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Rec Room with salty ass kids

go go down can I kill him I'm not gonnakill you why you jumping like no mysniper all right do it again are wegonna go okay since you're the fire heresince you the part since you're theparty leader you can all like switch thegame but if it doesn't just invite meand I'll joinit was rec robberies oh crap Scrooge hasa poner Oh God to have it the Bolerosure shootdude it's kind of the bone here I wasgonna snipe bus I don't even know allright guys it's fucking crazy as hell souh I don't know where we call them butwe're going somewhereactually I have like 12 subscribersoh hello hi how are youthere finish more tattoos though andreality were my son bullshit where's IIknowI have a weapon Terim I have a weaponturn around little boy hey don't kill meI'm I actually didn't have a weapon itwas just a marker trying to get Wilsonno yesI got baby bull watch this Ohexecute him execute him okay kill himkill himguy with the orange got guy with theorange kill him who just what know thisum you asked me I'm gonna fucking rapeyou fuck what damn now I'm all the wayover here shut up Evan oh hi how are youhey are you want to kill yourself whatif you're in Br please don't kill me Idon't have a gun how did a little personthat's watching probably Chloe or Isaacor some Rando person I don't knowthe salty children will be here soon heyMiki yeah got Wilson I got Wilson youokay if I throw them out the windowwe don't know out the window is hekilling nice I like how it showswhenever you get really loud becauselike the lines they show that you'respeaking become like jagged like sharplines why is it echoing now I hear echogive it to me oh you want I hear you gotthat gun doe yep nice but I like murderbut a violent murder he's here I killedhim he was hiding he didn't have a gunthough oh it's a beesomebody's watching right now somebody'swatching wait what this isn't a spawnwhen my friends are watching right now[Music]that was scaryit's rec room at it it's called the recroom talking about friend Peggy whereyeah it's free of it oh he is gonna killme where's he hiding it Abbot why do youcall me a wiener me know I know myfriend did my friend just called me awiener let's get the entire squad areinviting uh BMO and yet the squad's evenis doing the other guy Cameron CameronCameron here ya wanna lie to youyesterday I had Froy left I said okay Igotta get off and then I killed him andhe had two other friends so I killedthen I got off oh yeah the pussy yougotta push you know you also got menigger when you ball you don't my gamingnews stories over there oh diet you knowI'm so sorry you can't think of a crimeoh come on why you why you do good don'tknow he's here what you used I thoughtyou died here here what I shot him knowwhy you suck why you suck suck andgobble my novel that doesn't rhyme okayI got the baby right here mr. casefreddie mercury's here helpful oh youalready killed him yeah oh yeah oh yeahoh he's pointing that by he went heain't gonna win that fight no I'm hiswife you[Laughter]what song racing[Laughter]who is it who's here who's walking theycan hear you cast no you got it you gotitI don't we wit the sniper yes very badOh No[Music]Rito who are you talking to come onI'm sorry I'm sorry please don't kill meno cook the other side other side otherside yeah hey this side here you go itwas a baby thoughoh you still here Jesus Abbot are youdownloading it on the place they sharewhere do you not have it anymore[Laughter]dodo I mean shut ithello outcasts are you up here isoutcast here kill me and I just end upkilling himbarely I'm sorry he's teleportingeverywhere Oh as an admin what's upadmin or owner I'm sorry no I keep onkilling everyone sir outcast no Iaccidentally killed your sister I can'tstop killing herno you guys did that go up come on whois itwait you're the one that made this onthe baby a bomb I killed himyo give me the give yourself yo c'mereso why don't you get the sniper no it'swhy you're so rifle but it's mine I knowhe's like a baby in a explodes yeah yeahgo down yeah hey do I look like Johnwick peeler saying I look like John wickall right where'd you go yeah you golet's hold up the pizza shop to comehold up the pizza shop dodohold up the pizza shop[Music]that's an admin I know make a lake stewBlake hi you want my gun okay here yougo kill me if you like but actuallydon't kill mebecause I'm trying to I need a messageof friend real quick here you go hey areyou an admin or an ownerhow can you fly away fucking adorablethat dude was fucking cute I'm lamekiddingOh nobody saw a fucking young[Music][Music]hi outcast you wanna help me make a uhhelp me make a base with your brotherlet me make a world okayfollow me let me uh name it real quickOhdodo dodo I'm a king a madness could bea new lake city dodo dodo dodo inviteodo invite your sister okay oh hi Chloe[Music][Music]dodo dodo tell me if you can hear meI knew you[Music]haha okay make me add or can't make meco-owner oh yeah huh me uh look at thiscoolie this room how do you do it go todo you go to sec oh you go to setuproles you go you go to yeah you go setup and then you should see actually whatyeah you should see wolfyou wanna roles and then you seeco-owner than youco-owner where I see eliminated egg gamelake and defaults yeah so what you wannado is you wanna so you do this roomshe's like Wii game is it games in it noit's not gaming setup okay permissionsthere we go yeah I come on it okay I'mgonna invite you and your sister that'sfineit's fine I'll just tell y'all what tobuild I would get rid of this somehowI did I invited you to be corner pressedpause but the officers fine I see ityeahyeah well she is doting stuff no--don'tspotted weapons please somethingimportant to me but not but not yeahokay whenever you get like hide yourweapon of destruction so wait Giroux[Laughter]okay crash or name is true drew yeah whyare there[Laughter]how I control it you're in here you popright now but eventually cuz I keep oncalling you do because that's thing I doI can't help it I just one color becauseyou know she's like my family Ohmakes sense so try alrightrolls spiders lake in game andeliminated I want to get rid of thisrule of these some of these rules[Laughter]and then can you stop watching tick-tockAereo a brace orwait yeah I do go hereonthis room general setupwe're gonna turn off teleport VR andwe're gonna believe everything else oncuz I don't want people teleportingeverywherethank you my godwhat-o the remote-control car it's likedisappeared it look like a corner of myscreen[Laughter]calm[Laughter]I knowremember the dream team I metexperimenting like yeahall right howdo Iwho this[Laughter]there's gizmos[Laughter][Applause][Laughter]but for some reason woman for somereason it won't let me delete some stuffwhy why she's it why are y'all spawningso much stuff I'm right now makingsomethingall right well cutely everything thatyou're not gonna use sound of mic Ifound a microphone but there's nospeakers that go to itheat oh geez that hurt[Laughter]Ohhow do I delete some of this stuff Iknow I know but didn't delete the otherstuff like the stuff I don't want likelike this stuff like this thing righthere that right next on top of havingkeys you're not down this stuff caughtlike build your own templates yeah Iknow game set up time on itin game can fly no move Ohextra anythingthere's no edit you want try again onlike a different thing[Music][Laughter]hi your sister just asked for me toinvite her but I did pay the Sears doyou want and pull up here do you wantokay are you yeah oh it's tiny now isgone okay no you want me show you I meanI guess sheno yes no policy I'm missing a handoh it's cuz I had this name I hit myselfcrap I don't want it okay how to do thisstuff whatever don't use it I'm justcovering uphold on as I finish mr. Fowle

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