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Renovation Singapore | Simple Minimal Modern Home (Kingsley Interior)

hi my name is Regina I'm like afreelance personal trainer and if youguys want to add me on instagram isbombshell it's actually through a friendlike a really close friend of mine solike he said that this design is reallygood anyone saw me buddy so like heactually like introduce our together andlike we kind of clicked instantly andthen like now we're like really goodfriends and he like he's a very veryvery good designer and he knows his workwell okay so I've been three or fourdesigners before I went to Kingston tiraand then like they kind of over trashedme on prices all like didn't couldn'tanswer my queries but then like I toldthem I wanted this material and theysaid they don't have it but in fact whenI went to Kingston you say that theyhave it and it's like in abundance butthen like this at a cheaper pricecompared to the rest so like theprevious designer probably just want toearn like more money for me whereKingsley was like more honest abouteverything like you just didn't want tolike earn a lot of money he just wantedme to have a nice house and I redid mybudget I'm I would say the walk-in robebecause like Kingsley actually nailed itlike exactly how I wanted it to looklike yeah definitely I have alreadyrecommended a few of my friends and theyare already like working with Kingsleyand then they told me that he's reallyvery nice and anything like theyactually went to a few designers beforethat then like when I refer them to Kingsee they actually like just got it donewith him okay I would say that plentyadvanced know what concept you want sothat you don't make it hard for yourselfand your new designer and don't go thereit's like oh I don't know what I wantand then you have a lot of Pinterestboards and then you just show them youhave to have a concept and then atimeframe and like you always have tohave like a budget yeah because thenwith the budget is better for yourdesigner to work with you so that theywon't go over your budget or like theywon't try to overcome in any way howeverGina thanks for coming to my home seeyou next time

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