oh right you guys today I am inHomeGoods and look at this chair $2.99there's two of them really cute reallyspringy let's see and they have thesereally cool pillows right here they'restarting at 1699 I got a yellow one wedo have this color that is actuallyreally nice man we got more colors righthere and then just two yellow one sothat those patterns are here let's takea look through the pillow section righthere what does this funky one oh wowthere's a super heavy I can't even liftit up with one hand oh that's heavy alittle like like gemsI see how much that's the brand rightthere $59 so 60 but yeah this is like ohmy goodness that is definitely a heavypillow right there it's only one oh lookat this really cute one a shell likebeaded one that's adorablelet's find that brand for you here we goand the price is gonna be 2020 for thislittle guy she gave me twomm-hmm here's a loved one that loveright herethat's cute all the prices are on thetag 15 I got another loved one well whatis this shimmery one down here let metake a look see the simple one righthere has sequins on it and I believe isgonna do that thing yeah this one doesthat they're asking for 20 I believe no17 Tommy Bahama right here we have a2-pack set to get to very tropicaloh no no price let me see I looked onthe tag no what a bummeroh there's no price on that I cannottell you oh what a bummerhere's another sequence one right herethis one is gonna be a bigger one justlike that little one we saw seventeen soit's almost the same price is the littleone this is Tommy Bahama down here tooI think that is a Tommy Bahama let mepull it out maybe there's a person that20 so for this one right here I believeit's 20 mistakes at outdoor decorativepillow it is a Tommy Bahama hmm myhusband likes his funky shirts atDillard but he could only wear those onvacation here we have a lot of thesewe've seen these alreadystill got that ooh look at this righthere$20.00 it does have little tassels righthere I think that's the only one so only1i stay in like that here we have thisone right here is like little pearls onthat let's seeoops gonna be over here let's see comeon price 25 this is just a simple blueone they're supposed to be $70 reallythat's just so simple oh look at thisone's cute too $15 so I found this avery interesting pillow right herethey're asking for 20 little beadedoctopus right there and world travelersunsets and that is very interestingright very different kind of like thatright thereI like anything different interestinglike that more two piece pillows righthere Tommy Bahama okay let's see howmuch come on show me a price how muchfor Tommy oh here we go 20 so thetoothpick for that one is 20 so theother one might be 20 as well look wehave another Tommy Bahama right herethis one's gonna be flamingosyou only get one so there's one flamingothey're asking for $17[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]over here we have new pieces right herelook at this mermaid statue right herereally cool she's cool looking to seehow much she is can you pick that up forme oh she lightweight oh I just thoughtthat look how lightweight that is $25$25 for that and we've got these boxesright here oh my gosh look at that thatis gonna be $17 can we open that one ohjust a plain box on the inside it[Music]doesn't say who it's by or anything butthey do have a smaller one right herea small one it's gonna be $13 they havethese bases right here they're askingfor 30 and then we have a globe wealways see the globes right oh look atthis right here$25 oh one love stuff like that oh yeahbut look right here look at this bikewe've seen this bike at AmericanFurniture Warehouseit's a beaded bike they're asking for$20 that's funny I saw that here um lookat this one right here this is reallycool let's say for a friend of price forthat one there is no price for that onebut it's really cool looking right herelook at this cool box right here it'ssimple it is gonna be 25 it has the leafon it a Goldie I say if I can open thatone up really cute and simple I didn'tsay the maker of it or who's buying to like Tahari or something to hurrymake stuff like that sometimes veryheavy okay here's to hurry down here Ilook at the handles right here and it'swhite open to close it might be too hardbecause of the inside they're asking for25 that green one is to hurry look atthis one down here let me see if I canget into thatit looks like a tree look at the handleon that one all that is super cool righthere we go here's like the makers thenit opens up like a box okay that wasgonna be like a lid you openwell that's neat I see how much it'sgonna be at the bottom most likely yesthat is gonna be $17 for that reallycool look and I like that handle so thispiece is it - hurry we cannot find aprice for it but it is really reallylovelyI love the handles on there and whathuge bowl in front of me is $60 it's sohuge and then we have this piece righthere it's like a little oh my gosh helpme with my finger my finger and look atthat it's cool-looking let's see howmuch that is up it over that is gonna be40 that is pretty heavy actually it'sreally cool-looking and then we have atray look at this tree that was thattray we've got gold handles right therelet's take pearl ish on the inside canwe flip it over is it - hurry here isthe vase we've seen this and good willyou guys I couldn't believe goodwill wasasking for $13.99 here you know how muchit is $15 might as well go get the realthing right and we've seen this beforethis - hurry - absolutely beautiful butum I want this square one it is a veryheavy stone and I love the top on thatone because some more bases right hereagain with the rocks oh look at theseright here $14.99 for this box reallycool-looking right it's like a broreminds me of the rocks 14.99 yeah andthen look at that one - so cool-lookingmy goodness and that is gonna be $17again more of this and here we have atray down here like a wooden one littlegold leafing right there really prettylet's see how much they want for thatso this train right here is a NicoleMiller and it is only 25 this pieceright here is definitely different lookat that that is gonna be $13 and it doeshave like a flat thing so it sits flatlike that and they do have a bigger onedown here the bigger one is gonna be 15I'm this really neat cart right herelook at that and right there's no tagright oh there is a tag 80 because therewas a tag on the inside it said 30 I'mlike this cart is not dirty mm-hmm ifthat was 30 I would take that like thatthis is $80 here still very cool-lookingright I found a black - Harvey home boxright here here's the handle it's ablack one really nice we've got a couplemore trays look at this right heretotally different right no prices on anyof those they're gonna be at the bottombut they do come in three they're not inthis set though let me see if I can findout how much one is so it looks likethose are gonna be 17 dollars I keepmoving without a piggy here that's gonnabe 40 that's funny in a weird a cuttingboard yeah and then another Pig righthere look at that one that's definitelydifferent there should be a bottle abottle opener it should have some kindof function it's kind of weird just[Music]alright guys finally I'm in the cupsection I saw this on my way out Ithought it was really cute look at thisone has bunny on it they're asking for$4 here's another one says Happy Easternow I don't know if these are our cup oryou put like a candle you know like thefake candles in there because the wayit's made the either way maybe createsit for both I don't know here we havethis one right here the same price $4 ohlook at this one's really cute we've gotflamingos and palm trees $4 I got theweenie dogs right here $4that's a cute oh look at this pink onewith the gold on top 10 wash only $4 - Ibelieve this open nope I thought thatwas plasticthis is $3 not plastic I've been seeinga lot plastic like that this is gonna beglass - handmade in Poland it says $3and then we have a purple and there's ablue one behind that I'm pretty sureit's the same price look we got the Raydone groom and bride because I'm RalphLauren glasses right there $25 moreglasses over here $14.99 I keep stayinghere and there I'm trying guys I'mreally am tryingtell me about how my ten dollars is thatplastic again that's gonna be plasticall right you guys that is it for thislittle walkthrough of home goods look atthat boho living it's not just plasticsee they're mixed up you got plastic andthen you have glass looks like you getsix right here let me see if I couldfind a purse on that real quick hookedup on top 15 they got the clear and thenthey got the pink one as well oh I likea lot of this stuff okay guys that is itfor this video thank you so much forwatching and I will see you in the nextone

Come with me to HomeGoods . We see some new décor. Cute beaded pillows from Tommy Bahama, Nicole Miller, Tahari always making beautiful pieces.

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