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welcome to Shelton interior decoratingand staging I'm Shelly Shelton so heyguys we are the provider for servicesfor your house and when you came readyto leave so hey we are here to serviceRealtors not only real termsbut Airbnb owners landlords in additionsdon't forget you the home buyersphotographers videographers hey we arehere to service you I want you to checkthis out so here you're fineand we're staging that individual homethat's looking for a little bit ofsprucing up they still live here so wejust want to spruce things up so to givethat a living room or that family roomthat's boost up look we add someaccessories to give that in-home feel sohey you want to feel like you're onvacation bring in some color so we'veadded here some blues and a differenttype of Blues to make you feel likeyou're at a spa or you're on vacation atthe ocean so we're somewhere at thebeach and so here we have those pillowsthat make you feel like hey I'm relaxedI'm cool and I'm comfortableso let's transition into the kitchen soin this kitchen we have the clean whiteaccessories with our chairs in additionto this quartz top it's to die fordon't forget the lighting lining is soincredibly important sometimes peopleforget that so let's go here into thedining room it's also like a littlebreakfast nook but we're adding a littlepossessed with a beautiful chandelier solet's continue in our kitchenso one of the things that people miss isyou enjoy your kitchen not only forcooking but hey entertainment so whatdifferent thing can create thatconversation right so here we've addedsomething totally differentwho has the payphone hey hello guys loveitconversation it just takes off so herewe have more of our accessories likethis is one of those things that grabsyour attention right the gas tankwhat do you think that's for is to giveyou that little bit of oh you need toentertain so hey let's continue on sohere we have just a minute your mudroomso soon as you're walking through thatgarage and you just want to relax andtake your shoes off you have a littlespace here where you can sit down takeoff your shoes and head to the bedroomif you want there are so many people nowthat work remotely from home right youneed to have that comfortable homeoffice space the let's take a look sohere we have our office furniture wehave the lamp and we have some verycomfortable chairs so when you havecompany over you may want to have themseat in your home office to have thatdifferent type of conversationgoing up into this area we have createda sports bar not only a sports bar butan area where you can relax take a breakmaybe you're working from home and youjust want to take that break during theday so here we have some accessories anice pub table to give you that pubsports bar feel in addition to a courseso we've added some sports memorabiliawe've also added some letters here tohelp you feel like you were in thatspacedon't forget you need to eat be betterthe frigid for you as wellhey guys shelton into your decoratingand staging loves to decorate and stagethe master bedroom it's one of thoseplaces that buyers love so hey Airbnbowners this is for you also so you needto have a bed that looks so incrediblycomfortable people will want to jump inand instantly the white makes it yourpure safe and comfortable so of coursewe've added some pillows to give it thatextra huh so what else can you do inthat master bedroom well you can make itfeel so cool and comfortable withaccessories and art so we've added theart here in addition we will also bringin a painter if you need that so thepaint here is a nice crisp gray feelingthat makes you feel like hey I'm readyto get dressed it's the smallest thingsthat will make a homebuyer a potentialbuyer wants to grab that house even thelaundry room so here we've added someaccessories to make you say hey I lovethe equipment here but in addition I cansee myself here I can see myself doingthe laundry I can even go there say heythat laundry room for same-day servicedo it yourself guys this is rightso interior decoration staging is veryvital when it comes to in-home office orsay that studio or that extra bedroomwhat can you do that's different so heywe have done something different thatmaybe most people don't we'veincorporated a studio where you can becreativeso there's mannequin there's artsthere's art over here there's lightingyou've got to think differently you'vegot to think like a homeowner we do thatfor you I'm going to make sure yourealize what we offer we offer thatDinkin home staging and don't forgetthat spruced up and occupied homestaging we want to make sure that wetake care of all of your needs so ifyour realtor an Airbnb owner or maybeyou are a landlord or in video Agra fora photographer home buyer home seller weadd the services for you give us a callthe number is eight one five six six twofive four five two and definitely lookus up on our website so until then yourdecorating space is our space give us acall Shelton interior decorating[Music]

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