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Real Estate CE Course: Building Green

[Music]real-estate CEOs building green onlineseee course empowers the student with anin-depth understanding of green buildingconstruction and the environmental andfinancial factors that impact thisprocess the licensee will be wellprepared to market green homes and homesthat incorporate green elements theywill also have the competencies toeducate clients about the requirementsof green home design and construction inaddition building green will providethorough knowledge of green homequalifications and eco-friendlyremodeling options it focuses on sitestandards construction policies andenergy choices first green buildingexamines eco-friendly lot choices andexplores the financial and safetyconcerns associated with green buildinglessons include lot shopping safetycost-benefit analysis and site workbuilding materials sustainable designchoices waste management greencertifications and energy certificationsmarketing green homes and homes andcorporate green elements renewal energysourcing and their environmental impactand the unique safety concerns ofsustainable construction second buildinggreen covers efficient energy sources ingreen home design topics detailedrenewable energy sources energycertifications energy efficient designchoices and energy efficientconstruction in summary real estate seeecomms building green seee courseeducates the licensee about modern greenbuilding practices and discusses thecosts benefits and considerations thatgo along with eco-friendly constructionthis information empowers the licenseeby expanding their knowledge base theirclients will benefit by working with aneco-conscious real estate professionalwho can assist them with green buildingchoices please contact us our distancelearning consultants would be happy toanswer any questions that you might haveand would be happy to assist you withyour seee purchase[Music]you’s Building Green online ce course empowers the student with an in-depth understanding of green building construction and the environmental and financial factors that impact this process. This course is available in many states. Check today!

The licensee will be well-prepared to market green homes and homes that incorporate green elements. They will also have the competencies to educate clients about the requirements of green home design and construction.

In addition, Building Green will provide thorough knowledge of green home qualifications and eco-friendly remodeling options. It focuses on site standards, construction choices, and energy choices.

First, Building Green examines eco-friendly lot choices and explores the financial and safety concerns associated with green building. Lessons include

1. lot shopping, safety, cost benefit analysis, and site work,
2. building materials, sustainable design choices, waste management,
3. green certifications and energy certifications,
4. marketing green homes & homes that incorporate green elements,
5. renewal energy sourcing and their environmental impact, and
6. explain the unique safety concerns of sustainable construction.

Second, Building Green covers efficient energy sources in green home design. Topics detail renewable energy sources, energy certifications, energy efficient design choices, and energy efficient construction.

In summary,’s Building Green ce course educates the licensee about modern green building practices, and discusses the costs, benefits, and considerations that go along with eco-friendly constructions. This information empowers the licensee by expanding their knowledge base. Their clients will benefit by working with an eco-conscious real estate professional who can assist them with green building choices.

Real Estate Continuing Education Course Building Green available in multiple states! Go to to check your state and enroll today!

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