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carpet is a place that I think we stillneed a lot of work when it comes tobeing green one thing that we're doingis we're taking old carpet and trying torecycle it by the time we strip thecarpet down and make new filaments outof the yarn and weave it into new carpetthe carpet that it's producing is stillpretty expensive so this is a problemthat's really being worked on reallyhard right now and I think they'remaking huge progress when choosingflooring you've got wonderful greenoptions anywhere from carpet to vinyllet's take a look this one is a carpettile it comes in roll goods or inindividual squares but it's got recycledcarpeting remade and put in the face andthe backing here we have an all-naturalcarpet option this is a hundred percentwool and I love that on the back theyput that it's dark green versus lightgreen and that just means that it's gotlots of green characteristics includinga jute back and from the rubber treethey've extracted glue that glues thebacking to the face as well as beingextremely beautiful here we haverecycled rubber this is from tiremanufacturer the left over components ofrubber are ground up and used forflooring I like to use this in playrooms for kids or exercise rooms sogreat option an alternative to selectingcarpet for your home would be to put ahardwood floor down there's a couple ofways that hardwood can be very green foryour homewhen selecting a wood you look for arapidly renewable wood which would be awood that grows quickly such as about 15years regrowth rate one of the fundecorating opportunities that I have isto reuse wood floors or what we callreclaimed wood floors and there'swonderful suppliers out there thatactually take old barns or old mills orbuildings that are going to be torn downthey take the beautiful floors out theysand them down and we canin a home in a new-construction home inaddition to reclaimed woodyou could also could make sure thatyou're choosing a wood from asustainable forest and that just meansthat it's been certified and for everytree that's cut down they're plantingthree or four trees to replace it thisis a wonderful choice for wood flooringyears ago this entire product would havebeen put in the dumpster but today we'retaking the waste from making wood floorsthinly slicing it veneering it togetherwhich gives it a great look and on theback of it it used to be what was thrownaway the waste of a rubber tree nowlooks it makes a perfect backing forthis beautiful wood floor and it comespre finished in these different colorsso that you know with the green label onit that they're using environmentallysound top coating and materials I lovethe cork this comes from a cork tree andis solid cork comes in many differentcolors and patterns can come in squaresor enroll goods as well then somethingyou wouldn't necessarily think of butvinyl tiles are starting to use recycledcontent in them as well not only for thebacking but even this one even uses itin the face product so it's a great wayto use recycled materials and beenvironmentally conscious we love thatlast but not least we have marmoleumavailable in squares and in sheet goodslots of colors to choose from and it'smade from sawdust and all-naturalmaterials pressed together with heat andpressure to make a wonderful greenoption for your floorsthink green when choosing your flooringoptions and you've got a lot to choosefrom

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