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Room Tour: Three Kids in One Bedroom

hi guys I had posted last week onFacebook and Instagram and I think onthe blog as well that I was gonna bedoing like a question and answer postabout fitting three kids in a singleroom so right now we have four bedroomstotal ten nine one phineas and Atticuswho are six and nine they're in oneCalista is in one by yourself she's ninemonths old and that leaves three kids toshare the remaining room and I havevarious reasons for doing this Calista Ilike our babies to sleep in a room bythemselves because babies sleepschedules are always different thanother kids and so I feel like withwaking up in the middle of the night andthings like that once they move out ofour room I like them to kind of havetheir own room and then the boys theolder boys are in the basement and sothat just feels kind of far away for atoddler so I haven't put Rocco in withthem yet so he's in with the girls soPenelope will be eight in a couple ofdays Lorelei is four-and-a-half andRocco is two so we have them in thereand it works okay there are a few thingsthat we've had to troubleshoot so I'mgoing to share those with you but Ithought that maybe before I answer thosequestions it might be good to just giveyou a room tour and kind of show youwhat we're working withfitting three kids in one space it's nota huge roomwe have fit for kids before into asimilarly sized or maybe a little bitbigger so it's doable but it's tightquarters so I'm going to show you whatit looks like and then I'll do aseparate video on kind of answering thequestions that you guys have hi guys Ithought today I would show you our girlsroom which right now is technicallymixed gender because Rocco who's twoalso sleeps in here because the boysbedroom is in the basement and this roomis directly across the hall from oursand so I like to have the littlea little bit closer to me than that andso um he's in here right now Lorelaiused to be in this crib and Penelope wasin this bed and Rocco was in the nurserybut then when Calista who is now ninemonths when she was moved out of ourroom into a bed she was moved into thenursery I just feel like babies dobetter when they're kind of bythemselves because their sleep scheduleis so different than the bigger kids sohe moved in here when that happened sohe's herePenelope's here and Lorelai is on atoddler mattress it just kind of pullsout at nighttime we just pull it outback up so then it's just out like thisher pillow and her blanket are stored onPenelope's bed during the day when thebeds are made and during the day we justkind of shove it back underneath and itactually works out really well becausethen you don't have to deal with like atoddler bed and finding space for it ifshe rolls out of bed she just rollsdirectly onto the floor so it takes upless space and actually makes thetransition to like sleeping outside of acrib a little bit easier so it hasworked out really really well for us wehave a fan I run big fans in every roomat night and during nap times because ina house this size with this many peoplethere's just a lot of noise while we'retrying to sleep so it just helpseverybody sleep a little bit better Ithink this is so cutesleep of Iron Man book light forPenelope and a shelf that we got her forChristmas some books on it I am such aslow decorator we have lived in thishouse for almost two years now I stilldon't have curtains I like to kind ofthink about what I want for a reallylong time and then make an informedchoice I don't want to do it twice so Ithink for a long time oh geez I thinkfor a long time about what I want soI've been noodling on this room for awhile hopefully we'll get some curtainsup soonit's decorated with a lot of just kindof like cast-off decor this wall had areally cute picture on it that fell andbroke so I have to find something forover there but the girls have they eachhave a jewelry box that's also kind ofjunk that's waiting to be put on thewalls books that are for the kids useand then each girl has their own littlebasket of like special things I don'teven know what's in here that'sfloralytes and then this is Penelope'sthings that the other kids can't messwith things that they find special solike rocks and sticks and stuff I don'tfind that stuff strewn all over thehouse but they also have some place theycan keep it so I don't have to don'thave to throw it away or get rid of itor whatever we do have a few toys hereon the main level we have a big familyroom in the basement where we keep mostof the toys between the boys bedroom andthe family room but we do have some mainfloor toys so we've got just a littlebit of Barbies this is like LittlePeople and this tiny little Jesus solittle tiny people like this going thisbasket and then like a toy kitchen andthen this is all like toy food plus apair of choices I don't know why andthen this is the girl's closet we do nothave a ton of storage space in thishouse so all of our closets kind of haveto serve double duty so I've got myhomeschool curriculum and portfoliostuff over there but there are a fewmore bins of toys I need to get a labelfor this other one but that's like babyclothesbaby dolls and then this is my littlepony because they love my little pony sowe have a whole bin of that so that'swhat we keep up here and then this isour church clothes closet which I'mgonna do a video soon on how I organizeour church clothes for all the kids inone space so that onSunday mornings I just have to come inhere grab everything that I need in onespot instead of running all over thehouse and then this is Penelope'sdresser I'm still trying to figure outthe best clothing storage solution forus so right now her clothes are in hereLorelai and Rocco's closer in Callisto'sroom and Callistus clothes are in myroom and Todd's clothes are in thelaundry room it's all just a mess so I'mhoping to one day put in a family closetin our laundry room but until then thisis where Penelope's clothes are allrightso that is how we fit three kids into areally functioning space about it beinglike super overwhelming or crowded orlike everybody's crowing on top of eachother for the most part they stay up forabout half an hour talking to each otherwhen we put them to bed so it's not likewithout it's I don't know inefficiencies but they like it they'rereally good friends as a result ofsharing space and if it does get to be alittle overwhelming then they won't goto sleep or something like that I canalways put either a rock or Lorelai tosleep in our room and then move on whenit's time to go to bed so that is let'ssee what's fine kay Oh Penelope's apronand sweatshirt and then like a littlecalendar so that is the girls room threekids in a room mixed-gender andeventually we'll be moving Rocco outinto the boys room and we'll be movingCalista in eventually presumably if wehave another baby and then giving thatbedroom to the baby so there's that okayso that was that you see that it'sreally not logistically it's really nota huge deal to fit three into the sameroom if you can fit two into one and youcan fit three into one and so then bythe time Lorelei gets big enough to moveoff of the toddler mattress we're gonnahave to do some switcheroo type stuff Ithink but for now as long as the twinbed and a crib fit into the floor planit works for whatand so then when Calista moves in therewhich probably won't be for a while andthen we'll move brocco downstairs to theboys room and so Calista will be in thecrib Lorelai will be on the floor eitheron the toddler mattress or likely a twinmattress that pulls out and then thethree boys will be in the basement sowe'll have two rooms of three so that'swhat it looks like for now stay tunedfor a question and answer video in themeantime don't forget to Like andsubscribe it really helps me out andit'll mean that you won't miss any ofthe videos coming out so I have plans tokind of make this a more regular thingthan it has been so make sure that youdon't miss anything by subscribing tothe channel and please like this videoall right we'll talk to you soon

With six kids, space is at a premium in our house! Here’s how we fit one boy and two girls in a single (small) bedroom.

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