Kid's Room 

Rec room part 1 karen took the kids

all right so don't mind all this allrightstop judging me let me figure outsomethinguh-uhall right time to go to places I don'tknow got nowhere else to gocould people keep being a holeit's a spooky ghost oh wow okay okay Iguess like this I'm gonna go to he's notan actual like so I did not know that'supdated got this back alright Scooby Dooroom Oh God any fines no what no babysure Assisihmmtry that since this seems the besthit-or-missshe took the fucking kids yeah I forgotthe rest goddamnitloud noises yeah exactlyhe's getting mad at me just because Istole his grenade you know what it's thesuck in cash - for helping me the pointof this map is to jump down killer therebe humansstop complaining - Bob Ross he needs tomake his happy trees okay I hate howthere's always kids I want in why notget rid of me that you hey come on nowno one out need a gun I needoh hey okay hey let's make the trucehere everyone's dying in here and Idon't know how to get in as a personhello hey hey hey hey hit her miss shetook the fucking kids yeah yeah it willwork it won't workI give up me on that pageguys guys what tortoise is not penishorse listen to me doors moving hey openthe doorcan I be a memberhey can I be a memberwell I I know I want to join you guys soI can get a weaponwait you wish to join us yes I wish tojoin you guysyes very good put some red in front ofyour name come we on RCP your thing isyour communist though yes yes very goodso comrade in front of your name toshake my hand and send me your discordinfo I shall add you to a server tell itMarty kitchen see me do buddy Imake way some of that what is that lookit's like a white boxoh no I come that is my his scientistsand for now you're second in commandwe have no time fora bunch of comrade and I do not I canhear in the distanceI got it I'll take care of this businessmyself I forgot it yeah all right finewe'll open the door opening the door itGanta there's so many people in here forMother Russia very good but come by thefront of your name shake my hand andmessage me your disco I shall add you toserver message you the desk workso I could send you fun impressed andadd you to our discord okay very goodthat goes for you too that goes foreverybody who is new to our CP okay soit's one of those it's one of those I'mnot sure if you toss if you don't tuckyou're not a comrade oh oh I don't havea gun how'd you guys get all the gunsnot even shooting right give me the gunI can't handle this life anymoreyou know it hi I'm Scott Moore the graveof his mom it's desert and capture forhelping me humans friend them shut upI'm done with this comrade hey just putcomrade in front of your name and thenthat big area over there will let youI'm done I'm done with thistoo much comrade dating simulatorI need someone after Karen took the kidscuz you know add that into your bio Ithink Karen took my kids datingsimulator where are you yes you can findsomeone of your dreams for your very ownI'm gonna Hannah I haven't seen Hannahyeah I might in mine and minecraftminecraft' I bit my hand well you seemto picture old childhood friend well Idon't blame you at all well she is kindof cute and you guys do have a lot incommonhmm it has been a while since you guystalked I believe she has changed a bitcool it if I'm not mistaken I believeshe is an artist yeah that's right shemakes stuff tries to make a living Iheard it's not doing so well maybe youcan help her out with that cool I dohave to say one thing before you go inthere Hannah well she is a very kindspirit so please treat all in thisrespect I must mash I feel like I waskind of rudelike oh this is a nice person it's likeI don't care get on my faceoh and it's at a carnival no oh wowhello just standing there okay what I gonow I don't know just to go over hereit's very boringthe heck was thatI hear thatthat's a mega F right thereokay your disappear looks like some verynice work I feel like we should givethis somebody I don't know who maybe Ishould let you two decide why don't youchoose one of the two doors on the stagethink wisely equal gender group hmmgender group or art gallery hmm no I'msorry but no I remind everybody I'm notgonna say and I can't say that righthere on live cuz that's bad can't saythings that are weird I got you your oldfavorite green so green possibly CA ahorrible draw pink did you I made someart Faria but I just don't remembergiving it to him thank you so muchthough it's pretty nicewell that was very sweet of herI'm glad you liked the wait oh yeah yeahdorks of Ages it's a suit there's nosoup here I've been lied to artgalleries over here okay so there's no astring stew that's cool when I can't doEaster eggs right now I gotta dodifferent stuffactuallythere's bowling hold up hold up hold uphold up yeah there's a particle game butnow there's bowlingI don't know there is bowlingactually know what bullying is gonna bekind of trash ready to stop sure thingpress the snap button on the scoreboardto play that means there might be fulltable sometime hello I am trash Oh Nopress the stop button on the scoreboardto play I just got here at this placeand I don't know why there's so manybowling balls now because there wasn'tthis no start game I don't want to startgame I really know how to play this yeahbut I want a part Hey but I'm trying tofigure out how to throw it the right wayin VR all these to practice you know itwas his turn but okayy'all go and lean - hey you got a strikewith that Nickhmm you know and then just watch me notget a strike no it's not sad times ThankYou Jaime destroyed that's a liescrew it I'm done I'm done with thisgame I am done with this game I donestarts throwing bully balls everywherein the frickin place just I'm done outof here I got that skirt out of here I'mgonna go and I'm gonna be good old selfa kidnapping has to happen hold up Iheard a kidnapping has been - okay holdup I just got here I'm the first thing Ihear is kidnapping and I have a reallyimportant thing to say and I really needeveryone to hear it okay describe thePewDiePie oh I will just bend over wellyou're too low I can't go down therethat far what this is trying to get intohis butt but it won't let me you'rereally sucking his dick right now man Ihope you know I know your waterI feel hydrated down here my necksnapped open Hey Hey look what I'm doingoh yes a pop my necklet me get that crusty ass here okaywhat where's my yes your who's a bullywho's bullying kids quit bullyingbullying people quit doing this that'sbad Oh Thank You bullyingwould you like she took the kids brokeall the fucking whiskey dude now mynon-existent legs are gonna get cut upon this broken glass I know right guys Ihave a question for everybodyI never heard of him I know right Idon't know some people talk about it'slike they have them like what are theyyou're the only person talking aboutelbows I don't know someone said elbowsare like part of your arm which isfucking crazy I'm so confusedI need help finding out what elbows arecheerinesswould ya what think they're sittingwhere is it like is it right here rightwhere right okay well there's nothingthere what's the winners what's an elbowI don't can you show me what a elbowlooks like I don't know what that iswhat are you wait wait then okay thendrop it drop it break it break it rightnow hmm ha joke's on you now I'm gonnadrink the rest of this cuz you're beingdumbno no ah here no no Peter water no wehave to have this big boyoh wait hold up I think it's empty findme another one I dream Morgan and I'lldrink in real life you're right hey whoasucking on his nips can give my fingerwater stop it stop it with the musicokay Oh Boston you're gonna be walkingare you sure that's the sin it could bewhy is he doing that motionis this actually a song what I mutedthem because I don't need this owl cityit sounds like owl city dick a lot goodjobit sounds like owl City though rightlike this sounds like owl City afterthey went through their whole like crackphase is this pirate metal now what thefuck is this the one you have muted ison let me see I can't see him he's inthe wall hey hey just some Sabaton soeveryone will be happya language of your young lady oh nothat's my beard get off of it and that'show my dad left me he told me it's been15 years that's some good gas mileage onthat Nissan must be fucking late 90saggressive trigger pullinghere again the side here probably won'tstay on here you seen we're trying toBill Cosby her get in the bucket why doyou think we're giving you so many waterI can't get out of here everyone fuckingdid horrible that's like the best way toplay VR just get drunk and high and thenlike everything's amazing you think it'sgood you're a bully you smashed thebottle in my head Hey stop judging whatI do with my life okaysix I don't care if your age is on theclock you get the cock guys gonna rapeme no I can't break the ball they're notbrokeare you trying to give alcohol tounderage childI can't take it take it drop it drop thealcohol take itI can't just take it my hands might workthat pizza whoa Bob Ross give me a nicepizza look at thissag sag old thing where did everybody gothat's so sad Otto flat Oh Godso more in here what you going whatgonna leave okay you just reminded me ofsomeone when you said no like that okayBob Ross give me your pizza or feed meyour pizza I like alcohol napoh no and no Little Jimmy please don'tbe an alcohol alcoholic Oh thing I justwant to party owwhat have I done become orange Sun ohokay I guess that's fine more alcoholBob Ross you're not Bill Cosby no Jimmyalcoholic now Jimmy here take more butLittle Jimmydon't try something give me that give methatI gotta believe it will workI'm a fill-up cup of coffee cop up it'snot gonna work yeah it's not working nowtry and drink it somewhere again anywaytook coffeeDanny where's the coffee shush put thisup here now it doesn't even work withcoffee you lie to meno it's not yeah you try a copoh okay you just fake drink it like golower would someone stole that beerwho's still the beer that I got up hereI got a point with team all we know it'sback to your originals but I'm gonna getthat beer here though Jimmy you deservethis my loudness yes you are allowed asit poison no yes no it's perfectly fineyou won't pass that one thing take ittake itthere you go okay super strong nowI wonder no wait no I can'tholy hobart paradoha ha hano no I just like this child his name isUgandan knuckles look he's over herelook at this disgusting chopped up heleft what are you doing like being apriestit's like bless this Holy Child oh he'sgone what'd you say you little trickydog good job amazing fun times in VR Ialways hid my doors inside like if Imove my hand out herethat's my pole you going to party checkmy dude are you in party chat or youjust know deep what's up whoa whoa whoaI'm a very violent person and when I'mdrunk abuse you don't know what I'mcapable of mister you're the onerepeating genocide yes sir all right soby the way no no you have to have Iforgot that warning you got here I'lltalk to you guys laterdon't have sex for the next 24 hoursdon't sleep for the next 24 hours don'teat for the next 24 hours don't drinkfor the next 24 hours and yeah you'regood to go hi all right so anybody knowsI all right so there's one problem I wasconcerned about that it was the firstproblem I mean everything else I can dobut the first it's like I can't I can'tjust about to have it a couple minuteslike I was just one if you do thatum you there's you either die die um geta very big penis which is okay but it'sgonna hurt a lot I mean like I mean likeit's the same size as you and it's gonnabe pretty big but I don't think anyonewill walk that well I think she willwalk that are you sure I'm okay strongone over here what was that I don't wantto call you Aidan what okay go overthere go over there you want to fightfight me kid I think things females dooh this girl wants to fight paintballpaintball you want to go we up to thisall right let's make a group how do youmake a group did you just do that holdupoh she's told you that you're not artwhenever the sign language kid startsputting up all this just the OL what youjust said here you're not art I wonderif a sign language kid knew how to lookgang signs is it like you want to go nothis is do you want to go yeah yo schoolwe're squarehey that's his favorite guns yeah I likethe color pink yeah he likes yeah aparty central and get the whole fuckingconfetti god I love itcombat sup saying that you are a failureget out of here no pg-13pg-13 this is a Christian really are youin - I am I'm into dirt Coomer alrightalright we're gonna make a group call gofuck yourself African dish here I'llbring this for you don't worry Iappreciate that I love it there's theirAfrican dish thank you I feel a lotskinnier hey don't be touching the childdon't touch the child he's touching he'stouching a ball don't you touch him -child's balls now are you kidding me Godordinary here I like to so this drugokay you I gave this to a person thinktelling them that there's a bunch ofwarnings on it but actually it's gonnakill them in 24 hours there you go youwant me to take I can't take itno you can't mine that's I could tradein the Saline for something oh god wheremy babyKaren took my kids go back to your roomno is how you babysit a child come herecome ondon't eat it I keep it sound bitchwhat stop oh you're beautiful thank youthank you thank you very much thank youthank you for doing that let me look athis masculinity no male performanceright hereokay I just realized your names alltogether eat books Oh No he touched youmy hands are now pointersthey are pointers okay don't denyyourself okay are you going with thatcar Chris hey Chris stop it Chris keepthe Charro away from deadly stuff youdon't what no one has to touch his ballsthat's badoh good I'm doing all the magic oh Iremember I can see you Chris angelwell he's Criss Angel Chris angel whosent you nopeyes yes I heard it yes no I'm hearingyes out of here come here let me justlet me just get my hands on that youwhere are we going I want to go home Iwant to goweird I want to go to we're gonna givethem some APIs only one place we need togo okayI don't get why are you guys so eager toget cats cats woody in front of itcome on man I'm just getting slappedsee that's what happens when you don'tget that Efusthis is very I don't know I was gonnasay something very smart I wasn't I'mvery okay no one spends what will see mydick earlier what do you mean he is sixpainti he's older than me how come soshort thenby how many numbers cuz Chris is a youngchild don'tI'll go get drunk oh there's alighthouse I wanna go see that this is acool lighthouseit's a beautiful white house oh waitit's a very sad lighthouse yeah very sadlighthouse very very sad soda oh it'sjust oh we're making his arms are goingyeah there's easy play you're like goodbyewolf better overoh this is so cool all right fine okaySuperMario let's check out oh god Idon't want to be here I don't want to bein there anymore I was in seven minutesof heaven what have more you just madeout you were you knew my car just brokedown when I got halfway there superMario's car got broke down farmer gotblockedvery good his name is super Mario Leeoh god he's done you feel tall now verytall geek geek bought me geek why youblocking people boy oh okay that makessensewelcome back you're not okay Mobilemobile eastin can't be touching peopleokay that's bad and wrong don't touch mejump it's okaydo a backflip hey don't worry I'll giveyou a push when you holding look youlook like someone you can't touch me mydad's a lawyeryou better take moon no you better watchout and you'll see you were touching -no you're touching too many people didyou just dabdon't worry boyhey that was wrong why do we haveI just realized your name's John wit therefraction he's not some sleep he's youLou nighty-night lazy boy I need a punchin the face it's like oh dang it workedand then I thought in my head no itwouldn't take me there but wou will holda widow's merge what is this placefinger down your throat how about thatno boom why is their merch up here whyis their merch up here my friend madethis club ooh that's cool there's awreck looks like this is supposed to besome kind of like spy mission herethough it looks like there should besome kind of spy mission that did it itis that watch out there's lasers on theground yeah yeah some kind of impossiblemission right here or you can do thatwhoo I like the appear I can't get upthere what like what the fuck oh my godI mean you could start it on the partyhereShh you're not part of the partiesaround here this book there you go it'snot with a Z not an S you don't spelllounge with the Z that's dumbyou funny shit be so funnyI like I can not why honey her name hashey it's Fat Albert it's Fat Albertcoming in Fat Albert you have diabetesOhbecause no one's gonna be in there wasthis place right Oh God hey I don't knowhow long this been on forall right so why is there giant drinksoh no because I let you what is this ohno but we're leaving again goodbye mychildyou play with those balls like his FIFAwell we on the club I think I've beenhere beforeI have I remember this placehey this place actually has songswhoa are you kidding me like rest

I will try to become a youtuber but not yet it’s gonna take some time but inspire me to learn everything to become a youtuber you will be in a Jerbil nation (gerbil nation)

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