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Quote creation for Home Staging / Styling Companies

this conference will now be recorded hiwelcome to this video we will show youin this video how to create a simplequote for home staging or properlystyling businesses environment usingsome generic items and not standardinventory items when you are creating aquote for a home staging or a propertystyling business normally you send out aquote with some generic items that thecustomers can see what they are gettingin each room it's a trap and finallywhen the customer accepts the equationthen you can decide based on thecustomers property and their colorrequirements their design requirementsetc you can use your creativity toselect specific items that will matchcustomers requirements and the specifichome requirements so let's begin step 1we will create a generic item calledroom in your vibrant inventory go to theinventory management menu and create anitem called room you will click new andcreate the item but I have alreadycreated the item called room or some youcan name it something similar Authoritygeneric category and you know and giveit a you know no pricing or anythingjust add the income account and you giveit a quantity or something for the itemokay now once you create this item youcan start to create the quotation stepto create a quote unsaved the quote as ageneric template for a certain propertytime what do we mean by thisokay let's create a generic quote in y1say for a four-bedroom two-bathroomproperty okay so to create a quote go tothe transaction menu go to quote slashproposal okayso select the address or you can createyour customer with your own companydetails so that you can create as ageneric quote but I'm just going to goto select a sample customer here and I'mgoing to select the I'm going to give ita name call four by two template so I'mgoing to use a reference member field togive it a name and then I'm going to addthe item perhaps you will have astandard item called four by two packageor something and then you can rent itout for say six weeks for $2,000 orwhatever it is that's relevant to yourbusiness simply save the line okay nowyou may have previously put together aquotation and in that quotation PDF youmay have put together things like okayin the entrance these are the itemsthat's gonna go in the living room theseare the items that's going to go itcetera cetera so we can do somethingvery similarokay so let's copy say for the livingroom item and so I'm going to createa header line so click this middle iconto create the header line and then I'mgoing to type in living room and I willsave the line then I'm going to includethe room item and I'm going to copypaste the text that I copied from my PDFinto here okay then I'm going to look atmy PDF again the next one is dining roomand I'm going to copy these items intothe dining roomI'm gonna copy that go into create aheader line called dining room save theline and I'm going to select the roomitem once more and I'm going to ignorethis message because it's saying thatyou're selecting the same item itdoesn't matter just ignore this messageand I want to copy and paste these itemsthese text from the other PDF and I'mgoing to create the next one calledkitchen bathroom breakfast or familyroomhere's my copy these ones and I'm goingto go back and say create another headerline call family room and save it andI'm going to select the room item oncemore and I'm going to paste those valuesonce more go to remove these thingsbecause we don't need it so try and thenwe can just save it so you can keep oncreating these other entries as welllike just copying and pasting the textfrom your PDF or Word document orwhatever it is and you can simply saveit so are we going to create a templatequotation for four by two okay so we canclone this quote to a next property typeokay so we have created a quotation fora simple property done so step three isclone the generic quote to createtemplates for different property typesso what we'll do is we'll go into ourquotation screen and we will simplyclone this quote to a different propertytype so here we have a new quote number21 so are we going to call thisthree white bedroom one bathroomtemplate okay are we going to changethis to say in this case and athree-bedroom two-bathroom package orsomething then just change it if youlike they're gonna charge them 1700 orsomething like that we're gonna save itand I'm going to add additional thingsfor example if it has a swimming pool orsomething like that and you can includethose area or you can have say masterbedroom we'll have other items we caninclude those ones as well so I'm goingto create another heading called masterbedroom and I'm going to select thisroom item again and I'm going to pastethat text for master bedroom I'm goingto save it so here we have added itemsif you want to remove say for examplecertain items from the living room forthe tea 3-bedroom 1-bathroom packageit's if you don't they don't get accentcushions then just remove them and thenthey get an ottoman instead of anoccasional chair then you can includethat so and then you can include coffeetableit's a try you can keep keep on addingchanging things so basically vibrantallows you this functionality to createyour quote easilyand keep on cloning them to differentproperty types so he's simply when youget a new inquiry for say a four-bedroomtwo-bathroom property then simply openthat quotation say this four by twotemplate and I can clone it to adifferent customer so all you do isclone it to a different quote and changethe customer to somebody elsesay for example doc you print orsomething like that and you can save itthis is how you create quote very easilyin Wyman and clone two differentproperty typesso let's quick recap step one create ageneric item called room or somethingsimilar step to create a quote and saveas a generic template for certainproperty type for example forfour-bedroom two-bathroom time then stepthree clone a generic quote to createtemplates for different property typesfor example clone a four-bedroomtwo-bathroom template to a three-bedroomone-bathroom template or an inner-cityapartment template or a townhousetemplate and things like thatthank you very much for watching thisvideo

Simple quote creation for home staging / styling businesses with some generic items.

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