Living Room 

Renni Rucci Living Room

you know this ain't no force actionright hereeverybody is info[Music][Music]if I was your people there's only thebigger booth we didn't know how perfectthey are chief and our boobs are perfectneither one is bigger than the otherwhich one is yours and she said hers areperfect naturally one boob is biggerthan the other one but what we say iswhen you add an implant natural boob isbigger because one of them was filledbigger than the other oneyeah come on please Zyl Wi-Fi go off inthe bathroom and hit only come backgoing when you walk through the kitchenyeah I'm alive so I'm here nearly talkedabout why I'm alive oh these repos hadus we've been up here waiting on thepool party all day and we get hereif family day at the pool do you thinkfamilies for these so we can be hated on[Music][Music][Laughter][Music]

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