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it Sydney so stay tuned and watch thisbecause they're nice kidshi guys today I'm gonna be doing like aquick room routine thing oh yeah okay aquick room routine thing and because Iknow my friend Avery did it I asked herto and I saw my account that she did itand so I'm going to go ahead and just doa quick one um I don't know why justbecause I know other stuff about it inmy room she does oh there's thosemarkers I was looking foranyways I'll put that there later so Iam I was she singing oh I should putthat with my squishies and signs put itI forgot about this one okaynow the day of all that anyway so yeah Ihave this and you can say hi to yourselfwell you can't really see yourself ohthere's me anyways um yeah so this is mydesk and all that stuff this is my emojichair which is probably the first thingyou'd see and all my Squishy since i'mmy paintingi am i bad stand and my bed i didn'treally make it this morning but yeahthere's an activator for something Ithought this one too oh my gosh okayanyways I'll do a summer view laterbecause I have like one sign that weforgot about then I have my things withmy fishiesthere's okay I don't think I've got themanyways I'll feed them real quick okayshe's going okay now that we're donewith that thingwe have my girls only sign I just madethat when they put on my door but itdoesn't really work I was on my door andthen there's me with my grandma and Iwas little um there's gymnastics kidsyou to this and sit and then over hereit says adventure is out there if youknew it you Sydney um yeah and I am mycute little dolphin guy that may know myolder brother coffee it's made out ofsand real sand and then it has shellsand stuff yes I have that and then Ihave my American Girl doll area with allmy dolls and stuff and then I have allmy books right there and my stuffedanimals are under there and then mycloset the only thing you guys havenever seen should I mention in thebeginning in the video there will be acloset villainess my laundry hamper andall that stuff I have my backpack andall that stuff and then my morningroutine thingy that I do when I getready in the morning anyways bye guys ifyou liked this video make sure you giveit a thumbs up and subscribe bye

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