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Rae Dunn inspired DIY & Spring Living room Tour 2019

hi and welcome to Monday - made is lovedi by Jack our home CO recipe everythingall in a budget do subscribe to mychannel today i'm participating in achallenge being hosted by Jionni and sheasked to show two spaces decorated forspring and a quick TI bite-size you putthe invite Yanni and they check out hischannel and the plane is created by herfour lovely inspirations today I'm goingto show you my shrimp at home withsynthetic are for spraying like mostlymy DIYs it's a phone created with lovewelcome my friends[Music][Music]I started today's di by using a canvasor a whiteboard or any rectangular pieceof verge or anything that has beencovered either with white paper orpainted white and I have written designwelcome with pencil in the bottom andI'm going to highlight it using a blackfelt pen[Music][Music][Music][Music][Music]for ragin inspired lettering I usuallydivide my letter into three parts 1/3and 2/3[Music]so once the welcome sign is written nowI would just make a fresh round wreathhere so I'm going to take this leadsthis tea green for a longer time andsome wire ties here so I'll take thesturdiest branch and try to form acircle out of it and add more branchesalong the way and I'll tie them withwires making sure that the wires arehidden in the leaves[Music][Music]next thing to add a little moredimension to this I'm just going to takesome black color and dab it onto theedges just to give it a old rustic lookI'll make sure to be as untidy aspossible[Music][Music]especially around the corners[Music]just some dry strokes with the samebrush but very little paint left in it[Music]that's it and now this is the read thatI've made this over just fit in thisspace and I'm going to take a little bitof ribbon take any ribbon of the choiceand under most untied asylum just got totake it and fix it with the help of someglue at the back of it and let's see howit looks on my dough here is how my gelconsign looks on the doorI think it's looks very cool verybeautiful invites and Grey's under thecreams on them this is so beautiful Ilook so nice over a bite your imaginehow would it look over at our color tourit's just so beautiful welcoming friendslet's go in[Music][Music]a little entry space to say to where onecan just sit and change into shoes forgoing in or out of the house at Burtgreen and bite bugs and false succulenta true succulent natural a few randomgreens and some greens and my whitelantern I like thismonochrome with green white and cleanand touches of black they look so goodthere is my hello sign with my KoreanCotton's some berry twigs and again somegreens but ten my xoxo sign in theScrabble forumI love it I made it in a DIY forValentine's I'll put a card linked to orI'll put links in the description boxwhere all my DIYs are here is my easeland this piece I made for the fall butit has been appreciated so much by eachand everyone who has come to my home soI keep it year-round live a good storyanother type I and I like the coat so Ikeep it herethere's a simple T car in my simple homemy puddin pop with a doily overhead andmy family pictures of my kids and myhusband with myself my patio slant Ilove plants everywhere in the home sowherever possible I have them my littleGaneshaagain on some greens here are myhand-painted pillows look if youremember my previous home tour I had thesofa sets in bright red I really didn'tlike them so I've changed them I've madenew soon new sofa covers this is thislovely textured over in velvet finishdeep chocolate colored sofa covers and Ireally like them I'm planning to makenew cushion covers very soon again mymalachite green box now the TI by nowthat I buy a painted bottle for anotherbattles by DIY florals and the boxanother TI by loved by so many of youthank you so much for that and here Ihave this multi-college rug it's such ahappy rug with so many colors on it thetable that I updated in a DIY with my diwhite marble tray and here is thislovely duckling lady'd up with her eggsa di bi and I love this here[Music]so here is a little tour of my livingroom an entryway hope you liked it it'sa simple and full of my DIYs and I likeit this way thank you so much forwatching see you soon in my next videothank you so much for your time takecare

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Today I made a farmhouse styled and Rae Dunn inspired Welcome sign for the main door and shall also give my Spring living room tour. This decor is simple and DIY with love. This video is also part of collaboration with Juani’s House.

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