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[REAL] ESTATE Episode #14 | Oyler Group @ CBWS

hello Scott oiler with the oiler Groupat Coldwell Banker West Show we took afew weeks hiatus but we are back withepisode 14 and today we're talking aboutstaging is staging your home worth it sowe get this question all the time isstaging the home really worth it and I'mtalking about a vacant home maybe you'rerelocating moving all your furniture outor you bought a new house and you movedinto that new house and now you're stuckwith an empty home we are huge fans ofstaging now there's tons of statisticsand we've got all of that on a link hereon the blog post but I want to give youa real-life example and that is alisting that we had in Northside andwe've listed that home and it was emptyand we had three showings over a thirtyday period no offers so we said okayhere's our strategy we're gonna bringthe price down $5,000 and we're gonnastage the home so we had the home stagedbrought the price down and wouldn't youknow just a few days later we actuallyhad multiple offers on that and it drovethe list price up $5,000 so is stagingworth it absolutely I invite you toclick on the link below to this messagefor a full blog post on details ofbefore and after photos of that exactlisting we're talking about and morestatistics about staging[Music]

Is staging worth it? Check out real life before & after photos of staging and staging statistics in our blog post here: https://www.oylergroup.com/blog/is-staging-worth-it

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