Home Staging 

REX Virtual Staging Examples


Virtual Staging can make an empty listing feel just like home. Once, you receive all your photos, simply pick which images you would like to add virtual staging to. Then, you can decide which style of furniture you would like placed into the room. Our editors will then work on the photos and send the finished virtually staged images next day!

Keep viewers looking at your listing longer! Turn an empty room into a space where the buyer can imagine themselves living. A room with furniture will emphasize the functionality, size, and style of the home. Don’t lose viewer’s attention on a cold empty room!

Real Estate Exposures can virtually stage a room for $29 per image. This is a fraction of the cost when home staging. Plus you’re able to select which rooms you’d like to be virtually staged, rather than staging the entire home.

Having a staged home decreases time on the market. 77% of buyers’ agents said staging made it easier for buyers to visualize living in the home, which lead to selling the home faster and for more money.

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