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Shannon Green’s Customkeeper & Gina B Ahrens Designs Collab 2

oh hello this is Lisa Swank and it'stime for a collaboration that Jena beerrands has with[Music]shannon green i wanted to get her cardout herethat's her information there and we'refeaturing her I'm part of Gina Aaron'sdesign team and we're featuring thecustom keeper and you know I took a pagethat I put I've decorated this outsideit's a vinyl cover cover and I just putall different kinds of different papersin here and I've taken one of them outand we are to leash use one stamp ofGina Erin's keep that[Music]I'm sorry my camera setup isn't the bestbut that's okay and you know I I'm gonnause some of her stamps here maybe a fewof these smaller stamps and inparticular this is actually a stencilbut this is the stencil here and[Music]this eyeI just drop seas todaybut I use this face and rather thanstencil you know cuz you can use astencil to make a drawing or sketch andI've used this one from Gina Erin'sdesignsright there[Music]and so I will probably speed up fromhere on in and come back at the end toshow you my my page that I'm doing outof my custom keeper using Jeana Erin'sdesigns so I hope you enjoy my[Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Laughter][Music][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Applause][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]okay I'm back and I think this page isjust about finishedI think I'm gonna write in the hair Iyou know that I used several stamps ofGina's and a few stencils and I hope youenjoyed my process and a stamp down heresays dream big and you know the starsare to represent the dreams for somereason I'm on the start kick but I didwant- rightsomething else on this[Music]freedom to meso that is my page so with thecollaboration with Shannon green this ishercard which I'm gonna end up gluing thisdown in this custom keeper I can't tellyou how much I enjoy it and I've stuckall kinds of papers in it and using someof Gina Aaron's designs in it and I didthis is going to be a page in my bookthat is two-sided heremaybe afeed it in there I thought about makinga pocket out of it but I decided againstit because I may do something else withthatand I still have a couple of sheets butsee when it's closed you see this andyou know it's kind of like a two- Paige dealso I hope you enjoyed my process and Iwill link Shannon green tube EPS Etsyshop and also Gina errands and there areseveral other people doing this secondcollaboration with Shannon green that ison Gina's design team so I hope youenjoyed my process and till next timemmm Oh bye now

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Today we are working on Shannon Green’s Custom keepers with Gina Ahrens products. We are decorating our covers and hope you will join in!

Check out Gina’s Etsy at:

to see her line of Stamps/stencils/and digital products. #ginabahrensdesigns
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Also check out Shannon Green’s Etsy shop
Use Coupon Code customkeepercollab2 is good 6/30-7/7 and is for 25% off any size regular Custom Keeper covers only, no prime cuts. #byshannongreen

Stay tuned for more to come! Thanks for watching!

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