okay you guys I am back in Burlingtonand so it is a new week lessons from theocean stay anchored look for newhorizons ask questions when you don'tknow the ropes let your dream set sailfamily is your safe harbor let yourheart be your guide so this is a longsign right here let's see how muchthey're asking no price is all the wayat the bottom okayit is going to be $20 so all these maybe$20 let them be a little because theyare only that way for a while give themhope give them praise give them loveevery day let them cry let them gigglelet them sleep in the middle or just letthem be little that's a lot okay let'ssee I think it's gonna be 22 right yeahthey're all gonna be 20 it looks likeand then we have a beach one this oneright here simple live simply and thatprice is gonna be $8this one says life's a beach soak it upand it is gonna be $17 thankful andgrateful sign so here's all the signshere and they know I do like I saidbefore many videos Burlington because myyeah no I have time waiting these videosare made waiting for my children one isin drums right now and the only storenext next to them at Burlington orDollar Tree in that Dollar Tree there'snothing going on there it was gonna be$10 for these wooden ones the cool kidjust showed up these are gonna be fivedollars she is the perfect combinationof princess and warrior five dollars ohyeah Xena the warrior princess rightbelieve you can do anything and you willeight dollars let's see spirit lead mewhere my trust is Without Borders okaythen we got you know like this lookslike more like bathroom decor right herelike something put in the bathroom eightdollars beach please ten dollars andthis one right here is gonna be eightdollars rise and shine$8bless this mess $8.00all I need today is a little bit ofcoffee and a whole lot of Jesus and Ibelieve that it's $8 - so I got quite abit of wall art here I never reallylooked at a wall art so might as welltoday $13 for this one let the adventurebegin$8.00 oh they have another one thatone's going to be a 13[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]here is a BB one and there's no purse onthis but this is what it looks like andthen behind me we got a lot more tendollars babe cave 15 and fine beauty andsimplicity and that's going to be fivedollars man the music is loud in heretoday usually it's very quiet the one infront of me is gonna be thirty fivedollars then we have more like a city$30 a chandelier it's a BB no price onthat one but I've seen that here beforea lot of things I'm gonna be like floralthat I'm seeing let's keep movinghere's like a ten flower $25 look atthis piece 13 and this one's gonna be 30that's different here we have some morewall like flowers they're asking for 25then we're get down here we have alittle more 30 yeah those are gonna bedirty well those are kind of interestinghere is some more $15 these are gonna begoldum this big one there is no price onthat oneOh actually it's gonna be $35 if youlike stuff like that here we have ablessed one 25here's another blessed one was like aarrow when we find the price so this oneis gonna be $8 and behind here we havemore of the flowers but we got silverand gold mixed in and this is gonna be15 net Lepore right here and it's gonnabe $25 that's pretty neatoh look at this I say something hugelike this at HomeGoods before it waslike 200 it was huge I can't find theprice on that it's probably in the backthis we've seen before this is the babyMir with some gem it's gonna be $30 morebaby looks like a son isn't that kind ofcool looking and that is $40 and then wehave a bicycle that's gonna be 40 forpeople who like that we have some clocks$15 you guysthat's like a teapot one there's noprice on that here's another one that'skind of cute actually so we see pieceslike this before this one's gonna be 40this is a gold one like I like gold andthey also have a silver one so that'sneatfive piece mirror set seventeen dollarsthe long years now this is new here inmy Burlington I never have the longMayer's they're going to be $50[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]so I am back in the decor section Idon't think anything new you guys like Isaid before and seems like they justadded more of the same pieces a lot ofelephants and then that bike but Johnhere these are new these jewelry's livehappy this is new so this is gonna be $4looks like they're all gonna be for thisone says love you got this then we haveyou know a unicorn Starkel brewery andthen again loved and blessed and likethe mermaid one down there so I thinkthis piece is new haven't seen this onelike this color$15 and you know I do like stuff likethis because it's different I don't haveany but I just like looking 17 more ofthis we've seen something like this atHomeGoods right and then like thatmermaid one it's gonna be $13 see theykeep adding the same pieces not nothingthey don't have it but that tall onethat one's tall in the back I can't getto that but they keep adding the sameones over and over nothing else is newhere oh my goodness let's see we seenthese before and these remind me ofgiraffes every time I see them and thenover here in front they're gonna havemore candle holders which we've seenbefore - yeah we've seen these beforeand we got some candles let's see abangle these are candles I can't openthat only have one hand but they havedifferent colors they're asking foreight dollars it is gonna be I don'tknow let's seethey had this out for Mother's Day undera Mother's Day sign they kind of takereally good out for Mother's Day atBurlington I'm really surprised morecandles on this side we've got babycandles let's see um $6 they're gonna be$6 hereOh sweetpea New York we have some pantsover here let's take a look at them Ihave to waste time guys $9.00 oh I haveto waste time other than that is eitherwait in the car or wait in the drumcenter which is not fun because you knowthey have a door that you can't see themthey have a little window we're gonnajust be sitting there staring at thewall and sitting down for like a longtime makes me tired I can't do it I haveto get up and move $12 for this walk umthis is it this is our section of pantsat Burlington and then they have foodhere to moose munch really Harry andDavid Oh someone open up what is thismore moose punch munch munch okay uhmusty peach rings you know I never buyany food from here before or like atRoss or Marshalls or TJ MaxxI just never tried anything I dunno atHomeGoods when I'm there a lot of peopledo buy food a lot of the older peoplelet's see if I can make myself toanother area trying to get away from themusic the music kills it sometimes ohlook at these pictures I think we'veseen this before right these are glasslet's see eight dollars so they do havea red one - glass - this is gonna beglass um seven let's see oh yeah thenyou got little trash cans these aregonna be ten dollars here alright youguys I think I'm gonna end my video hereat Burlington not so much going on kindof a bummer but they do have these bowlsthat you know they have bowls like thisat Target I was just there three dollarsbut let's they have more of theseporcelain bowls with the marble effectthey're gonna meet $2.99 so threefour dollars for the two-sided let's seewhat else is here okay this wife Laurenset right here they are pretty priceyand I found out why so one little Bowlis gonna be $20 and somebody said in thecomment section that the rim the goldrim is actually opposed to be real goldI don't knowthat's not my taste anyway well look atthis one's new I haven't seen this herethis one's gonna be seven and then theydo have these little ones down here alldifferent colors and patterns $6 no$2.99 okay$2.99 for those cute little things herewhat else I'm not finding anything elsenew you guys everything is the same likeI said before I am stuck in Burlingtononce a week but I'm coming into herethank you so much for watching you guysand I will see you on the next videoplease have a great week and if you'rein school it's almost over thank you somuch for watching

Shop and browse with me through Burlington. We see lots off wall art décor bebe home décor, mirror décor, Beautiful picture frames. I want to say Burlington has a much better selection on frames than Ross, Marshalls, TJ Maxx .

shopping at Burlington
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