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Room Tour: Kids Playroom

[Music]hi welcome to my channel my name is Janathought today we'd do a room tour of myplayroom for my kids so come along let'stake a look first thing you see when youcome into my kid's playroom is therereading wall now this is just aselection of the books that we arereading at the moment they do have twofull bookcases in the study full ofbooks reading is a big thing in thishouse we all really enjoy doing ittogether the next wall is their art walkwe do a lot of activities togetherduring the week and this is where theycome they come up on the wall they stopyou for a little while and theneventually we put them in the filingcabinet and at the end of the year we gothrough the artwork pick out ourfavorite one and they go into our memorybox now I'm hoping to put some kind oflike paintsplash Decay's on each side of the wordcreate but I haven't quite got there yetnow we have their trampoline it's just amini trampoline for the kids to burn offsome energy I've also read somewherethat it's actually good for braindevelopment to be jumping up and downand my kids certainly jump up and downwe have a little pool along elephantsand here just under the art wall we havea teepee keeps running there they playwith the teddy bears I play down we readstories next we have a slide now thisslide used to actually be outside butthey went play on it so I brought itinside clean it up to sell and then allof a sudden they played on it and theyhave not stopped so it's been here for afew weeks down in this corner we havetheir little cleaning products whenevermummy vacuums kids vacuumletme cleans windows kids clean windowsyou get where I'm going with this andthis is kind of like our little homecorner we have babies in the cot alittle kitchen and our baby having sometea or coffee or maybe milk might be abit healthierthis kitchen the kids adore it this isplayed with all day every daymoving along that messy thing there istheir table it is completely destroyedbecause that's what we sit on when we doall their arts and craftsdown below I have a little drum kit youkeeps literally put it on and they danceall over they can get quite loud somoving on we have their piano this iskind of like a little music on kids alot of the piano it's another thing thatthey always fight over good investmentand then over here we have the kids toyshelf now the top two baskets have got alot of smaller toys more manipulativekind of toys so naturally they have tobe higher because I've got twins andthey're only one and we're at that stagewhere everything is going in the mouththese boxes that are on the middle shelfthey used to be at the bottom but thetwins would literally pull them out andjust throw everything out now they'rethat they're in the middle shelf they'rea lot more selective with what they areplaying with so it's worked out now thisbox is more for you know puzzles in thatone this one down here is ourinstruments moving across we have ourfruit veg cups knives and forks this onewill actually be moving into the cubbyhouse because we are turning their cubbyhouse into a grocery store slash cafedress-ups soundex basket and this onehere just like figurines basicallyanimals dinosaur and then the lastbasket cars trains trucks but there isan ice-cream truckthis one here is a big favorite for thekidsand that is a bookshelf my shelf sorryand then my son's little screwed up sothat's my kid's playroom it has been setup this way for a few weeks now I do tryand change it up a little bit just tokeep things interesting we also do do atoy rotation so that there is alwayssomething to engage them with we alsohave a small rappers area upstairsthat's where we keep the Lego table andsome other random toys that we just seemto have um but I can't show you thatright now because the twins are asleepand I do not want to wait so hope youenjoyed the video and I'll see you againsoon bye

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