all right I am in a Roth and here wehave Nicole Miller good vibes aboutcollection bubble-bath rosehip shimmerbubble and $6 it looked more NicoleMiller it's kind of weird to see NicoleMiller pop up and Rosscuz I'm I'm used to seeing her at I'mBurlington she's everywhere Burlingtonwhat is this one more Nicole Miller softhand cream this is gonna be sevendollars what is that look at all thesethis must be Mother's Day leftoverleftover from Mother's Day mom ninedollars actually Oh same price so yeah Ido believe this is on left over fromMother's Day here this is gonna be ninedollars New York Jones let's look atmakeup bag take a break ten dollarsthat's funny little holographic I thinkthis is Daisy Fuentes ocean sandalwoodand coconut I don't like anythingsandalwood it smells nasty mojito andsugar lime okay that sounds goodthis one is gonna be oh wow what's thatprice there that up seven dollars soseven here and Ross more left overMother's Day I'm actually waiting forthem to come up with Father's Day stufflike I said before in another videocommercial wise if Father's Day it'sreally not recognized so it's this isgonna be new it is a mirror let's seehow much $18.00 cuz our smaller onethis one is going to be 15 and then wehave a smaller tree craft it in Indiayeah 15 so that's still the same here wehave a loved one I think I might haveseen this before this is $10 here thisis new here for our broththey never have that but they alwayshave this in Burlington let's see I'mnot even gonna flip it over this glassor plastic oh this is glass actuallythat only plastic this is gonna be $8 ohthat's really heavy $8 30 for that shutup this is where that's $10 oh the timeslike that is not $30 that's ten this oneis 30 okay okay mamma hair don't carethe mug that's gonna be for here we havesome mugs pineapple actually not a mug$6 maybe a makeup brushes and then wehave another pattern $6 hourglass we'veseen this one before actually this isgonna be nine dollars pretty picturealready so here I found some JessicaSimpson luggage it's the first time I'mseeing her luggage here this is gonna be$55 and look although they do have Swissskier that's gonna be 50 here's a biggerone this one is going to be $75 it'shugeNine West is gonna be 80 they got a lotof luggage is this another Jessica yep$75 and then we have a Calvin Klein overhere it looks like we're gonna have someathletic wear this via the tank topthey're asking for $8 these workoutpants right here are Nicole MillerNicole Miller makes everything I say hermakeup I see her home decor I see herhandbags at JC Penney had no idea shemade like lotion clothing $8 who is thisfinelet me see legend okaya simple sports bra she believes shecould so she did and that is going to benine dollars here and bras and it lookslike all this gonna be athletic wearyeah this is where they keep all theirking tops and stuff like that let's seeoh you get a water bottle with a yogamat together let's see how much do theywant here I hope that's not priced atthe bottom like really they should putit at top okay but here they have tonsof yoga mats these are going to be ninedollars here's this one this one isdifferent an exercise mat is gonna be$13 and then be quiet and then thishere's another yoga mat and this is nineso it looks like most of them are gonnabe nine dollars well this one is eightso I got an eight one if you're intoyoga okay yeah so they have a little bitof that here outdoor entertaining herejust a little tiny section here at RossI think this is about it right herewe've seen these before they have tonsof this stuff in HomeGoods let's seethis is gonna be seven dollars seven andthey do have another design right herethis is I should really neat this one isgonna be five dollars five then we havea basket six dollars and then we haveanother one yeah that's kind of cool huhlet's see that price is over heresix dollars oh look at this one this isa nice one very nice and it feels verygood to only twelve dollars hey that'snot bad oh look at this pineapple oneMadison studio this is gonna be sixdollars I found some Cuba lights herethese are gonna be five dollars that'skind of fun for the summer so fivedollars and then I found a parachutehammock so includes a travel bag andrope and everything sothis is supposed to be made out of likereal parachute well it has these hooksyou could hook on here yeah so that'shere they only have a little bit andthey have a lot a little bit of gardenstuff there's no price on this one theprice is ripped off I think even on thisone too but you could find this stuffright here in Walmart oh these are coolsolar living oh these are like they'relike these are gonna be $8 now you canfind stuff like this and Target to youget two of them for twenty by homeessentials and it is like you know abronze look at this one this is gonna bea price is marked off let's see here'sthe cap I napple one you can't write onthat Oh where's that price there's noprice on this one these are going to beplastic pictures these are going to be$7 you can find that at Burlington -there's a blue one that's a nice one $6oh look at this one down here this isgonna be seven for this and I thinkthey're all gonna be the same they havea pink one six dollars and then there'sthe pink one looks like this is gonna bethe wind chimes what they have let's seeoh this one it's like a teapot $10 allthat's cute antique and tiki teapotsthat's really huge there's one with themoon it's kind of cute$10 for that dragonfly oneum Tuesday morning has some really cuteone so look at this was different thisis a bike look at the wheel oh that'scute and this is the bottom oh my goshthat one's actually really cute let'ssee um we find that price for the bikeone it's gonna be ten dollarsit says treasures of India oh that'scool so I found this cactus-like jar itwas gonna be $14 it's cutethere's the little flower of zucchinithat's cute and then they have a catwhen it's at snack time I think this onewas $14 and then we got the flamingosright here I think we've seen this onebeforethis is $7.00 down here studio crystalokay look at that pear apples this iskind of open we still could turn thisaround so it looks like oh it's alreadyopen oh look at the little apple thatone's cute and I do have the pear ohthat's cute so that price most likelywill be at the bottom up nope that'sright there so five dollars for thishere is 50 core section it looks likeit's pretty bare here at my Ross my Rossis always pretty barenice to go farther but look we alwaysfind this stuff here you know this one -no Indiana Jones the ride from IndianaJones ten dollars but look at this onethis is a really different piece righthere I've never seen this in Ross youcan put whatever you want in there umthat's differentlet's see it is going to be fifteendollars and look at this lizard that'skind of cool-lookingthis is definitely new and pull thisdown oh that is something very differentten dollarsokay we have a couple of these piecesand say I think they're gonna be at thebottom so this is gonna be I'm 19so I'm gonna say this one will be 19okay this is new so they are bringingout different unique pieces $8 elephantsagain nine dollars and I think we'veseen this one here trying to rememberthis is 10 look in the unicornunicorns are in I guess nine and dollarssee Eiffel Towers 12 pineapple candlesgonna be gold and then we have thepineapple but we see differentvariations of this and seven dollarsbookends and eight dollars and do it theother ones gone but here's the key onethis key one is gonna be eight dollarsunless they're pair together I don'tknow not know about that um let's seeokay this is new here look at this catthat is very differentlet me see mr. fitta stand this upthere's that cat built all the way downmmm that price let me see my baby behindits headoh no there's not even a price on thetagwell that is new and different have aking lion you know there's two of themhere they're asking for $9 we have toand of course this chess piece I've seenhere before this is kind of a $9 a lookin the Buddhist hey this is the firsttime I've seen this here actually theBuddha's um let's see yeah about fivebucks so these are the same price youfind out TJ Maxx Marshalls and HomeGoodsAngus from The Last Airbender it used tobe a show but you know he has jokes thisis gonna be $8 what is it what do theycall it okay so they had that set hereyeah you know when that cute yeah evenelephants and they have dogs doing thatin monkeys oh look at this this issomething definitely new here in Rossmakes me get ready for Halloween ten anddollars ten dollars I'm look oh lookmore of these pieces here we found thatlizard seven dollars is a hummingbird sothis stuff is new let's see oh we gotthe camera you see how much that is thiscamera is gonna be seven dollars again Iyou're always gonna see this here you'realways gonna see a different variationat different stores there it'severywhere I noticed and it's gonna be15 $1we got the birdcage antique-lookingseven for the small oneoh here's the bigger one let's say thatprice is in the backten dollars hey that's not a bad price$10 this one's kind of boring to me soooplain white oneand it's gonna be 549 no I don't thinkanyone's really gonna stick a bird in itit's not a real bird cage oh this is newthis Swanit's pink and it's gonna be $12 this isactually really neat here the first timeI'm seeing this in raw so you find a lotof this stuff in home goods and look atthis cute little pot chair mm-hmm youcan put little plants in that one andit's gonna be a $15 couple of new vasesor new these two are definitely newlet's see how much they want gonna be atthe bottommmm what's how much is that one don'tdrop that Chen so we're gonna say thegreen one is 10 $10 this one is I thinkwe've seen this one man I don't rememberbut there's a lot of stuff like thishere um let's see can you hold that itis going to be $17.99 we'll say 18 yeahthe top will actually no this meant likethat at the top and look here's thispink one so this is new I wish theywould leave tags like right here ormaybe like on the inside you gotta flipthe whole thing around so Wow this hasonly eight dollars eight dollars forthat one $15 for these right here thisone is gonna be new so there are newpieces $10 some kind of get over thatthe pink one over here is only $8 if youlike stuff like that they do have adarker blue we've seen plenty of thisbefore you can find this all the time inBurlington this is kind of cool lookingI do like that it is gonna be 17 I likeanything different anything different Ilike we have a well so this is you it'sgoing to be $9 and again we have a lotsof elephants here and Ross here's thisone this one is $9 that is a verydifferent one they always find tons ofelephants and um Burlington I'm used toBurlington since I'm always there okaynow this down here is new mouth-blownglass isn't that so cool that peoplecould do that you knowChihuly if you guys ever seen that onPBS there's gonna be $13 Chihuly Ibelieve I'm saying his name right buthere in Arizona he had like an exhibithere at the Botanical Gardens and I loveit I love stuff like that I love a lotof artwork glass but man he's not comingagain I don't think but it was reallygood to see but these are new and lookat this one this is definitely new hairit's like you know it has that mermaidish and those are cool let me put thatover how much is that this is only $10Wow $10 I couldn't believe somethinglike this was $10 honestly I would notbelieve it oh that's cool these are myshapes here you know the Dollar Treedoes have this now like their littleblack ones we can always spray-paintthem six dollars yeah I know you told meand this one is gonna be twelve dollarsso they've got it quite a bit of theseI'm shapes here we have the silver hereand it's gonna be $8 oh look at thisthis is new new find so the Ross looksthe bear but they have a new pieces outso $13 let's see how much the medium oneis gonna be 11 and this one is gonna benine new this reminds me of the at homestore they have something like thatthere how much did he want here at homestore could be pretty pricey oh this isgonna be $13 how much do they want forthe big one then seventeen I want to saythose are similar to at store the athome price a little bit and there mightbe pieces like this I get reminded ofNicole Miller that says handcrafted inIndia and it's gonna be nine dollars$9.00 these are new you can find a lotof this in Burlington this is gonna besix dollars six dollars can you believethat if you really like stuff like thatand look right here here's a very tallone look how beautiful that islike I wouldn't even know what to dowith that it is like beautiful and it'snice I know right how much so this oneis gonna be fifty dollars and they putit away at the bottom when they havesomething huge like that why wouldn'tyou put it at the bottom I don't knowit's like white under here like who'sgonna literally lift that over you nonot me at least put it like somewherelike in the door I don't know I don'tknow oh yeah $50 so here's where all thefurniture would be look at its bear herethey got like three cat post everythingis here in this Ross new furniturepieces that furniture wise it is bearlet's see how much this little cornerone is this is gonna be a $70 and thislittle one's gonna be 40 you can findstuff like this at Hobby Lobby biggerand pretty much cheaper here is a newone that's like you know fake marbleit's plastic and then you know the foilgold and this is gonna be $40I say 40 for that a little too much it'svery very fake fake it look in this is amirror on top this is gonna be $50 sohere's the front and then the mirror beon top the next one it'll be 40 is asmaller version hmm not that much goingon here what's going on brush doorknobselephants that's the $6what else is down here home sweet homeyou get 24-inch clip eight dollars forthis and then this one done here we havemore hangers believe inspire and thatone's gonna be six dollars so I'mguessing this one would be six - yeahsix so here's one for like your kitchenit says Live Love cook and it's gonna benine and dollars look at that the hooksare like fork knife and a spoon that'sreally cute that much going on in thelamp section okay here's one you wouldhang on the wall I mean like hanging 20yeah you hang it on the ceiling so thisone's gonna be 20 let's see this lampright here it's gonna be 20 dollars Idon't see really nothing interestingthis one is actually 17 they havesomething like this and target byproject 62 so I've seen that in Targetbut it's cheap here and I think we mighthave seen this piece before let's see itis gonna be 14 it feels like the fartherI grow down the light gets dimmer anddimmer here and my Ross oh look oh mygosh they are stacked with hangers andof course 25 is $10 like I said beforethat's a good deal25 for 10 they got multiple colors hereLaura Ashley pillows these are gettingyou get 2 for 17 and dollars and behindme we have Tommy Hilfiger queen pillowsthe price is usually on the tag might beon the other side let's see if I canpull oh maybe I can't pull that out Ohwhere's that price hereon the side okay so $17 they meant thatLaura Ashleyhere's another pattern for TommyHilfiger I'm pretty sure it's gonna bethe same price mm health Oh Pedic theytakes two in one pillow we got a Nauticaking pillow let's see I know this one'son $10 this one's on the tag this isactually cute this is cool a littledifferent here to see a little parrotbird let's see it is going to be $10 $10then we have a floral print this is oneyou getwho is this by luxury collectionCervantes that's funny the common lastname um let's see oh and I'll see aprice on this one the Cervantes pillowno price not even on the tag is there aprice on the tag you see oh so it'sgonna be $13 okayPark City they're lighting they're hugewe got Hampton collection up here $15and they do have a darker one so I'mpretty sure that it's gonna be the sameprice okay look at this one right herefor people who like decorative pillowsthis is something different and thatprice is that on the tagso it's going to be oh no the tag noit's right here so this one right hereis gonna be 18 dollars and you do gettwo and then we got this this stuff Ijust I don't get it you guys if you likeit you like it but I just don't get itit just yeah it looks like a mess umanything else new here nothing new moreof this pattern it looks like I don'tknow we got tons of those to go findthose at Walmart you guys look so goodMathur Matt right so that is here ohlook at have we seen this one up herelook at yourself let mingle one likethat parrot so flamingo with tassels andit's gonna be $11 he'll figure platformso it was $27 and have some high onesthis is gonna be 19 not that much wenton in this shoe section at this Ross butthe other Ross they're they're stockedwith shoes we've got a white Levi'sthese are gonna be 20 they are a leatherso $20 and then I believe this is gonnabe Tommy yeah Tommy pattern I used towear overalls oh man I wish I could Iwish I did I wish I still had thembecause overalls you know they're comingback they've been back but I had told mehow bigger overalls and this track wasthis he said Tommy oh man I was a Tommysnob in junior high I'm not gonna lie Iwas a Tommy snob $25 I blame my grandmaand here's some Nautica and this priceis gonna be 24 this one not that muchstays pretty bare you've been on theopposite side oh look at this for womenwho love stuff like this this was gonnabe 17 and dollars 17 let's seeChinese Laundry okay those are gonna be$20 $20 and they do have case with casewe used to be good and a big brand andwhen I was in middle school like fifthand sixth grade so $25 nine West Hillsand these are gonna be $28 28 you guysif you want to rock those let's lookdown here a little further oh we gotPuma okay I'm a sneaker person you knowI used to have a red ones like this butI threw them away a long time agothese are $28 um when I first met myhusband I worked a lot of funky shoeslike different colors like red bluePumas and he would make fun of me andcall me a Ronald McDonald and you knowone day I did them away and I'm like manI regret it but they weren't the creeperstyle they were just regular Puma it'slike the old classic 117 dollars righthere this is Daisy Fuentes actuallyDaisy Fuentes and then this is gonna beDaisy front this to a gladiator sandalso yeah he may find me hardcore ohhere's time Elmen $23 this is new newlook at these Under Armour ones verybright I do not like that be quiet bequietSteve Madden and um this is gonna be ohno no price on the Steve Madden but Iknow we have seen this before here andRoss here is a wedge hi this is by jellyjelly pop and it's gonna be $18 $18 forthis one these are still here what isthis one Parker and sky those are reallycool I mean that cool they're like funkyI mean you know 20 and when you guyswhen I say funky or weird I don't meanit in a negative way because someoneleft me a comment saying not to sayweird anymore but I don't mean it everin a negative wayI'm $10 I don't I don't because I enjoykind of like the funkiness that is justmy term for it um yeah I don't meananything like that negative oh look atthis Puma it's like a cart bitch I kindof like this what's wrong with me thisis $33 33 for this I think I like thecolor this is something I would wearduring like winter time and then we havemore Nautica be quiet and then we have aRed Sea I had something like this thisis gonna be $25 all right here hasn't itcold that thing is going off look at thehill they're clear and they're black sothere's gonna be $19 walk away okay Ithink that's gonna do it I don't seeanything else to new here that's areally high one right there they'reasking for $20 I don't know who's by Ican't speak of the tags on that oneoh look at this adidas 140 you think inthe light I think in the light 40 that'sdefinitely different if you like stufflike that um Tommy Hilfiger sandals youseen these plenty of times 20 what elseis there what is she doing this isanother lot of wedges over here um TommyHilfiger and it's gonna be $23 okay youguys I am gonna end this video here whatis this right here guess I don't see anynew handbags here at this Ross honestlyeverything looks the sameokay this one might be new this is Aldoright here so this is new we never seenthis pattern here it is going to be howmuch$34 is a 34 or 35okay so 34 Tommy we've seen that plentytimes we see plenty of Steve Maddenbehind me anything new nothing new lookslike it's all gonna be the same patternhere everything is the same okay I didfind a Betsey Johnsonthat's a nice black one it's gonna be$35 I think that guy got mad for some Ididn't even set that off they kind ofjust went off by itself anyway moving onand look at this one it looks like aBetsy but it's not okay it's gonna be$10 and there's a crossbody who's it byI was up by Olivia Miller okay okay whatis this little wine right here look atthis little clear wine this is a Betsythis is $17.99 so we're gonna go 18 butlooking at the clear one is very funI'll look to have a unicorn one toooh wow so I found a couple new bags andlook at that has a doughnut cat onewe've seen the big one at another storethis one's gonna be 22 23 and then lookat this funky one I think we've seenthis before a lot of Betsy there's atravel bag this is gonna be $30 what isthis one over here let me pull this outin this hombre run it is the best andhaven't seen this one here we go it's abackpack it'll have like the mermaidscaling and they're gonna be $28 oh heyI did find a couple of new bits it hereat Ross and then we have that's juicythat's gonna be 40 and again here's apink of juicy oh can you hold that bagright here hold it it is gonna be $30but I think this is kind of cute I amliking that little and like in thoselittle ones back there but I'mcontaining myself because I am savingthe money for a really really good bagum they're fun to look at a lot let'ssee crossbodies anything new in thecross body section before I head on outhere's a Betsy with Bo this one's goingto be um $16oh that's different and then look thisTommy one Tommy is 20 here okay you guysthat I say oh look they cut the sliderslet's see how much $15 1500 else whatelsewhoo my sliders we've seen those beforeyeah a lot of Roxy Roxy needs to be abig brand - it is back for the youngerkids like you go to Chili's umRoxy's all over the place $8.00 um okayyeah you guys I think that is it forthis walkthrough of Ross we found somenew items that's gonna be a Betsybackpack right here just move this thereyou go okay it's not the unicorn withwings oh here's a little juicy 120 ohyeahand here's another Betsy yes I'm moreBetsy all right you guys I'm gonna endthis video here thank you so much forwatching and I will see you in the nextvideo

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