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Radford Homes, LLC new Staging Home

how y'all doing out there this is great1/2 of Radford homes LLC and my lovelybeautiful wife Sabrina well she got mebuying furniture yep folks I'm buyingfurniture just to stage the homessee Sabrina's a smart businesswoman shesaid we can cut the middleman out haveour own furniture so guess what who'sgetting ready to put it in there checkit out man45 bucks really 50 bucks but we gotglasses included yeah to bring theweight high in the beginning kind ofmesses up till don't ever to give aprice what we doing on here Sabrina'shouse look at those lightsOh check this out folks come with methis right here is a house that weacquisition from miss Ernestine Davisright here in my hometown my backyardGordon ville my wife Lily right roundthe corner growing up I'll show you outon this beautiful work within thebathroom we got four bedroom two bathscheck it out we just start putting downthe towel got a tile down man got 18inch tile 18 by 18 we put knocked downon the wall we took down the popcornceiling and we put up our orange peeledwe're not done yetof course it's in the infant stage andlook at these 18 inch tiles on here lookat this where the couples are so big butman check it out also brand-new polygemwindows throughout the entire home 11windows will change in here we haven'tfilled in the grout here so you're stillworking you see the knockdown on thewallswe like to read knock this down becausewe have to cover up some things here butnot down shoulder get rid of theimperfections so they look good

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