so today I am shopping at HomeGoods Ijust have some foods I hope there's nofood in my team oh I'm that's whathappens when you wear braces you get youyou're so used to food getting stuck inyour teeth and but my lipstick I thinkis and smeared let me see Colin I can'tsee out this man I'm blind I can't seeout of the phone like when I'm notwearing glasses I don't see so but yeahso the shopping at home goods I'm feelwondering why I'm like kind of dressedup it's because I'm going to one of myreally good friends birthday partiesBrenda's birthday party so I barely goout on a Friday I wish I couldn't vlogit but because I'm alone now so don't goout I'm not alone I'm just an indoorperson I like doing stuff indoors dudeDIYs and stuff like that if I go out youhave to be my good friend to like get meout I don't know yeah so yeah so todaywe let me know what you're doing todayon Friday but with that being said andlet's go shopping me at home good sograb your coffee grab your tea and let'sgo shoppingalso if you're in Houston I'm gonna beshowing you something so unique tomorrowit's gonna blow your mindhopefully they let me film in in therefingers crossed this shirt I'm not evengoing to try and be like bait andobvious with it hopefully they should soif you're in Houston tomorrowwell no noyeah so watch the vlog tomorrow it'sgonna be sparkly and gorgeous and Ican't wait to trade off so yeah and I'mgoing to do a heel giveaway so staytuned on this channel it's actuallyreally hard they should only tell um wewere doing a hill giveaway and you justhave to keep watching all my videos toknow what I'm gonna be giving Hills awayfrom sizes some sizes sharp car weightfrom sizesoh shoot I lost my train of thoughtbecause of this car there we go fromsizes and six two nine six to ten tostay tuned anyway long is inter evergrab your coffee cup of tea and let's goshopping at hungers in sugar and at homegood stalls in sugar and sosee you inside if you're ever talkingabout the big furniture because I alwaysget people saying I don't sharefurniture this is hugethey've got a lot of friendship but I'mnot really intimate I wish I actuallylike like these chairs of good I lovethese chairs some kids furniture I loveto see kids furniture and I'm gonna tryto show a baby boy stuff a lot moreoften than I usually do listen girlsfurniture and if I start talking isbecause of the music does I can't dealwith the music I don't wanna getcopyright strike when YouTube like it'snot worth it because if you have toomany copyright strikes they can takedown your channel yeah so back to thesoundyouyouyouyouor something in this video here Iabsolutely love this it's $12.99 and I'mthinking about getting this become mynails you couldn't see it so pretty soif you enjoyed this video give it a bigfat thumbs up if you lose my chancesfire down below let me know you likedabout this videoI don't know I'm holding this glass socarelessly and I'll see those in thenext video bye dog I can't put this downthey have a big one for $14.99 it wasaround here somewhere well yeah

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