hey dolls so I'm gonna be doing AQ & Awhich is where I want all of you lovelysubscribers to comment down below andask me questions personal questionsquestions questions about my channelquestions about anything just down belowa fashion personal life nothing isoff-limits I'll answer them in a videoso before you watch this video commentdown below what kind of things you wantto know about me and I'm gonna do a Q&Avideo once I've got enough questionsthank you so much dolls love you dolls[Applause][Applause]youHado sister table be shopping at home sograb your coffee bubble tea and let's goshopping at home doll so we're in thefurniture section look hovered at homefurniture for a very long time so let mestep out valeeraI'm gonna do it today and look at thisthis is so like vintage[Music][Music]and then you got this one here which is[Music][Music]2:49[Music]okaythis is 159 okay again[Music]okay this is gonna be an issue[Music]you see that you seem kinda dudethey're only the sizethis is LordI don't get for that reason if I said ohI love this oneyou know those doorknobs I bought fun ohno you haven't seen those doorknobs Ihave a show you that purchase you knowthis mirror doorknobs[Music]I bought them you weren't there when Ibought itsecret purchase so it will look goodwith this and inside is silver yeah[Music]probably but I wouldn't have these knobsare used as crystal knobs clearancereally hot in hereoh and this and this okay so I'm gonnago around this way it's easier they'vegot so many furniture pieces today let'ssee what's on this sideoh so adorable so mommy like that nornot thing I can change here and put thecrystal knob and this is good as a babylike nursery dresseryou just put yeah you just put the babyOh super favors or no no you just getone of these instead of buying a changein matting like a stand you buy one ofthese dresses because then you canconvert it into their dresser whenthey're older that's bed makes moresenseso 279 you buy one of these you put alittle mat on top of here and then thentheir wipes and stuff and that's likerupees and diapers or whatever on thatside and then it has all their clothesyeah that's good it's good yeah I likethese brown ones up here two of thoseand they're fifty nine dollars each butI love this dress it's pretty cute[Music]and this is nice wooden and irritability79 is nice I like this one too it'sactually on sale you see oh this isgorgeous look at this one[Music]it's nice a nice mirrored on top ofthere[Music]it's[Music]perfect love that look like these twotogetherya know that's the whole look of it butyou can paint easy one partywho didn't even look like they're tryingto go forthis video is definitely gonna make you[Music]yeah[Music]Kabam okay so let's go round on thatsidethis is what this is a nice entrywayentryway of the homeI'll change those knobs there let mezoom in so you can see see those knobsthey won't be there for me I'll havethose crystal knobs like these okay solet's go look at some furniture pieceswe can let go through here oh look atthis look at this how pretty is thislittle bit all right let's go they'vegot so many rugs and we never look atthem ever ever everthis one is good but come to this rugit's like package yeah and it's habityou see underneath fish this is fit fora dog or something[Music]it's like I did this has to be some kindof dog thing I bet you got time to do asong I think I'm going to put away yeahenough patience[Music]just going throughoops need my coffee and it's likeceramic let's see section is atrocious[Music]oh my god sound arson mm-hmm I can'teven get past[Music]because I want to show mirrors I'm gonnajust go through you're gonna struggleI'm going through I don't know what'sgonna happen on the other end[Music]my mum off sleeping there[Music]it's actually having the mirrors[Music]I love these 39 wait39 fun firelike that as wellso we find the best stuff look at this[Music]let me show you this I want to see thiswhite one behind $69 I wish it will comedown they've got some new nice mirrorsall right let me take the next sectiondistraction look how cute its listenit's on clearance yeah and listenclearance I wonder how much I like itand look at this[Music]it's on clearance to meseen cool stuff okay let's look atsomeone realize[Music]wouldn't miss the fun walking real quickoh my god why didn't I get this onemummy come see I should have beenpatientI should have been patient they've gotpink mirrors but the gold once more Ifeel like this is not quality yeah noI'm good the gold one is more policyyeah no it's the one I got dawg Ibelieve mine looks like thisyay see it's not shaken as muchno mine was this one[Music]the other side[Music]this one is a city carmummy this mirror won't even fit in mycar support this right it won't fit inmy car it won't even fit in the boothit's hugelet's look at the dimensions why are youlaughing39 inches this big should bring thetrolley so they could see an example ofhow big it is yeahlook look at how big it is it's as wideas a trolley look look at look at thatfrom here to here everything's bigger inTexas everything is bigger in Texasthey should see the example and all ofthat just to see that tiny mirror yesnot really for a small this is not for asmall home and they've got so many ohthat's the biggest mirror they have it'snot even all mirrors just that littlelook at these ones up here this is 139these ones are cute that can fit in mycar that can fit in my caryou can like put it sideways this willnot at all this can fit in my car it'sgoing to take up a lot of space well Igot some beautiful mirrors looksome to enormous mirrors look at thisone love this one a lotit would look so good in a smallapartment which you guys I'm gonna do avideo on small rooms and how to decoratesome wonderful into a small room into avideo then I'm going to talk to youabout how to decorate the room so staytuned for that so if you have enjoyedthis video give it a big thumbs up ifyou're new to my channel subscribe downbelow let me know what you liked in thisvideo and I'll see you doll[Music]

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