September 5, 2018 – Willow House Update TOV Furniture Delivery

okay so that was Bella on the chase fromTove which super cute she's comfortablethat's not where it's staying but that'swhere it is right now again gotta tie myhair but haven't had a chance so Iwanted to come on and tell everybodywhat the update is so I reached out thismorning to toe I emailed them about thethree things that were wrong with thedelivery so the crack that's in thecounter stool the two pink Ottomans thathave the indentation from flip it aroundtwo indentations from the tags as youcould see right here this wholeindentation and then the spot that'sright there so I emailed them aboutthose things and then they sent back anemail and what I had to do was file aclaim that they sent me the link for Ihad to turn the pieces upside downbecause there's a lot number so I guessthat's how they can track it so I had tofill out the delivery and then a lotnumber and then stop it Bella she'sliterally like videoing me doing thevideo so annoying so I had to take theget the lot number from underneath onthe pieces and then I had to put thatinto the claim so I sent the claim outso I'll update everybody once I find outhow this whole process works if theydeliver new pieces if they come out andcheck what the damage is and how itworks the other thing I did was I calledup the delivery company because when Ioriginally got the delivery I thoughtthat they were going to come in open upthe boxes put anything together and thenif anything was damaged they were goingto take it away with them kind of justassumed that because it was in homedelivery but I called up to confirm whatthat service includes the in-homedelivery and it actually just includesfrom a a I think it's a and B truckingit's a in something trucking I'll put itin the comments but so all their in-homedelivery actually includes is the personbring in inside your house unpacking ittaking it out of the boxchecking for damages taking pictures ifthere's anything that's wrong with thatand then they'll also email that to Tovewhich they did along with me found theclaim with Tove so they send thepictures that they took basicallyconfirming what I said was that thedelivery was wrong with anything butthey do not put anything together sothey didn't put together the table theydidn't put together to the bench get offof that cat get down I don't want thisdog on my new furniture so they do notput anything together so it's not whiteglove delivery and now I know so in thefuture I'm gonna actually use a receiverfor any clients when purchasing throughtow so that way the receiver will checkthe pieces and then they'll either holdthem or they'll contact me so actuallythrough doing these live videos myfriend Arlene who may eventually watchshe is going to connect me with herreceiver which is awesome he's out inBohemia so I'm gonna actually go andmeet him on Monday so I'm excited aboutthatThank You Darlene and Darlene maypossibly be doing a Facebook live videowith me on Monday we'll see if she's upfor it that would be nicesorry that's that story the other thingis one of the rods came in so I showedyou I'm gonna flip the camera again Imight have put the flash on them okayflipping the camera so I ordered therods from Bed Bath & Beyond becauseagain at this point you know we gottasave Ronnie andRod's that are long and I need longmouths because that backI'm opening the box so this one is theydidn't send everything all together thisthis rod is huge it's a hundred andtwenty to a hundred and eighty inchesand their price is I think this was ahundred dollars maybe but the thingabout this large size is even in WestElm who has a similar rod in the goldwith the end cap and I just wanted itnice and simple with the gold theyactually have one in West Tom that I waslooking at but it only goes up to eightfeet and the back window the back doorwhich I'll show you over here that backdoor there is like a hundred and fiftyfour inches long not including theextension so it's not gonna go you knowexactly up to the molding it's gonna gopast the molding by about six inches sobecause of that and it's actually gonnago up super high so it's gonna go upright up at the top there and then it'sgoing to go past like six to eightinches so I needed the longer length andit could be super expensive so I I justwent with the option from the Bath andBeyond and then this one came separatebut I ordered for the two windows andthey're all so I'll show you that so thesame gold for the two windows flip thisaround so they'll go up there and whenthe doors open and then that of the longrod will go there I haven't gotten thedrapery panels for in here yet becauseagain do the ones that I found fromPottery Barn they were a little bitpricey I have to connect them togetherand then attach the bottom panel in thevelvet so I'm giving myself a minute tosee if I could find something a littlebit less expensive than the Pottery Barnoptionbecause the ones that I saw in West Elmwere white linen and the problem is thatthe chair fabric is ivory so it has alittle bit of a yellow tint to it andit's a little bit creamier so the whiteis not gonna go and it's gonna make thechairs look dirty so that's not gonnaworkso West Elm had them for about a pricethen Pottery Barn but I need somethingwith a little more yellow in it so andthat I kind of have to see in personbecause if I order in the line unless Iget a swatch you know it's you justdon't know exactly what the colors gonnabe the other option is I do have anaccount with the shade store and I'mlooking over there because I just got alittle pamphlet from them I don't knowwhat I did with it from the day jobthank goodness but I got a whole bunchof tebow catalog things in the mail cuzI'm going high point and then I did getI don't know where it is but I did getfrom the shade store a little catalogthing and I can get swatches from thereso maybe that's an option for thedraperies because it just as the panelsand I can get the shorter length becauseI'm gonna attach the velvet on anywayand I could always attach a back linerto it to extend it down so I can get ashorter length to save money that way sowe'll see I'll keep you guys updatedthat's the progress I can once all thewindow once all the drapery rods come Ican mount those and then get it readyfor the panels the panels in here in thesitting room I have so those I can startsewing together on him and so yeahthat's it so we're making progress flipit back around on Bella she was videoingme so she's there chilling you videoingmeyeah she's on Instagram alrighteverybody have an awesome night I'll beback on tomorrow tomorrow I'm gonna beworking on coop 69 and then I'm alsogonna go and source the wood floor forartisan houseso I'm gonna go out to ProSource inNashua maybe I could do a live videothere I'm not sure but I'll be goingthere tomorrow for surebecause again I'm home from day jobthank goodness so everybody have anawesome night and that's it bye

September 5, 2018 – Willow House Update TOV Furniture Delivery

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