S3E12 Kenneth Copp: The Amish Atheist, Amish Fashion + Crafting Furniture Powered by Workhorses

Kenneth Copp is a rare (former) convert into the Amish church, who now calls himself an Amish atheist. Kenneth builds handcrafted, solid wood Amish-style heirloom furniture, powered by real workhorses in an effort to produce goods in the most sustainable way possible. His shop is Locust Grove Woodworks in Maine.

In this episode (Part 1 of his story), we cover what prompted him to join the Old Order Amish church as a teenager and then what the single defining reason was for him to exit the church at age 38. Via his journey, we cover fascinating pieces of Anabaptist origins and history, including the myriad factions of Amish and Mennonite branches of Anabaptistism and some of their governing structures––and even a look at Amish fashion.

In Part 2, we go in-depth in the freethinking, or rationalization, that led to Kenneth’s resignation of religious beliefs, and why he still identifies as Amish. And, Kenneth learned the Amish language and still speaks it, no small feat for an outsider.

Kenneth, raised Pentecostal, considered joining the Holdeman Mennonites who claim to be the one and only true church. From there, he joined the Beachy Amish, and then converted into the Old Order Amish.

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