heito so today we shopping at HobbyLobby so grab your coffee grab booty andlet's go shopping we're gonna see whatspring stuff they have for 2019 Ifinished the first time I'm coming herefor this year yes this is the first timeI'm coming to Hobby Lobby for 2019 solet's see what they have they readystart having spring things at the end oflast year so hopefully it wouldn't beshocking inside here so anyway cozy upgrab a coffee grab routine let's goshopping at Hobby Lobby and I know it'sa lot of you dolls like that room inspoke video so I'm gonna start doingmore of those I find them fun andeveryone was shook if because theythought it was my home not yet dolls youdon't say it ready for that yet but yeahlet's goOMG love is in there literally literallyin therehope you lobby my bitch that's cutethey've got so much love stuff so we'regonna start and let's start over here solook at these dock paintings I like 3dpaintings now things that pop out if youif that makes sensedoes this remind you of Where's WaldoWaldo Waldo that reminds me of it forsome reason something about here Marilynyou know what would have been cute 3d ishaving fake eyelashes hang off oh my Godlook at these fake percent off 30% offof thisI like it it's $55 are you getting itthen the great couches and let's seewhat they have for Valentine's Day whichopen heregood news pom-poms it's acute weightpercent of all Valentine's Day crust getthem now you've got a lot of candy Ijust want to look unicorn you got I likeEnglish candied oh that's the thing soAmerican chocolates don't move me like Ilove English chocolates this looks likemy mouth my lips and wearing lipstickyou're not gonna agree are you I knew itanyway so they even have her Valentine'sDay emojis interesting oh so this is adifferent section we're like in twosections at the same time Valentine'sDay for kids look babe lots of love thenthey've got one for a boy too so go onboy how cute the Valentine fake earringsbut I don't think I can use somethinglike this for one day only I will neverbuy this one day and it's $2.99 justcall it $3 not for one day they've gotkids jewelry these random scoffs I can'tget that for one day it's a one-dayevent we could be stickersyou can make a Valentine's Day card withthese I guess $2.99 oh it's window sawwindow all this interesting crafts wholove their neighbors and the Bernstein'sthen you forgot some feather boas youcould totally do you can totally buythis and put glitter all over it$3.99 if you want to do your own crossfor the entryway and then you can buy athis and put some flowers all over thisand do your own valentine's day wreathand this is oceanthis is $3.99 balancing with one handand the camera it's not fun but I alwayshave to do it and look you know we sawsomething like this in the Dollar Treeyou could totally do your own stuff withthis you can do this spray paint it andput your like lover in there picture ofyou in your lover now instead of spyingon a tree one's you can do your ownlittle thing of course you can spend alittle bit more money but it's notpersonal then you've got these to sayhello love totally will spray paint thismetallic red why is it on the edge I'mjust gonna leave it right here then youhave these felt roses for 399 I wishmore came in here for the priceyou got a bunch of Valentine's Dayribbons what else just so much felthearts love hearts for 399 the tiny oneslook at these ones up there watermelonand in conducing scrapbooking look withthese stickers you've got some moreentryway decore what these you hangthese make like a little reef type ofthing this is my this looks like thatone they had a Christmasthey had this a Christmas is Christmasthey think this slick you ain't slick weremember that let some dollar tradeanyway I don't like this kind of ugly tome doesn't eyes they look like for maybethat's the wrong season maybe that wasfor fallen they just ripped up all thisthis was a big circlethey made a love heart and just likelet's sell it as well in town today yesI like this very different these roseslook like something to do with - theydon't look like Valentine's Day theylook like funeral roses you know I meanmakes me feel some type of way it alsolooks like dried-up bloodand then you know what I'm saying youknow do you got these ones with somehair attached to it grossokay enough looking at these rosesthey're making me feel some type of waylet's go down this way and you've gotthese love Rives you two cubes how muchit is recessed there $9.99 but alsoalways remember you knew 40% off alwaysgot to let them know 40% off isavailable to use so muchthen they've got napkins stuff there butI'm not going to look at that because Ihate standing at the same area all rightthis one cute yes okay let's go stafflook at these boxesbut what can you do with all these forone dayvalentine's Day is definitely not myseason because I don't like one day fanseven know Christmas technically is oneday well then Thursday is not the seasonyou know I feel that Christmas is aseason other side and for Thanksgivingit's just all there Valentine's Days upone day and Dunnan yeah one day fairDunnan and good bye see you next year Ijust don't want to decorate for one dayit's just a way for stores to make moneyliterally is look at this whole setup ohlook at the box isgot all these boxes okay let's go solook at thisokay999what does that mean happiness what'sthis meanwe did yeah the purser that make senseyeah coffee and happiness yeah yeah thatmakes sense yeah excessive what is lookcoffee is my language look at thissounds like no it's a complete sentenceno coffee is a complete sentence I lovethis one coffee in Jesus coffee andJesus no coffee in Jesuswhycould be I like this wholedress me okay look at this this is cuteI love this whole look but I have booksthat I made I love more I didn't make mybooks my DIY books then I wouldn't Iwould buy these are hard because they'rebeautiful what my books look prettier tomelook they're stupid on spikes no bookimpresses me anymore since I did thatDIY if you're wondering what DIY I'mtalking about go check it outso these don't impress me yeah I lovehow creative my Chanel book is the JimmyChoo one the Louboutin one those don'timpress methese are nice entryway silence look atall these these are all entryway signsperfect for the house faith not by sightgather blessed home family I love itit's cutethey've got some good signs okaywhich area I must starting off in let melook at this side so what's gonna splitthis video into two but I'm gonna justmake it a long video so enjoy because Idon't plan to be back in Hobby Lobby forsome time so I'm going to make it a longvideo I was gonna split into two but Ilike long videos to look spring andthey've got every single version inevery color it's so cute you can putflowers in this and put it on a tablewho look really good at the basket theyhave beautiful this is more summer thanspring yeah got every color it's freakinbeautiful look I like the gray next tothe pink this would look cute in ababy's nursery I don't know what you'llput in heremaybe bows or something but all you momsto be or mums even these okay look atthesemommy for coffee the coffee table coffeearea it's gold in its gorge and its$49.99 it's kind of a lot but couponwait for it to be 50% off we passed Annalook like these spring plates look atthis ring plate cute yeahthis is so cute to me I don't even knowwhy this is so cute to me 549 adorable Ilove this I love their so loved Romans5:8 and it's 1799 weight percent offcoupon don't forget I love how they havescriptures everywhere this is what Ilike about Hobby Lobby you always get anaisle just full of more decor but I'mnot checking it this time not checkingthe mirrors today no these are itchylook at these these are so itchy oh mygoodness oh this is really making meitch man I'm getting away from heregross you guys you need to see my handsI've got I've got goose bumps oh it'smaking me have goose bumps that'sdisgustingwell some things are just not cute thisis cute to put little girls hair bowsinside that is so cute I'm givin peopleideas a room for kids $9.99 they didhave a big one before but this is stillcute so book poses but such a nice ideacupcake okay so I'm gonna check downthen then I'm gonna end my video but mymom's gonna have her Hobby Lobby thedear so tip definitely check her pageout Queen Esther glad check her page upshe's gonna have her food here coming upafter mind they've gotten more stickersand we were looking for all thesestickers dream big you know when we didon the all and dream big we're lookingfor stuff like that they've gotten onceas blast enjoy life love xoxo they'vegot new stickers I might do another yeahrandom okay solet's seefunhouse glam so there's something thatI want to show you those and I thinkit's gone I don't see anymoreI like this for little kids sir and lookthat is so adorable with the pencils hmmwhere is it I can't find it so I guessI'm gonna end this video because whichokay to hear that founders it was meyeah see I was going to do two video aswell as right it's kind of not much todo to look at this mummyI love thatcoffee oh the best cute things werenursery I lovelook at thisso true little girls on three there's somuch have a beautiful Sparkle MeghanMichael that's what they call her dailyMouse Baca and it's not in a good wayyou can make them Sparkle it's in a rudeway yeah okay tolls I'm gonna in a videohere this is so glamour I'm gonnainterview here not much today if youenjoyed this video give it a big fatthumbs up if you're new to my channelsubscribe down below let me know whatyou liked in this video and I'll see yougorgeous souls in the next one there'snot much today I'm just gonna runthrough here but we're ready for springI'm just gonna let you know I love theseI meant to ever be doing here so we'restill going that always happenslook at this no I love these housesthese doors are pink of course that's myperson okay so yeah oh look at these$2.99 this a fridge magnet I like thatlook at this fridge magnet okaybeautiful fish magnets okay those timeto go by look at where can i buy thismummy I want to get this and paint itgold a bar top like that and put flowersinside no one better still my idea yeahdo they have that for sale in here I geta small bathtub like that andspray-painted gold that is a mood andinput a bunch of flowers inside itthat's a moodstop the madness where can I get this ifsomeone comes down below you can findthis online for me I'll get to thebottom of there but anyway I'm gone nowdolls by dolls if you enjoyed this videogive it a big thumbs up I don't know ifI did the outro I think I did but anywaysee you doesn't it soon and bye love hedoes

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