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Princess Cruises Lunch, Brunch & Tea Time in Main Dining Room with Menus on Majestic Princess (4K)

Princess Cruises Lunch, Brunch and Tea Time in Main Dining Room 50+ Items & Menus on Majestic Princess (4K)
See what food to expect on a Princess Cruises ship (in this case the Majestic Princess aka 盛世公主号 in Chinese) for lunch/brunch at the main dining room. Several sample menus are included. We also went to Afternoon Tea which was pretty delightful. You can see some of our reactions to some of the entrees as well. Some of the best dishes were:

* Thai Hot & Sour Soup (Shirmp, Chili Flakes, Rice Wine Vinegar)
* Tom Yum Seafood Noodle Soup (Tilapia, Shirmp & Fish Ball with Rice Noodles, Spicy Sour Broth)
* Walnut, Pear & Chocolate Turnover (Vanilla Sauce)
* Maccheroni alla Chitarra (Italian Egg Pasta) with Lamb Ragout & Bell Pepper Strips
* Fritto Misto Platter (Shrimp, Scallops, Calamari, White Frish, Tartar Sauce, Fried Potatoes)
* Baba au Rhum (Baked Yeast Cake Soaked in Dark Rum)
* Breaded Turkey Scaloppine (Mozzarella Melt, Tomato Sauce, Sauteed Potatoes)
* Scandinavian Gravad Lax with Dill-Mustard Emulsion, Whole-Grain Toast
* Singapore Laksa (Bay Shrimp, Fish Ball, Boiled Egg & Rice Noodles in Spicy Coconut Soup)
* Baked Apple & Custard Tart with Vanilla Sauce

Everything was very good, except for the James Beard’s French Toast which was pretty much an oil-soaked sponge, lol. Enjoy! This was from our March 2018 14 Day Asia cruise on the Majestic Princess.

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