Room Colors 

Room colors part 2

I'm so sorry guys I got caught up inWestwood so this am eerily um a Mary aMeryl this one it's a really pretty it'slike a hot piece but not too hard topink it's like a good shade thing andthen this one I just love it I even likethe name of it magical and this color isso pretty I'm sitting like guys go up toheaven with it you guys went too deepinto heaven with my card so I hope youguys enjoy this video and comment downbelow in the comment section down belowwhat was your favorite color out of allof these and what color you would havepicked for your bedroom or anything likethat that you had go for so this is allmy colors that I have anyways bye guyssee you guys tomorrow bye[Music]oh that's if I record tomorrow I don'tknowsee you next time yeah we should turnnext[Music]

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