you guys I'm gonna finish upthis walkthrough look at this discoballs drink where you get to they'regonna be $10 that's fun and look we havemore funky patterns down here palmrestaurant for this bowl gonna be $4 wehave the bigger plate plate symbols backthere here's another one oh that's neatwhat else is down here or more TommyBahama I'm looking at they have likethese water bottles this one's this wineit's a wine traveler what's cup okay thelid is the cup okay I get it now that'scrazy$10 I know somebody who takes wine inthe movie theaters and that'd be goodfor them and we have more glasses hereand they're all plastic Tommy Bahama andthey're gonna be $3 for this one it'sgonna be $4 we've seen this one beforelet's see what else can we see before wehead out they're gonna close here we gotNicole Nicole Miller right here oh noprice on that one oh look at this -Harvey wine - hurry home and that'sgonna be $8 what else is this Oh alittle Cynthia rally we have a martinishaker and pics right here and that'sgonna be ten let's see coasters have funmingle coasters that's funnyoh here's a little you know cup with astraw mermaids have more fun they'reasking for five dollars and you guys I'mgonna end this video here they areclosing I just wanted to come and lookat some of the dishware because it's myfavorite even though most of it wasplastic some of it and some of it wasglass thank you so much for watching youguys and I hope all of you have a greatweek and a great day or night all theseare cool oh I like those okay and I'llstay in the next video

Come with me to HomeGoods. Outdoor kitchenware ideas . Cynthia Rowley, Nicole Miller, Kate Spade.
Ideas for your home and kitchen store walk through.

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