hey everybody so I am in HomeGoods andthere is a new glass decor now we'veseen a couple these pieces here beforeoh look at this oneoh this is cool this is a rum yeahthat's neatoh that is six dollars or six dollarsfor this one oh look at this one let mepull this out that's actually reallycoolit's gonna be three only three let's seeand they do have the pictures here Ithink these are eight dollarshmm let me seeyeah that is eight those are gonna beeight hold for Julie until 4:30 notespassed 4:30 Julia you missed it this isstill here this is very cool though andyou have a lot of these funky stuff lookat this one colors we pull this out thisis gonna be eight dollars stuff likethis is like really cool to mereally neat a lot of these pineapples3017 and the tiny one is gonna be 15 sodifferent sizes oh look at those swans Iswear I've seen these before here andthis is gonna be 17 white crystal madein Italy oh yeah they do have thisglitter pineapple at Kohl's they do haveone that lights up this one doesn't issolid it's gonna be 15 here okay this iscool it's just like a paperweight thisis going to be um eight dollars so thisis new here is huge well it's apaperweight I don't know pen this isstill here these cups these are fourdollarsokay the Tiki the Tiki dispenser stillhere that's really cool I never seenanything new this is here - thecoca-cola one this one is new thismargarita one this one is new this isgonna be fivehandcrafted in Mexico it says let's seeI believe we've seen this one beforethis one we haven't this is $2.99 butthere's some more cups here right herethis $4.99 one looks like the one in theDollar Tree Dollar Tree has cups likethis it's very good stuff and then theydo have the Tiki ones and I only havetwo it they had a I had a little bit butnow they're looks like they're comingdown with itbut those are really cute a lot of thisfunky a glass decor if you're into thatthey also have this stuff in Hobby Lobbyhere's like an owl $13 look at this Idon't know what kind of bird that wouldbe but um oh no no price on that onelet me look at this one this is $13 ifyou have the cat I think or Fox we mighthave seen this last time it's reallyneat huh I just I like looking at thedifferent things$13 made in Turkey that's cool oh mygosh that is like really heavy couldn'teven lift that normally I could pullthat off but I put itand again these stuff like this you canfind in Burlington my Burlington exactually has been like really dry latelybut this is gonna be eight dollars butyou can find stuff like this inBurlington um 13 for the one in front ofmelook at this whirlwind I don't thinkI've seen this one before this one isdefinitely new that's just eight dollarsit's like hypnotizing you it's kind ofcooldon't they do have a silver one that's13 Eyewitness right here let's see umyou get five and it's gonna be 13 forthis set they have plenty of Ray donehererelax enjoy unwind and calm let's see itis $15 I do have the other one Joeyflowers spring believe that is gonna bethe same price I think this is newstaple this one out for mesee made in Kingdom of Morocco oh that'scoolyou get four and they're gonna be $8[Music][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music]so this is new this has little bees allover it it is eight dollars and they dohave the plates too I'm not gonna pullthat out sis away in the back let me seethatoh that's cute the spoon arrestsokay that's adorable this is gonna befive dollars here five dollars what elseoh look they have that okay here's aplate I see how much this be one is fourdollars and I do have the bowl for thisis really cute so this is new I knewfind for me here in the kitchen ofcourse you know right done fun and thenthey have like this fish plate and a lotof this stuff is made in Italy I believewe've seen a lot of it alreadyoh look at this one yeah like six thisis really nice I don't want to flip itover maybe you try twenty-five dollars25and I do have the cups to London Pacific25 so I found the wooden bowls these arevery neat my husband loves stuff likethis this one is gonna be $8 here withones and they do have the long 125 I dolike the ones with the pattern on theinside I think that's really cool it'sgonna be five dollars for that and theyhave a wood mortar five no six sorrythe stoneware poor is going to be fourand then right here this one is four andlook at that one like a salad bowl breadbasket those are really cool see whatelse do they havethis would be a zone yeah let's see thisone for bread it says it's 20 all rightthere this one is gonna be 22this one's 24 the job oh that's coolthat's a cool paper towel holder thatlooks like um this is the clearancesection here look at this bowl oh it'sall chipped up it's $2 let's see thisone is gonna be 350 a lot of funkypieces you can find in the clearancedrinkRayden it's gonna be six and I do have asip one that's step one is going to befive all these are made in Portugalwhich I think it's really cool let's seehow much they want for this pink one350 350 here so what else is around inthe clearance well this is kind of cutethat's cutethat's gonna be 10 Wow 10they have the little cups that matchthey want 12wow that's pretty pricey who's a maker$12 a piece and then they have thebigger plate how much is the big onewatch out pick it up that's gonna be 12- hmm let's see oh look at this pinkNicole Miller this pink board isn'tmarble oh wow that's heavy look thatover there asking for $20 and there'sGordon Ramsayyou know he's hanging a $7 cute kitchentowels give me some sugar that wasn'treally cute actually I can't find aprice for this one they do have a lemonone this is gonna be six dollars but Ijust got done watching a hall wellwasn't really a hall she decorated whatshe bought there's a channel calleddecor mommy I do watch her she buys alot of stuff on the dollar tree the 99and she just like showed her lemon stuffsupposedly to find lemon stuff at theDollar Tree I haven't seen it yet inmine this is cute I do have a pineappleone and this is all by KitchenAidyou're my other half adorable Cynthiarally seven dollars oh look at that oneyeah Cynthia rally has you know all thepatterns like four beds and stuff likebed sheets this is her style right hereum why not again since here Allie andthen again with the colorful pineapplesyeah she's always colorful let's seemore Cynthia rally Shakespeare love buydollars I guess it's supposed to be likequotes okay I think she got a cat wentto look at this one with the dogs morekitchen aid my kitchen is unicornfriendly and that is seven dollars heregot a lot of cute towels actually okay Ijust found this all-clad tool set righthere this would be a great gift for DadFather's Day ok can we bring this downcan you bring that down for mehow much is it $60ok so that's all cut here that is $60 itsays it contains a canister solid spoona lot a spoon fork ladle small Turnerum stainless steel professional okaythat is really cool that's a cool giftset actually right here here's some foodyou guys I might try to get as much as Ican before they close so let's just keepwalking around we have a gumballs herethe gumballs are baseball let's see Ithink that price is $5 think you've gotsoccer they have tennis gumballs let'ssee what else we have okay this is heremeringues coconut for Italian Weddingcookies $3 what is this pretzels downhere handmade pretzels this is for andof course they have tons of this stuffhere my daughter's in love with thatstuff and then we got the jam a lot ofstuff Jam and here at HomeGoods I'malways saying the people buy Jam I don'tknow they got a jam whoo maple syrup wegot organic let's see lemon cookiestraws a lot of these uh you knowwedding cookies key lime snaps you justsaw that in teaching max we got figs ohyeah a lot of this stuff I think thesame strawberry hard lemonade oh howmuch is this five dollars they got KeyLime iced tea hard iced tea mixtons of this right here 249 so we'regonna go $3 okay in the bathroom sectionnow they do have a couple of new pieceshere this is new it is plastic I thoughtold glass like a powder $7.99 so $8 andthen they have this one here like alittle looks like a genie bottle to me$10 they got the toothbrush one they'regonna be seven and the soap one they'reasking for a $6 so that is new this is anew designer have not seen here thiscrazy one seven and so is this bird oneget that down that looks like it's gonnabe five this tree is definitely new sowith this one pull this one out deedthey want $13 for this one this patternright here is new too so there are a fewnew pieces $10 there is none of thatDebbie design that I was telling youabout to sell on ebay if you find itthey got none of that here let's seethis one has like you know a seashell onit they're asking for five dollars moreDKNY hair this pattern is a new hairseahorse eight dollars they do got thepump and then you know it's a like trashcan one that's actually really cute I dolike these Bella luxe hand soapdispensers lotion dispensers these arereally cute here actually they are $13and they do have like this pink pearllet's see six dollars while that's verylightweight assume think you could justbreak that easily eight dollars for thisone let's see how much they want for thecontainer up eight dollars and I thinkthat's gonna do it in my bathroomsection here in the home goodseverything looks the samea lot at their clearance furniture it'sbroken but you could easily fix that youknow what the hinge this table is onit's 200 really what's wrong with itI could fix that up $200 and it wasoriginally thirteen really this is only200 200 this is not badthat is not bad at all okay let's keepwalking there is nothing going onokay this chair right here is I have notseen this one right here this is gonnabe 200 yeah it does look like a shellright I have not seen that the leatherone with the wooden legs is gonna be 130and look at this cool chair right here a130 again this is cool this is $80 hereI see you open that up yeah that openthat's only idiot that's really neat 200for this black chair hmmalright you guys I think I'm gonna haveto cut it here everything looks on thesame almost you know I went through abit of everything while I tried butthey're gonna close um let me make myway hmm let's just keep wondering wanderwith me okayit's Tommy Hilfiger one I think I'veseen this one here before actually it's- this is gonna be 300 this is prettycool-looking right here this is um 350Wow 350 for that this has starfish on it130 all right you guys I'm gonna endthis video here in home goodthose are huge dogs but look I foundlike this dancing frog well oh he'spulling a Ragan I thought he was liketap dancing or something mm-hmm but thatis it for this video here in HomeGoodsstay $10 for this one and of course wealways gonna find the buddha but that isit thank you so much for watching andhanging out with me and I will see allof you in the next

HomeGoods Shop with me walk through. A little bit of everything from kitchen dรฉcor, bathroom dรฉcor, furniture. I did find some new kitchenware that has cute tiny bee’s . A little but of clearance. Some food items. Every time I am in HomeGoods people are always buying jam idk but it must be good ๐Ÿ™‚

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