Quick & Easy Vegan Meal Ideas + New Kitchen Toy! | KUWTF Vlog March 19th – 24th 2018

say hello again so so real quick I had acompany reach out and want to send me aportable icemaker and I was ecstaticlike I thought this we do and we I meanif you follow us for a long time wealways complain about this in the hotmonths yeah and I was like yes this isawesome now don't get me wrong we justgot it in the mail we haven't evenreally taken it apart but when we openedit this is a lot larger than we thoughtand I mean I'm still being open-mindedfor sure it comes with like this traylittle scooper but I'm asking Nate I'mlike okay but in reality then what wouldsomeone you know really probably usethis for would you would you have thisin your home you know okay so here's thepros okay why this is still feasible inmy life okay when you put this somewhereyou pour water just has to be pluggedinto the wall so you could put this intheir laundry roomokay entry if you had the power accessso I think that's where like it's notdoesn't have to go on your countertopyou cook so good you know we have somegood space between our counter and likethe cabinets but I don't even think alot of people do or you know I don'tknow that it would necessarily fit undera lot of cabinet spaceright true so it is actually you knowbut that's the thing that's the onlysaving grace is I drank this wouldactually be stored on making ice in thekitchen right um yeah or just ya know Idon't know um obviously like he evenmentioned like if you have if you livein a house or somewhere anyway anythingum that has like a minibar that would beperfect this would be perfect and like aminibar area for sure um but I mean I amkid supposedly how much is supposed tomakesix cubes in five minutes it says itmakes sick in six to eight minutesit makes nine cubed times nine pieces ofice I wonder how big they are and stuffso well if there's two there's two sizessurprise and they give a descriptionhere the small is so it's like the cubesof ice that are round in the middle oh Ilike those so the first one is 25millimeters around with a 20 millimetertube mm-hmmthat's what it says okay I'm gonna linkthis below for you guys but my thoughtis today is actually Monday and I thinkwhat I want to do is I want to likereally use this thing for the week andgive you guys my true thoughts on thisthing and as we go and I'm notdisappointed by any means I'm just alittle bit like shocked at how big itwas that's my first impression of justlike not thinking it was gonna be thatwe were gonna plug it in right now butactually even says that when you receivethis to let it sit like this for 24hours because it's got like a motor andhit yeah presser and the actual coolantin ithas to fully subtle all along yeah sowe'll do this tomorrow but yeah I mean Iwant to share it with you guys I wasjust so excited about this because itwas like totally up our alley of wealways complain about running out of iceand I'm like this is awesome but uh I Idon't know we're gonna see that's insideI see it makes ice back here and me yeahnow I mean obviously if you're someoneto the house refrigerator that does nothave an ice maker we do we just alwaysrun out it can't keep up with us um butif you don't have one that has a icemaker this could be awesome yeah it'sjust more of having the space for it butlike you said it could kind of goanywhere you know doesn't have to be onyour counter let's see this whole littlebasket fills up in 30 minutesdon't fill up yeah that was would beprobably what we do obviously you couldhave this for like a party um you knowwe're just thinking of like what youwould use this for maybe more than youthink even more than we thinkum so we're gonna see but I wanted toshare it with you cuz we literally justgot it tonight and uh like you went tolike a big picnic or like an outdoorthing yeah you could actually take thisright I mean somewhere water in therewe gotta plug it in somewhere but yeah[Music]kids outdoor you can at least get powersure I always get water you just can'tturn water right right no it's very trueyeah I don't know how much we're gonnalove this in our kitchen necessarily butI could be so wrong on that guys and itmight be planted right there and this islike a new favorite I just want to testit out so yeah cuz our lawns rooms soclose just right over in that room whichis right by our kitchen so it makessensehoney we'll see let's see so we're gonnagive it a day let it sit but it's by icefeast is the brand um I think it's alittle bit pricey as far as just youknow you might see it and go oh my godbut uh I think again this is like a trueyou know solve a problem if you don'thave an ice machine or an ice makerthis may actually be your saving gracebut that is going to be determined stillwe're gonna give it a week and I wantedto do it on the vlog to give you myfinal thoughts at the end of the weekbut we're excited no we're just we werenot expecting it to be so large uh-huhcool we'll check in what you do[Music]I got you some new teeth some ice waterwraps sneak peek hmmwell this is actually the prep will beup before the vlogs that's what we madeearlier today but the video is alreadyup it's so good so good thank youI don't know this potato salad is sogood either hot or cold a room temp itdoesn't even matterthank you I want to take some photos ofthis what is it so amazing yeah look youguys okay so we got it started andworked basically obsessed okay so okayokay let's show it so hold on let's bereal quiet real quick and hopefully youcan hear that just like a white friendit's just a light fan it's not loud butit is a noise but it's not loud yeah sothis is it yeah oh did you just you justdumped it I dumped it in the freezeralready sold and it stopped Wow okay soit does auto stop when it's like fullthese I've been hearing it from upstairslike when they dump look you could seethem back there that's so cool does Iwatched it you did I'm sure you did it'sso fascinating and you get your littlescooper that's so cuteand I mean what do we think so weliterally have this on for like fourhours now I mean I've been having mydrinks cold all day I think in thesummer we'll bust this out uh-huhto make a whole bunch of ice right andget the freezer stock that's trueand then I think we'll be good for threeto four days yeah cut it away so thiswhole thing filled up probably in likewhat an hour yeah hey okay okaydreams oh that's crazy dog in that backpart right there yeah the water sothat's all you did too is you justfilled it with a good amount of waterearlier today that is too funny and thisis the large queues or small oh this issmall so we can do bigger - oh this is -pool but I agree I don't think this issomething that I would have liked allthe time plugged in all the time butmaybe in the summer we'll see who knowsit could totally change our minds onthat that's crazythis is pretty cool not cool let me showyou guys yeah it's really cool What's inthese raps so we've done besides thisreally cool fort here that you can getdid you see how I propped it I see whatyou did there but the day of shreddedcheese that is so delicious so deliciousshredded cheese huh Gardein chickentenders yeah a little bit of mix treeyes and Accardo with chipotle ranch fromjust brand barbecue sauce thank youthank youhe's awesome two of the three oh we ranout limit okay thank you for and you'rewelcome good stuffand then this is yourbalanced either without today oh yeahthis is from the vegan cuts box thatvideo will be up soon if it's not upalreadybut we did another taste test for youguys yeah righto and I always make oneextra hi guysso I thought I would share with you I'mmaking for dinner tonight and all I havein here is some onion and some garbanzobeans a little bit of water just so itdoesn't stick and I put a little bit ofthis right here this better than Boyanand I'm gonna make like a spaghetti formyself but I'm using these oodles that Ijust made and then I'm also gonna putsome of this edamame spaghetti that wegot in our last vegan cuts box whichwill be up after this vlog so that'll becoming soon of us doing a taste testagain but I will tell you edamamespaghetti is not really like my favoritething but Nate loves it and I'm gonnagive it a shot again cuz it's been awhile so I'm just letting this hook up alittle bit and I'm gonna add a bunch oflike just kind of Italian typeseasonings and stuff and then finish upthe pasta it's almost done it only takeslike three to five minutes to here'skind of what it looks like it looks kindof like normal but it's kind of got agreen tint to itI've just never been a big fan of thetexture I don't know we'll see then I'mgonna add a little bit of marinara sauceand basically I'm making those garbanzobeans basically be like my meat if youwill super healthy it really is and Ithought I'd show you guys since I'm herelook at these you might be thinking okayyou got your nails done no I didn't umso I posted this on my Instagram if youdon't follow me there you wouldn't havesaw that already but guys these are thekits press-on like glue on nailshow legit is that I did this yesterdayandI mean come on right that's not badcrazy yeah I ended up getting these atCVS I guess they're pretty mucheverywhere now I'm on The Late Show withthis but look how like they look likeacrylic it's crazy and they have allkinds of different like colors andshapes and basic or not long shortwhatever you want but basically yeahthey are just glued on and I don't thinkit's really that bad at all kind ofcrazy I like it and the point being isthis was only eight dollars for a set orfor the box and you get two sets in eachbox so it's like four dollars really andsupposedly this should last a good twoweeks which is like a normal acrylic setcrazy and I mean if it pops off you cantotally glue it back on right but I meanI'm sure if you're super rough on themthey're gonna come off with sodasacrylics right so anyway I'm gonna givethese a shot but if this is day 2 andI'm impressed I really am I got a blackset to just all-black and I'll try thoseones next probably it took me like allof five minutes anyway I wanted to showyou that because if you see those at thestore like they're at Walmart Target CVSRite Aid's Walgreens anywhere andthey're the kiss brand which is likelashes but they have like this nailthing going on now and that's prettygood anyway you could so I just drainedthe edamame pasta okay and thisbasically does I'm gonna put some garlicI'll be good this is just for memake that work kiddo won't really likethis oh and then I'm also gonna put in abunch of spinach because it'll totallywilt down yeah put a huge handful ofspinach and actually I'm just gonna dothat and turn it down so nothing burnson the bottom and let that go but yeahso I'm gonna make that sauce and putthem in the spinach wilt down I'm justgonna totally add some of this tomatobasil marinara and that'll be that andI'll have some dinnerum this ice machine thing guys we loveitprincess I did put it out I may not haveit out forever but it is this week Ilove it it's really cool and it like itdoesn't so fast it's crazy we'veactually like dumped out a bunch of itinto our freezer just to have like abackup stash going on anyway anyway butI just I show you my dinneris it there did you find it yeahyeah yeah tell everyone what you wantedwhat'd you get - today we found a moosezipper for my head I gotta sit down hereand I'm gonna oh it's a tent so you'vebeen wanting the tents and we ship witha zipper so I put my blanket in thereand Pella I sleep on it that's right sowe found one on Amazon for like $15 Ihave no idea how good it is or not yeahor how easy it is that's what you wantedoh manwolf oh it's not a pop-up one you got todo the thing okay great okay so yeahwe're gonna have to wait till Nate'shome for that tent I couldn't do itanywayI am actually on my Poshmark and Ithought I would show it to you guys cuzyesterday I actually put a ton more onhere guys so there is a ton of clothesmakeup organizers all that stuff I willhave it linked below to where you can gocheck out my closet and also downloadthe app if you do not have it it iscompletely free oh I also did a few ofmy kiddo stuff tooI'm probably not done I'll probably findmore it's just been so cool to likepurge my closet I am having so much fundoing it that's my if you already haveone that's my closet name but yeah and Imean guys you guys are my subscribersjust if I know it's you make me an offerand I'll totally give you like adiscount on this stuff toobut yeah so I'm just really excitedabout it it's fun it's really cool Ihaven't really made a dime thoughbecause I keep buying other people'sstuff yeah so I'm kind of defeating thepurpose but I am having so much fun withitI thought I would show it to you guysagain because that's what I've beendoing this week I really have I did someperfume that I just don't really wearthis is like completely full Natedoesn't really love it that's likeclassic viva la juicy perfume so I don'twear it that often since he's not thebiggest fan they also have like someexcess organizers that I just don'treally use anymore since I haveeverything in my dresser drawers butyeah I just thought I would reshow yousome of this stuff I have some of thesesunglasses I love these I really do butthey are kind of heavy and they sit kindof on your cheeks but they are Versaceand I did spend way too much money onthem so I'm officially putting them upfor sale I think they're really prettyoversized black classic sunglasses butthey are again kind of heavy and whatelse what else I got the shades lighteye palette I just don't use it thatmuch and with that too like you'll seein here like some of the stuff of courseis used but like even that picture therethat's what it looks like I've onlydipped into like a few shades barely youknow it's still really really greatcondition I have a few other paletteshere too I'm finally letting go of allof my like plastic bracelets and wouldyou guys remember those this goes backprobably a good oh I don't know eightten years and those were like so popularI think they became popular because ofDancing with the Stars they always wearthose and I have a ton of them so I'mgetting rid of those because I reallydon't wear them but I was obsessed withthem I've saved them this whole time Ihave some other blushes and stuff superaffordable this is barely used thisBecca ever matte poreless primingPerfector I do like it but I have somany other primers that I go to over itthat I might as well just let this onego but it's pretty much full I have acoach bag and wallet combo I just soldthat yesterday and already got that outin the mail but yeah just so you cankind of see I got a lot of stuff on herenow and you can make bundles too becauseyou only pay one shipping price ifyou're shopping from a single closet itdoesn't like shipping isn't peritem so that's kind of nice but yeahI'll probably even find a few morethings today before this even goes upmaybe add we'll see but I just want toshow you again cuz I have technically 75listings now so I love it again I willlink this up below it's completely freeI'm just obsessed and I wish I wouldhave done it a lot sooner because I'vehad the app like I said to you guysbefore for months I just never used itand I loved it anyway I just wanted toshow you guys again I am looking rough Ididn't really remove my mascara lastnight very well and it shows anyway Iwanted to pop on before I do in thisvlog I might do a little more today butwe'll seebut this coming week I will have thevegan taste test that we in me and theyhave been doing months a month for thevegan cuts box that will be up very soonI was thinking about posting it likeWednesday or Thursday this coming weekbut Nate is off Monday this week andinstead of shopping over the okay here'sthe deal I think we're gonna go toCostco cuz we need some of like the bigthings like essentials of like toiletpaper and paper towels and all that andso I think we're just gonna do like ourgrocery haul from Costco this time whichI know you guys love to see Costco haulsto and I haven't done one in a while theproblem is since Nate is working throughthe weekend when I would normally dothat I don't have like my car my Camaroit's not good for Costco or big trips Ishould say like I could fit probably inthe food in there but not with like thetoilet paper and paper towels like thatin itself is way too much so I kind ofcan't do it without him and I prefer himto be with me anyway as far as help andso I think what we're gonna do is we'reactually gonna go grocery shopping toCostco on Monday so that would meanthough normally when I have a Mondayhaul it's not gonna be this Monday thatI have it up so what I think I'm gonnado is I'm gonna do the vegan cuts tastetest on Monday and then maybe on Tuesdayor Wednesday I'll have the haul up forCostco so it's just a little backwardsthis time yeah I think that's what'sgonna end up happening I don't know Imay figure out a way to do it or I mightchange my planentirely and go somewhere else and we'llbe back on normal track but that's whereit stands as of Saturday right now we'llsee you'll see but yeah so I just didanother order thank you guys so so muchso so much I am just like blown away Iappreciate your guys's support so somuch I'm so glad that you love theutensils that's really really cool andif you haven't gotten yours yet I'd loveto make them for you it's so fun it'ssuper super fun so thank you so so muchfor all your support it was pretty coolit's pretty cool but I thought to what Iwould do going forward either in thebeginning of the vlog or the end I willactually because I've been like sharinglike sneak peeks and just shoutouts foryou guys on my Instagram which I've beenhaving so much fun with lately so besure you're following me there of yourguys's orders and stuff and I'm gonnainclude that at the end of the vlog tooit's just so cool I love to do what I doand I just really cool that like I getto give you something that's handmadeit's really cool anyway I just thoughtit would pop on and share my thoughtswith you guys but thank you so so muchfor watching in case I don't vlog anymore today I hope you guys enjoyed thisone and it was kind of all over theplace and we kind of got that new toywith the ice maker which we love and Iwill have that linked below for sure butyeah going into next week I willdefinitely share more food and stuffwith you guyswe've been on like a juicing kick againwe kind of got off track again I've beenso up and down you know how it is butI've been doing really really good andthen we kind of fell off a little bitback when like the Kyle thing happenedwhen he got away I just you know it wasDitka mess you know and um I kind ofjust fell off again and now we're beback on it we've been like juicing everyday it's good and I that's why I want todo Costco to and get more like fruitsand veggies in bulk anyway I will showyou a lot more of that next week for thenext vlog but yeah I hope you guys havea great great day thank you so so muchfor watching as always and I will seeyou guys very very soonyou need a friend I'll never let you goagain reach out when your minds uneasyunderstand up don't hang your head willtake step[Music]now living in a matchbox thisall it needed was a little spagimme my heart back some I stole it andput it in

Thank you so much for watching!!

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