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this is an ephah dish for real estatetalk and I'm here today with JasonCampbell who's an interior designer andyou probably seen his work if you everwatch millionaire on listing of New Yorkwell so we have Jason Campbell interiorswhich is the interior design companybeing in the 20 years and we doeverything from staging out apartmentson behalf of brokers or clients so Iwould say that's the thing that I wantto talk about because now a lot ofpeople say that market is reallydifficult and so it's super important toadd extra value to the property whenyou're selling it as one thing is ofcourse you can renovate it but somepeople don't want to do it some peoplethey are not the right time for them todo it so what it is about staging howthat works well hangar a few ways forinstance if it's a very beautifulapartment and they've got beautifulfurniture in there and it's lookinglovely and a broker wants to sell itsometimes we go in and take away a lotof their finishes so it doesn't look sobusy in full and makes space bigger sousually so you work with brokersor hired by the broker know whetherbroker so for instance like okay Franceslast week I did a job down in Soho onMercer Street and the opponent wasbeautiful I totally done out but itdidn't suit the loft look that theywanted to they broke on of the sow tothe a new potential buyer so what we didis took away all the tchotchkes and allthe busyness of it and we made it havemore simplified design and made it looklike a loft feeling like I prefer Sohomentality before that we went in thereand of course I was talking to theclient and it's very sensitive sometimesbecause obviously is their home theylive in and you know there's a way ofapproaching it where they don't get atheme did I go look it's all beautifulbut at the end of the day the brokerneeds to sell it so you need to trustour judgment and you need to edit and sowe take good photos so then we can havepeople come in there and then have youbuyers okay but how would you explainwhy is it so important because somepeople who think it's just it's good toshow empty apartment yeah sometimespeople don't have an imagination so Iwould say even if I say the bed goeshere the bid sites go here and then Idon't get it I might wants not rocketscience but again it's gonna be somepeople really just don't have visionokay I know the dining tables gonna gohere that section or server's gonna gomake me and as sometimes looks betterwhen you see furniture in there for itto work out than their own head that ohyeah my furniture that's in the spacefor a start or they can see that it'snot gonna look too cramped and squash soit's it helps when we take the photosfor the clients when we're doing thatdrawing on this team for the broker so Iwork with a photographer we do angles wedo shots we really make it look the bestit can and sometimes during we want toput this much money into it to sell itand I go well I wouldn't do that becausehalf the time so much yes it's good ifit really needs it to to get the bangfor the buck but other time people gonnaturn around and go you know we walk inthere separately but they're gonna say Idon't know any of this and I'm notreally the floor and I really thebathrooms and I really redo the tile andso you don't want to waste money what doyou think about virtual staging yeah Imean it's fine but it's like I think forme it's a huge disappointment if I woulddo it as a broker and then somebody'scoming for the open houses like yeahyeah so nice so to me it's like you knowif if it is showing the photos how itlooks and looks attractive enough foryou to go to look at it personally thenyou don't worry that's the pointgoing in there and seeing an empty or asyou see the venture idea it's notI agree okay the well factor and thenhow'd it work so you're staging theapartment the broker is showing theapartment with all the furnitures andthen when buyer is coming if he wants tobuy all of that well or sometimes itdoes happen like for instance okay agood thing that you said about themillion dollar listings well there was athere was a tube in houses that wemerged together in the building and wedesigned new floors the rolls bathroomsbrand-new kitchen polyform very high-endvery lovelynone of the trina bathroom vanities verychic they wanted to live there anywaythe whole thing happened they didn'tleave they found another space they fellin love with and we fitted out the wholeapartment with beautiful furniture fromgnilova trinaaim from polyfoam okay and when i wasvery lucky to get given a lot offurniture in the warehouse so when thebroker bit to go and show it of courseit was very beautifully done out andthey had a couple people look at it andthen someone wanted to purchase theapartment a nice it to the broker youcan tell them they want to buy thefurniture image they came for a reallygreat price because we got a deal fromthefurniture company so we did we turnedaround and he was a young gentleman andhe didn't said I love the sort of thishe didn't buy all of it he bought mostof the pieces he had his own beard andcertain things he wanted to bring him tothe apartment mercy no problemso we innocent for him and I'm nowpurchasing more furniture for him reallygreat what are you talking about theyare penthouses they are very expensiveluxury apartments what about propertiesthat they are like half a milliondollars that they are not that Dan howthat would work if people would bepaying per square feet for for the stagein a room or to think if they can affordit at all right I mean look that canvary from you know a basic Juche whichcould be like safe for me to go therefor a few hours is like could be from500 to 1,000 it's a lot more energy onwho to put into it and I had to purchaseobject from like you know CB to thesnicking that cute little things nicecandles and hurricanes and whatever youwant from me well then obviously I'mputting more time into it so it theythe price it always varies and I thinkit's also more than that when you'reputting more effort it's also designedthat's when it's just small players itjust basically show people that bad willgo there they'll ask you to go thereeverything will do thing and sometimeswe have to turn around and put you knowlike some clients they've got nofurniture in the place and they turnaround and they want to rent furnitureand I'm saying I'm going night but youknow I don't the rental companies okaybut long time the village is not thetractor yeah I also have it I take themaway to buy a stuff like from even ifit's IKEA or cb2 or Crate & Barrel Igoes if you're buying the furniturefingers crossed they're gonna buy thefurniture in their apartment if theydon't you could then donate the finishchannel I'm gonna give a better taxwrite-off position grow very smart youcan get it back for your taxes sothere's ways of he's around and put itthat way or if the broker has a lot oflistings he might want to purchase say$15,000 for my sofas and dining tablesand chairs and then put them into thenever a powder and never apartment neverapartment yeah I've done there it'sworth it because we can make itHammond's hit the Saints to thesimilar-sized for instance so we're notbuying that oversize so forthyou know we're bites of it looks good sobasically what you're sayinginstead of putting huge money inrenovating the place and changingeverything if you don't have time for itif you don't have money if you don'twant to spend money you can just try tostay just before putting on a mark rightsometimes it says client last week thisis more the end of the day they canboxes for them and make a lot ofservices to the clients through thebroker to make hits paintless in anutshell so it's like and of courseobviously it's really great because ifthe owner meets me and we're doing astaging and they like what we've doneand blah blah blah I think sometimes wemight say well with new place we'regoing to buy might need your innovationor might mean a new kitchen in yourbathroom obviously it's really great forus as I can turn around and offer allthose services to the end-user aftertheyexperience with the staging position ofabsolutely okay we made it here if youdon't mind that we'll just drop youright there uh-huhokay and I hope I will see you again ohthere he goesOh eighty-three

Today I’m talking to Jason Campbell who is an interior designer. We are talking about how to add value to the property before you put it on the market for sale.

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