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Roblox Events – Blimp Trophy from Escape Room – Kids Choice Awards Event

hi guys freezers to the max here I'msaying showing you how to get the blimptrophy for the roblox ovenNickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards in therobots game escape room and joy theNickelodeon Kids Choice Awards arebringing but are back bringing you thehottest music move Easter surprise theseadd more down on the years slowly Mia'sparty by finding clues and locking theseat in the quieting the blimp let'skeep the blimp in the brand-newNickelodeon Kids Choice Awards inspiredtheater in order to win the blimp trophywhat does the fears mop who look like itlooks like a fear got up okay that meansthe old currently single player for someplayers okay I really do not care if mymode player map as single-player come onfeed or escape let's do it great teamfor game it's gonna be me and me onlyit's gonna be easyand if I can't do it alone then I'mgonna have to go get some friends andthey could be like bike spacer forElena's help you there we go let's begincome on she must like unchanged easewhen you hover over something oh okaythere have it ever is Navin R Ohhey can I get tuck it like much to itskeet from a normal future blimp overthere and have to break into that guysteals bluntI can't look like khan afridi escapefrom fear story yeah yeah can start oh Iwrote of what I've got the blood what ami when okay you don't have tickets okayso I need to find a ticket I just likeBob from one of these guys no I'm sure Ican't do that I would love to knowpoisoning and and start like James artsno no okay right all right give me yourmoneyI think two tickets - all right give meyour moneythere's something old about that robloxlogo what what about it do I need tolike fix it what do you want me to dofor about it um I don't see any oldroblox with us all right huh looking forescape coins I'll give you anything fromthe racer but if you find any aroundherefeel free to grab up oh okay popcorndelicious oh wait stop here there's anold patch here in the counter it comesout oh I thought I found a coin why wasthere a coin head in the counter okay Ineed to paint four of them four littlecoins and in a brief that's what I'massuming have to do is there one vaindear but Dora needs a short ticket photoopen oh okayhi hello and welcome to this scapethrough theatre here to attend the showtickets are only five escape points pergrip oh okay excuse me so are you gonnagive me an escape check yet if I oh waitthere's an escape second heremeaning flowers only freedom more to gocan you give me one there one in hereyou shoot this evening fall out but thecoin fell out sure oh yeah point didfollow your nose from the scenecool this isn't too hard you cakehmm all right can you guys give metickets are really cheap I'm glad I cameyou all swing for the shoulder stock Iwell I'm actually waiting for a ticketif you can't get me oneI really have to proceed to persuade tothis lady to give me oh wait there's onehereI got boom just kept showing justsitting there hopefully the race will beeasy to find only only one more to gooh no there's only one more to gowould it be in a flower vault thesethings are tiny so never know is itbehind one of these nope it's not howabout here no no you did someone leaveit on the table to forget about itdid you did you guys forget about ittell me sure enough it's back into anyof these I feel it's a bit large ask mehmm you must know something there'ssomething odd about you do I have tokill you I'm gladly do it but you knowwhat I'm not allowed to so yeah whywould I want to leave no we still needto find that blood I would like to leaveno actually I don't know if you knowthat there one on top of these this guysays there's something older all therobots looking for something old aboutthat roblox will go what about it whatdo you want John get outhmm here I can just flip it on this wayI would have a stand on and knock it ina place no really nothing are you sureit's got enough oh yeah it doesI knew it when the bushy is what's thisplace well that should do it and can Iask you excuse me are you gonna give mea ticket nopedon't have to talk to the sky alrightbelly hello brisket points okay how do Iget to UM talk to this lady alright yourend okay I am coolwait what code hey hey lady you know Ihave nice cord also no Valley ownershere there's a secret headin em guestcalled somewhere in this lobbyit's called okay I need to find a gascode do you know where the gas code as Ibeli I know what eyes submit yeahall right read it back there we go coolhey cold cold cold where but a cold beif I was a cold where would I beno I'm not allowed to leave I feel likeit's tougher just those roblox littlegoing know what if it has to do anythinga little more school tomb actually gonnaleave hmmcold underneath one of these tablesmaybe the cold underneath these tablesmodify shake the vending machine againyou should give a sort of machine to seebeen able to fall out yeah nothingfellow okay it's God there's somethinghere we wanna hear a noise no I didnothing fellow skip room snacks puzzledog so hold on me the base what magic[Music]just saw the machine but it doesn't meetup anything useful behind up here it wasa popcorn machine where would I put acold um Sally what good do you know thecode master I've been trying to get intothe viewer but they wouldn't let me inbecause I don't have an access code I'velooked everywhere where could one bewell where that guys looked is obviouslywhere you guys were you looking lookingat the soda machine again what about thesoda machinetoday in this automation take the placewhere would you pull that I guess you'dput an ad in the flowers you wouldn'tneed there's something old about thatrule or develop that roblox well Ithought it said old odd about it what'sall about the roblox little Roku is it'scuz the sefer see through the polessticking through it what do I have toclick to get this you just hover aroundZ if I got anything to collecteverything it all told I got a want tosweat it must be separately to have Johnover there or the new Vaughn top of thebuilding you know I was a little bit youwant where is that all right belly pickoff one of these hot cheese okay I won'ttell me no I don't need anymore escapecoins you 42 ahamaybe one of these have because youripped it open maybe if I rip open thefloor I try rip opening the flooringmaybe it's underneath the carpet maybepush thiswhat about this hatch I asked it is openthis hatch the donators shoot a girlcoral open okay I got youwhy is this but repsI take Oh any wires from anything no myguy says he's searched everywhere soobviously it's not anywhere wait what'sthatno it's just a bowl I can't figurehearing noise from the machine I don'tcare what the noise from the machine iswhat a cold and you know where it as doyou do you any of you guys know where itisand you do your starting for a cheer Isaid half claim that's no no no no don'tclean up with us doctor breaking I wouldI've got a breakin but I don't forget itsirtell me where is that cat's earwhere is the coldokay guys I'm just gonna do it couldcheck into a vein you Chang Chang okayguys I found that as over here tonightoh okay I don't care I want to put it inright come on as one two sevenyeah I got one cool be on me out guythat's good that mean I want to enterthe theater no you let me in yes hellowhat are you freed of there's a ringdown here what does it sayoh hey guys I'm afraid I can't let youpass it every year ramming a problemwith seating I think you can help me outyep maybe I've remained all the ticketsfive friends will attend the showsettles kids get the bird but theyaren't sure where they were supposed toset they asked Chewbacca responds as Iremember she's Liske is no next evildemonic man and what should I look atthem by dragging at the name correctspots a little shed looks like my splitelder man mantra drinking waived it sothat no agents I'm quite rightokay well from two tickets and I'vegrown two ticketsgood on me what's a little bit over heredoesn't see over here in one place Ithought I got one plate hmmnote any ideas okay right five friendsor to attend the word sauce ago skisTech master Luke builder man slips up toyou know be able to the aren't surewhere they're supposed to say that'sChewbacca who responds as I remembersaid let's keys not next to build a manso she had lutzky cannot be next tobuild a man like master Luke is not nextsling shot Dukey so they they can bethere build a man shortDukey or builder man so he he could bethere and happy a doom could be therebuilding I could be thereand neither belgium on or stick masterluke or next to their builder man ornext happier gym okno if we put it here put shedletsky hereand slingshot Dukeyslingshot Dukey hawhat do you mean that doesn't soundquite rightokay I'm gonna do some serious some workhere against okay Chang Chang okay sohere's why fault if I put saidlet's get here happier doom should stayin the middle and yes this seem rightdon't let guys go out yes I got a fewlook at me Luke Frank's wrote okay waitI met a man I swear it's khan afridi Ican't afford another count does he okayPaul David let's seeGottfried Bill talking over there umokay what do you want you know manThanks right I'm assuming a talk to thisguy is that the blimp over there nutsnot knows that guy okay right you guysdo you wantI can't believe it that sure supposed tostart student and and and differentweight to that okay I have a - Adamtickets the doors fade away into ithelps out the short rate closes lockrequires a keyoh okay you've got to find a way intothat equipment okay right Nicky excuseme can you give me a key can I just jumpin jump over this jump over this wallI see plates and a cord good never enterkey what are these seats have a key onthem so not maybe you have to solve thismaybe I haven't no clutter to that yeahwait nope no one to get out me have atype talking to you what did you see doyou see nothing are you just gonna sitthereyou're useless and you're adoptedokay and ahathere's a door back here maybe Eggmanmaybe Eggman knows that there's noreason to go in here right now reallyreally okaywhen late so I'll uh oohprobably should miss uh please yeah okaydo you know where as key finicky checkto check okay right so let's just messinout of these Noah opened this is theorder fit circle triangle square circletriangle square triangle square circletriangle and that opens some reason Igot code here pinky that'd be way moreappreciated okay well there's a guy herewhat do you want all you need to do isbring me five tickets free paper placeand what the keys in the lock what's inthe balcony wait whatwhere's box but what do you mean I don'tget you mister I have four tickets Ineed one more ticket wait what is thisCasey all you do is bring me fivetickets free replace and slice a cakethen I'll give you will need to do isbring me five takes three people a sinceit's a cake and then I'll give you thelockbox code alright got up bring outtwo fleets Corden the floorthat's two plates oh waitdeflates I don't need a slice of cakeplace a cakeis there a slice of cake over herethere's a lock on this maybe the cakesin there I had all right enter six-digitwhat do you mean 796 54 1 2 3 4 5 andthen 3 that's not great now have to gofind every single code so as per usualok Chang Changok guys I'm back and I found all of thechords and I'm just gonna put the mentaldisorder like so yeah what is the keyunlock the key is gonna unlock a magicaldoor what doors are gonna unlock is itgonna unlock this one hope it does thedoors held shot via observable immatureKappa ok into the problem in theequipment causes fixed I need to gofighting me a close-up then oh wait theguys in the closet those guys need toclose that don't they ain't come andgive me a closet please running out sayyou only have 12 minutes hopefullythat's 12 minutes left more than I needcome on open up Greaves you people totrip over to the tech room by flippingswitch what I just need to go aroundyour is this like some maze I need tosolveokay good all great no no this is art Igot this though I got no all right Ineed to wait more over here up yes boomburn burn burn burn I know I went up Ohso dumb ok right I didn't know my pathyeah okayover here along up no oh come onright okay I got me a path I got sentalong I got me a path perfect pearlywhite pathcome on up we go no come on I can't dothis up here along up up no oh come onwhy why meokay that's the wheat ofin no here crossup cross no oh come onhey I'm just gonna try go over here andsee where this takes mejust brings me back here wrap off uphere cross up up up up no come on intickle more up right little bit more uphe's just a little bit more to come ondon't know down down up cross no come oncrawe no I'm gonna go today no don'tdon'tup here across here over here yep thenup then downdon't yes I did it thanks mr. Lua itworks the phone which is the sacredherbs are critics let's start the showOh so starting show starting okay rightdo I have to start it I don't want tostart it though I'm even I guys I don'teven have that guy's cake okay I wantedthe cake right I don't have it go totake it up now get the show started okayring cool ten minutes right over herecome on go around herehello mr. nobody likes you I'm goingover here come on up herewhat do you want um after your that redvan will start getting ready for the zooand feel free to look around okay yourhalo frogs thank you all for attendingthis show afternoon will be startingmomentarily oh my good I did thatalright well we get set up please feelfree to enjoy your venue tonight grabsome snacks and take your seatthank you very much enjoy the show do Ireally have to do that I'm not gonna dothat I don't feel like I'm gonna do thatI hopefully I'm the person who's gonnado that am I thank you for your helpwith the equipment we wouldn't have ashow without you and okay I need toframe the blimp I feel this guy knowswith the board pose just saying I need afavorthat egg guy has the blood ice Cena andhis hands oi egg give me your bloodand it's a pain Apple but it could alsowork as a blimp I guesswell let's trim I don't think I've beeninto its bump in here the doors held upwith some sort of mechanism is thereanything I can do it on to hear that manlook at em like turning as a platesmaybe Oh Oh getting four hats slam hatgoes second oh yeah I need to find hatsI've eight minutes to find all the hatsexcuse me sir I need this pineapplethank you please so okay one pineapplegoes first don't know why I paint Applegets to go first lucky pineapple andthen this notes need a tie now just needto find a tie where's the tie I need atie attention everyone can I have yourattention pleaseI'm looking for a very important tie ifyou guys can find the tie please put itup to the desk immediately I need a tieit's not gonna be in here at co-signerit was too distracting doing the gamemaybe no tie in this floor apart no tiein that one eitherno one is the tie where's the Tai ChiCheng Chi Cheng I don't know where thetie as don't even a while tight tightcome on open up the doorI don't care what's this what's thismblaq party ass what do i do oh but itgo no get out here go onso what's about to start please pleasewell please make it right in your seatsoh my to leave she was over no escapewith the blimp yeahrun wherever it in I need to get out ofhere leave the facility Oh get out getoutthere's no time I'm really gonna blowParthi searching for me I'm gonna die ifI don't get to escape so why was thephone that guy's a piece of cake Ididn't did I I shoulda gave him his cakeso did I nobody would've dumped me babethere's a look now of course there arewe gonna find another wayOh em I'm gonna take this guy's cakehoney I know I need one more check yetbut I want to give this guy's cake okayanother way out another way out anotherway another way another way Oh where'sanother me out dude take your cakeyou fancy you're so greedyI want the cake actually I'll get thecake if you don't want to yeah all yoududes but if I think it's one more checkout this guy I don't even know if thetickets gonna do anything about ithopefully it does um up here is there aticket and here do you have any ticketswhere's the one you have a ticket no Ineed to find a way out where's therocket ring you Chang okay so I justremembered it said not to mess up theselace I got an ideaI'm gonna miss these lights Randy I knowthat right okay good or not ways therethey're done baby blue okay then it'syellowthen it's pinkthen it's white and then as the bluelet's set the colors have revealed acode one five seven two three fivewhatever count good look again to Changokay right so I just I need to run Idon't even know where I am I'm blamed Ionly have three minutes to escape ohcome on please say I can do that Ireally want to right over hereI don't want to give this guy skates ohno that's the pain of a guy to bring upa guy from the UM go find the guy at thestage stage boombox guy all right why isit so dark where all the doors and umover here over here remembercome on maybe fruit thank you come on goand let me prove you Oh bleep potatowhere are the guys I even was the code Ican't remember but I should be able tosee it from hereI am I look like lights revealed somesort of code one five seven two threefive hoo it's someone err I was justabout to hit home for the night but ifthere's someone there I'll be happy togive you guys and oh please say I'm inthe bump above the fear I just need toperform you guys exist a few send thecode to the blimp what okay check againgood Chang ok so I need to send adifferent code to the guy in the bloodand then he's you break me up Mads whatI need to do good on me come on come onoh I have one minute the faffing I'vegot plenty of him I'm doing goodum oh go go go I don't care about theguy in as kick don't even need to givehimthing right said the magis brain doeshe'll the answer what could it mean m 8ov 2 v 3o x x alright well I'll comeagain you should see a letter Oh yepclaim just claim up to itbe careful one only one player could youclaim me the same luckily I am oneplayer let me breath party Appa get downor imagine what unlucky person didn'thave the time to clean this ladder heyI'm up I'm up I'm up I'm upoh don't break yes Karlie's like a bladethat I clone to get the choice is aboard mission but I wanted the bumptrophies could be funny Richard oh I didup yes yes yes woo well I'm I am goingto head over to Castle so the fatal timehey check good Chang I'm here I got mytrophy help me jump I couldn't jumphigher off my trophy that's goodhello guys you throw this video first uplet's get a pic phones up let subscribebelow bye[Music]

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