Living Room 

SCP-002 “The Living Room” (Euclid) – SCP Foundation

a CP 0:02 object class Euclid specialcontainment procedures as CP is zerozero two is to remain connected to asuitable power supply at all timesto keep it in what appears to be arecharging mode in case of electricaloutage the emergency barrier between theobject and the facility is to be closedin the immediate area evacuated oncefacility power is reestablishedalternative burst of x-ray andultraviolet light one stroke the areauntil SCP 0 0 2 is really power supplyever returned the recharging modecontainment area is to be kept anegative air pressure at all timesteams occluding a minimum of two membersare required within 20 meters of SCP 0 02 or the its containment area personnelshould remain physical contact with oneanother at all times to confirm there'sanother person present as perception maybe dolled skewered or influenced byproximity to the object no personnelbelow level 3 are permitted withinscp-008 - this requirement may be waitvia written authorization from to offsetlevel for administrators command staffissued such a waiver must be escorted byat least 5 level 3 security personnelfor the duration of the contract andmust temporarily surrender their rankPacific rates following contact commandstaff will be escorted least 5kilometers from SCP 0 to to undergo a72-hour quarantine a psychologicalevaluation if deemed fit for return toduty by psych staff break a securityclearance may be restored whenquarantine expires description SCP 0 0 -resembles a tumorous fleshy growth onthe volume of roughly 16 meters or 2,000feet and iron your valve hatch on oneside leads to its interior which appearsto be a standard low-rent apartment ofmoderate size one wall of the roompossesses a single window though no suchopening is visible for the exterior thatroom contains furniture which upon closeexamination appears to be sculpted bonewoven hair and various other biologicalsubstances produced by the human bodyall matter tested thus far showedindependent or fragmented DNA sequencesfor each object in the roomreference to date subject has beenresponsible for the disappearance ofseven personnelit is also an assignment at the facilityfurther furnished itself with two lampsa throw rug a television a radio abeanbag chair debris books in an unknownlanguage for children's toys and a smallpotted plant test us with the BARTvariety of lab animals including higherprimates have failed to provoke aresponse in SCP 0 0 to cadavers as wellfailed to produce any effect whateverprocess the subject uses to convertorganic matter into furnishings isapparently only facilitate validated bythe introduction introduction of livinghumansthe mahasin report the following is abrief report detailing the discovery SCPis a 0 0 to subject was discovered in asmall crater another Portugal where itstruck the earth from orbit in case in ashell a thick rock the fleshy exteriorof the object was exposed by the impacta native farmer happened upon the siteand reported his findings to the villageelder subject gang SCP attention withlevel 4 agent posted in the areadetected a small radioactive anomalygenerated by the object a collectionsquad of SCP security personnel led bygeneral mule Husson was immediatelydispatched to the area where theyquickly secured that subject in a largecontainer and performed initial testingwith subjects recruited from the nearbyvillage three men individually sent tothe structure subsequently disappearedupon discovering this deadly property ofthe subject general Morrison issued alevel-4 a termination order of anywitnesses roughly one-third in thevillage to ensure no inside knowledge ofthe object and initiated his transfer toSCP facility data expunged duringpreparation for transport for SCPsecurity personnel or an expected to bedrawn inside the object where they were- immediately disappeared followinginspection it appeared as of the objecthas grown several new furnishings andwas beginning to look like the interiorof an apartment homeJanome housen immediately ordered therequisition of several class threehazmat suits for the remaining securityteam members who proceeded to lift thecontainer onto a waiting fright ship fortransfer to the SCPdata expunged following the terminationof gentleman Hudson SCP 0 0 - was wesecured by SCP SF and brought intospecial containment in classifying whereit occurred it resides that for theclearance below level 3 happened deniedaccess to the SCP 0 0 - containerwithout prior role prior approval up atleast to level four staff of them afterthe mahasin incident

A living room! But… Literally?

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